Dancing with the Stars 29 – Week Two – POLLS

For this week only, Dancing with the Stars moved to Tuesday night. It was the second time our new pairings had the opportunity to impress the judges and you at home. However, this go around, live voting commenced and one couple was sent home at the end of the evening. As was the case last year, the judges were able to save one of the bottom two.

I turn it over to you guys now. After two full weeks of dancing, who is your favorite partnership? Do you think tonight’s elimination was on point? And who could be in danger in a week’s time? Feel free to take the polls and comments if you so wish. Please note that the eliminated couple is not listed in these polls so if you haven’t seen it yet, spoilers ahead.

Next week, our cheesy little dance show returns to Monday and we all get ready for a little ABC corporate synergy as “Disney Night” takes over the ballroom. I hope to see y’all there. :)