Dancing with the Stars 29 Week 8 Recap and Live Blog


Hey Everyone :)

Welcome to week eight of season twenty-nine of Dancing with the Stars. Tonight was scheduled to be “Double Elimination” night but as it goes sometimes, a last minute injury has changed things up. Only nine stars are left and when all is said and done, just seven will remain. Tonight will also mark the first time that everyone has to dance twice. But first, let’s discuss the breaking news.

Jeannie Mai and her partner Brandon are out. Unfortunately, Jeannie has a health emergency which prevents her from continuing on. Her health of course, comes first. We wish her a speedy recovery and her energy and commitment will be missed. Even though she is gone, we will still have an elimination tonight.

Following their usual individual dances, the stars will be split up into three groups to perform in the relay dance round. One judge will be assigned to each group of three and after they all dance one at a time in the same style, that judge will award points. These points will be added to the first round scores to make up a stars grand total. That total, along with your live votes will determine who is in danger of being eliminated.

The three I see as being in the most danger are Chrishell (one of our weaker dancers though she obviously has some fan support), Johnny (that shock bottom two placement means he could be at risk), and Skai (a very inconsistent performer). Each one of them needs to do their very best tonight and get some added points in the second round. The live audience votes have never been more important.

I will include voting details under each performance review but remember, you can begin voting as soon as the show begins and ends during the final commercial break before elimination. For anyone wanting to vote right at the top of the show- go to ABC.COM to vote online or use the following information to vote via text.

Text AJ to 21523 to vote for AJ McLean
Text CHRISHELL to 21523 to vote for Chrishell Stause
Text JOHNNY to 21523 to vote for Johnny Weir
Text JUSTINA to 21523 to vote for Justina Machado
Text KAITLYN to 21523 to vote for Kaitlyn Bristowe
Text NELLY to 21523 to vote for Nelly
Text NEV to 21523 to vote for Nev Schulman
Text SKAI to 21523 to vote for Skai Jackson

The show begins with the contestants telling America to vote. Chrishell adds to please vote for her. LOL. I agree though. VOTE everyone!

Tyra struts out in an outfit that makes her look like a birthday cake. I have no words. Tyra confirms that Jeannie has had to withdraw. So, no double elimination tonight. Just a single. Voting is open now and we begin with Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn Bristowe & Artem – Jive
Very good jive. You can tell she was having fun during that. The smile and high energy is infectious to watch. Some really strong kicks and flicks and always in-sync with Artem. It was a great way to open the show and a lively dance Kait should be really proud of.

Derek compliments the content. He tells her that she needs to attack a little more because of her long arms and legs. Bruno says she can do everything. He wants more attack and finish in her steps. Carrie Ann tells her she came back with grace and energy. UH-OH. LIFT POLICE. She tells her she felt and looked looser in the dance.
Carrie Ann- 8, Derek- 9, Bruno- 8 = 25/30

Nev Schulman & Jenna – Viennese Waltz
Aww. Sweet dance. Lovely flow. Nice rise and fall and the two waltzed around the ballroom. Enjoyed the classical elegance Jenna used in her choreography and Nev looked like a leading man in both his attire and leading Jenna around. Sweet.

Bruno says oozes charm and charisma. He tells him he was light on his feet and good musicality. Carrie Ann called it beautiful. She mentions a few stumbles but says it was elegant and flowing. Derek says he moves with intention and with clarity. He tells him it was a smooth Viennese waltz.
Carrie Ann- 9, Derek- 9, Bruno- 9 = 27/30

Justina Machado & Sasha – Samba
So fun. Justina is home with Latin dances for sure. That being said, there were a few sloppy moments in that, which surprised me. A couple of odd sections here and there but I have to clap at seeing samba rolls. Those are very hard to do and while not perfect, it is nice to see the attempt. Very high energy and very fun to watch.

Carrie Ann loves the way Justina makes her feel. She mentions the stumble and Justina says it is a very hard dance. Derek loved the song and samba rolls. He tells her to watch her feet a little bit so she can get more bounce. Bruno calls Justina her tangerine dream.
Carrie Ann- 9, Derek- 9, Bruno- 9 = 27/30

Nelly & Daniella – Rumba
How can you not root for Nelly? He is was this show was made for. Someone who is obviously not a natural dancer improving each week and having a journey. A sweet rumba here with some nice hip action. Sure, a little over accentuated but many people doing this type of dance for the first time do that. He kept up with Daniella and was charming to watch. Very nice.

Derek appreciates the story of Nelly’s sister. He doesn’t really critique the dance. Bruno says Nelly framed Daniella and made her shine. He tells him he stepped it more than he dragged. Carrie Ann is proud of Nelly. She doesn’t think the level is high enough yet and she wants to see more but loves that he dances from his heart.
Carrie Ann- 7, Derek- 7, Bruno- 7 = 21/30

Chrishell Stause & Gleb – Viennese Waltz
Okay. So the bed at the beginning was ridiculous and unnecessary. As was the overly sexual choreography. But it is Gleb, so I am not surprised. There wasn’t enough actual Viennese waltz content there for me to judge. It had some but at times, it delved into a weird contemporary-lite piece. I am confused.

