Dallas, TX AI Live! Show – KathrynTX Recap

KathrynTX attended the Dallas show. Read her recap below…

Chikezie opens the show of course. I missed his 1st song but heard it through the walls. I was trying to listen to a voice mail and call back the guy I sold my floor seats to. Luckily, he & his 7 year old daughter had no problem getting in on my online tickets after all. ANYWAY, I did see Chikezie’s other 2 numbers. I didn’t know any of his 3 songs but I remember I Believe from the show and I’m sorry I was trying to talk on the dang phone during it! I said Hello to him and got an autograph afterwards. He sounded really good, I thought, and seemed much bigger on stage than when I met him after the show. What a sweetheart. Very talkative, smiling, seemed to love the fan interaction.

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Ramiele…I thought her Taylor Dane number was a little pitchy in spots for me, dawg. She seemed to give it her all though and I applauded and yelled a little for her. She was trying awfully hard. Can someone tell the band to TURN IT DOWN? Sheesh. I remember the Jackson 5 tune from way back when. I didn’t know her 3rd song. She did not come out after the show.

MJ – WOOHOO! MJ brought it last night. I thought he was fan-f-ing-tastic. I love love love IAWBIAR. And he was ON FIRE last night! I loved all his numbers really. It seemed like the crowd loved him back too. He was out there far too short a time, I wanted more. I will buy his album. I met Michael after the show too for an autograph – what a darling. We asked him to pose for a photo, he said he didn’t really have time, but he did anyway…with his hand in front of his face. Ding-dong! What a nice looking man…sweat or no sweat, messy hair or not. Love that accent. He said that he hopes to have the album out in January or February, a single before then perhaps. I’m in line, MJ!

Kristy Lee was Kristy Lee. Even though I’ve been a mostly country fan for the last 20 years (which has CHANGED now!), I was not a fan of hers on the show. The band was too loud for her, her voice just doesn’t have enough OOPMH behind it, and I never ever in 20 years of listening have heard those 2 songs she sang that sounded more like lame country-rock-alt-country crap. I personally am not a huge fan of the GBTUSA song…it was OK. She annoyed me mostly during her set. She did come out after the show though and seemed pretty friendly but very rushed. She signed my program for me and I told her thank you.

Carly – I was surprised how much I liked her set live! I didn’t really know the first song (Bring Me to Life) but she sounded good. I liked the Heart song best, she ROCKED IT and sounded great. She sounded fabulous on the Celine song too but it was not my fave. I saw her after the show and got an autograph too. She is LOVELY, she looked great on stage and after the show too. Love her accent too! My sister made road trip CDs for the guys’ and girls’ buses (same CD, she just made 2 of them). She handed the girls’ CD to Carly and Carly started to sign it and hand it back. We said NO NO that’s for YOU! She gasped and made a cute surprised face and said “OH OH thank you” and held it up close to her chest. She was so cute. I don’t know that I’d buy her album, but she’s a rocker who can SANG. I’d give it a listen anyway! I hope she does well.

Brooke was the one who most surprised me! I really really liked her set. Her voice sounded really good, I thought. I will consider buying a new album from her. Let It Be was very nice. My fave was Yellow though. I liked the corny stars and yellow lights! I thought she was great. I want to her original music from her, that shows off her emotive voice and maybe piano playing too. Loved her. She did not come out after the show, darn it.

Group number for IGB…eh. Love Michael Johns! I guess he was introduced because…he’s Michael Johns. hahaha.

Jason surprised me too. His voice sounded much better and he showed much better singing skill than on the show. I liked Crazy best. I would give his album a listen. He’s got a very unique voice and style, and I like that. I wonder if he will write? He could probably make a living singing if he wants to. He’ll have to work at it, but hey, don’t we all have to work for a living? I really liked his set. Jason did not come out after the show waaaah.

