Daily Number’s Thread – 03/07/2017

Today’s thread is brought to you by the numbers 3, 47K, 20.2M and 113M.

The top 4 of the Hot 100 remains the same with Zayn at number 3 with “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. The Chainsmokers become the 14th act to have 3 singles in the Top 10 as their collaboration with Coldplay joins two of their other hits. Kodak Black is the other new entry in the top 10.

1 (1) “Shape of You” Ed Sheeran 141K [#1] (-4%), 39.8M streams (-5%), 18.3M on-demand [#1], (+2%), 1546 AI [#1] (+1%)
2 (2) “Band and Boujee” Migos featuring Liz Uzi Vert 31K (-12%), 43.9M streams [#1] (-5%), 61M AI (-3%)
3 (3) “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades of Darker)” Zayn and Taylor Swift 47K (-26%), 20.2M streams (-6%), 113M AI (-1%)
4 (4) Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like” 76K (+1%); 17.4M streams (+8%), 65M AI (+18%)
5 (56) “Something Just Like This” The Chainsmokers featuring Coldplay 83K, 18.1M streams, 22M AI
6 (7) Rihanna “Love on the Brain” 107M AI (-2%)
7 (6) “Paris” The Chainsmokers 66M AI (+5%)
8 (27) “Tunnel Vision” Kodak Black 30.7M stream
9 (9) “Bounce Back” Big Sean
10 (5) “Closer” The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey

Meanwhile, the numbers just keep getting better for Ed Sheeran’s “÷” (he just keeps making math look cool). Billboard is predicting 400K-450K with 300K in traditional sales. He’ll top both the Hot 100 and the BB200 next week. Hits is predicting Drake will release an album on Friday so look for a couple of big weeks on the charts.

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