Carrie Ann calls it graceful and elegant. She tells her to watch her arm and neck at times. Derek can see improvement. He agrees to watch her arm and to watch her transitions- they need to be seamless. Bruno says she had some good moments but she has to be able to sustain it.
Carrie Ann- 8, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 24/30

Skai Jackson & Alan – Salsa
Thankfully, Skai forgot no steps during that. Good. However, she still has that look while dancing like she is patiently waiting for the next step. And I see Alan is using her size to throw in an incredible amount of lifts. Lifts are exciting and all but sometimes they are used to mask technical aspects of the dance. In a salsa, fine. But I hope he doesn’t continue to lean on them a lot.

Carrie Ann says it was aggressive. She says some landings were not perfect in the lifts. Derek compliments her being more grounded. Derek says a few too many tricks. Bruno wants the lifts to look better when she comes out of them.
Carrie Ann- 8, Derek- 9, Bruno- 8 = 25/30

Johnny Weir & Britt – Foxtrot
I have to compliment Britt. She has choreographed perfect for Johnny. He is too unique to go the regular route in his dances yet she does just enough to make each dance recognizable. I wasn’t in love with this but that’s honestly a personal preference more than anything. It had elegance and flow with some great rise and fall. A little spastic and erratic at times but I think that was the intention?

Derek compliments his arms and frame. He wanted it to be a little more gradual in the rise and fall. More of a swell in the water instead of choppy. Bruno agrees. He tells him he has a wonderful sweeping movement. Carrie Ann loved the fashion choices and artistry. She thought the dance was intentional.
Carrie Ann- 9, Derek- 9, Bruno- 9 = 27/30

And now, we get a look at Jeannie from the hospital. She is explaining what happened. A throat abscess caused her to need emergency surgery, which was a total success. Brandon is relieved and loved having her as a partner. We get a quick look back at some of Jeannie and Brandon’s moments from the season. I will miss Jeannie a lot on this show because she brought so much energy and commitment to every dance. Tyra (in tears) wishes her well.

AJ McLean & Cheryl – Rumba
Tough to judge a dance based on someone’s story of addiction. Kudos to both AJ and Cheryl for getting clean and staying clean. It was an okay rumba. Some decent hip action, with more necessary. Some obvious moments of angst thrown in which was par for the course with the idea of the dance but not really what one would see in a rumba. I am interested in seeing how the judges score this all things considered. I would give it an eight.

Bruno loved the intention and storytelling. He says he lost a lot of the rumba action. Carrie Ann agrees She loved the powerfulness of the performance but it wasn’t enough content for a rumba. She wants him to finish his lines more and bust open. Derek calls AJ a hero for healing his wounds. He says that routine was for him (AJ).
Carrie Ann- 8, Derek- 8, Bruno- 8 = 24/30

Relay Round

Carrie Ann judges a Cha-Cha-Cha relay featuring Nelly, Chrishell, and Nev

Nev begins with a great cha-cha-cha with Jenna. Very crisp and solid. Chrishell is up next and holds her own. A little sloppy, especially toward the final moments. Nelly is so fun to watch but kinda out of sync with his partner during that.

Carrie Ann found it so much fun. She feels Nev started a little weak until the pyro went off. She thinks Chrishell the frame got a little awkward. Nelly got the most improvement award but he needs to keep his head up.
Carrie Ann gives Nev a 3, Chrishell a 2, and Nelly a 2.

Derek judges a Viennese Waltz relay featuring Justina and Johnny

Interesting. That’s kind of a tie for me. Both couples did really well. Perhaps Johnny had a bit more content but at times, a bit too hectic. Justina was more simplistic but better suited. Maybe a tie score for bonus points here.

Derek says Justina was gorgeous but wanted more energy. He tells Johnny it was phenomenal.
Derek gives Justina a 2 and Johnny a 3.

Bruno judges a samba relay featuring Skai, Kaitlyn, and AJ

Good start from AJ. Nice hips in that one. Kaitlyn follows up with a good performance. One tiny hiccup in the middle but she recovers fast. Skai may have actually outperformed the other two in that. And samba rolls. And they were decent. She still looks over at Alan way too much, as if for approval or what to do next.

Bruno feels AJ was very rhythmical. He tells Kaitlyn’s was so well placed and tells Skai that she is most improved but soften the bounce a bit. He tells everyone they did well.
Bruno gives AJ 3, Kaitlyn 3, and Skai a 2.

Judges Scores (for both rounds together)
Nev- 30 (3 in the relay)
Johnny- 30 (3 in the relay)

Justina- 29 (2 in the relay)

Kaitylyn- 28 (3 in the relay)

Skai- 27 (2 in the relay)
AJ- 27 (3 in the relay)

Chrishell- 26 (2 in the relay)

Nelly- 23 (2 in the relay)

Results Time!
The following couples are SAFE and will return next week to dance: Nelly & Daniella, Justina & Sasha, AJ & Cheryl, Kaitlyn & Artem, Johnny & Britt, and Nev & Jenna.

The following couples are in the bottom two: Skai & Alan and Chrishell & Gleb

Carrie Ann SAVES Skai & Alan
Bruno SAVES Skai & Alan
Derek SAVES Skai & Alan

Eliminated– Chrishell & Gleb.

Pretty much the right choice when you consider the last eight weeks. Chrishell was arguably the weakest dancer left and that includes Nelly, who is improving and obviously has fans voting hard.

Next week is “Icons Night,” a theme I remember from a few season back. They usually dance to iconic artists, music videos, etc..and get into costume to match the icon. I think. Regardless, we are getting closer and closer to crowning this season’s champion. Join me next week and thanks for watching tonight.

And finally, VOTE! Be safe all. <3