Syesha. Well I wasn’t a fan and I’m really still not. I appreciate her hard work. She did put her all into Listen. I didn’t know any of her songs though! I’ve just heard Umbrella because of Idol. I just don’t listen to her kind of music, I guess. And even though she tried really hard on Listen, that’s just it…she was trying SOOOOOO hard. She did do some self-help type crowd banter crap that I didn’t like either. She’s got a voice but that’s about all she has for me. She did come out after the show and I asked her to sign my dang program. She did. She was not talking, she had VOICE REST written on her hand. She IS very lovely and tiny. She’s got ambition, she will do whatever she wants to do, I think.

ARCHIE! I saw Archie briefly before the show, didn’t get to talk to him. I am slowly getting sucked into being a FAN of his! He gave me goosebumps. What an incredible voice. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable onstage too. He’s amazing, especially when you consider how young and inexperienced with this type show he is. I LOVED Apologize and Stand By Me. Loved loved loved. David did come out after the show. He was SO cute, just darling. The girl next to me was gonna pass out, I swear. He was all smiles and giggles and thank yous. He signed my program too. I told him he was amazing and said thank you so much. We all yelled WE LOVE YOU David.

Cook. The only reason I watched Idol and the only reason I went to this show. Also the reason the 5 other people I got into the show for free or almost free went. I loved him. I don’t know what else to say. We weren’t very good at singing when he wanted us to sing though, we just screamed! I don’t which song I liked best. I loved them all, I wanted more. For a second, I really did forget that I was not at a David Cook concert. He sounded in fine voice to me. He did leave off one or two glory notes in TOML. He made some comment about the song “just won’t die…” but it was not mean-spirited, it was joking. He also commented about it being played by NBC during the Olympic coverage. He tossed several picks into the audience AND his water bottle he took a little drink from. He hoped he didn’t injure anyone with the water bottle! David did not come out after the show, which was as I expected from reading all the recaps here! Very sad cause I have a present for him – made him a necklace cause I make jewelry and that’s all I can offer. I see he doesn’t wear one on leather and this one is on black leather.

PDSTM…loved it! I loved that Cook wore the black cowboy hat. I’m hoping someone in Texas gave him that. I was considering giving him my straw (summer) Stetson, but brought him the necklace I made instead. ANYWAY, the highlight was him tipping his hat to all the ladies on his way across the stage! And Mavid was a very wiggly and shakin’ it glo-stick dance. Then they tossed the glo-sticks into the audience. Then he started the pass-the-hat game, so it went to Brooke, Carly, Kristy Lee…and I think back to David, but I don’t believe he was wearing it when he descended into hell oh I mean left the stage darn it.

OK here are my EXTRAS:

Before the show, I got there too late to meet Cook. However, in the restaurant across the street, I did meet the girl who made the JAILBAIT FOR JOHNS sign. Her name, really truly seriously, is Taylor Swift. She showed us (my sis and I) her SS card and learner’s permit. Cook signed her Johns posted right across MJ’s stomach on the photo on the poster HAHAHA. The other side of the poster said MY NINJA SKILLS PWN JOHNS. Very cute. She said she couldn’t make a COUGARS FOR COOK sign since she’s only 16, so she made this one for Michael. SOOO she was talking to David before the show. She got some great photos of him in that dang hat. I pretty much begged her to email them to me…we shall see. Anyway, David asked her where she & her friend were sitting. She said they did not have tickets to the show, she just came to get autographs and see them. She said she had to help pay her Mom’s medical bills instead. He gave her great seats; and then during the show, got backstage passes to them for afterwards. He also made sure that MJ knew about the sign, which is why he went over to comment on it during his set. Very nice. So, then I ran into her after the show and she had those passes and she & friend were headed that way.

I am so mad I didn’t drive over there when I was ready. I would’ve met Cook and given him his present. I have at least a couple more chances to do so, since I’m going to KC, MO this weekend and it’s looking like Tulsa will be a go, alone if I have to. But Dallas was the perfect opportunity to meet him, dammit. I will just have to do better next time!

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