Concert Schedule for 11/7/14

Lots of reality show singing star action on this Friday night, on a kinda sorta holiday weekend (Veterans Day in on Tuesday). Check out the full list of concert dates below!

November 7 2014 Concert Schedule

CMA Country Christmas, set to air on ABC on Dec 1, is filming tonight at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Carrie Underwood and Michael W. Smith are set to sing a Christmas duet.

Kris Allen w Boyce Avenue – MacEwan Ballroom – Calgary Alberta CANADA
Crystal Bowersox – Infinity Hall – Hartford CT
David Cook – America Gardens Theatre – EPCOT – Lake Buena Vista FL
Daughtry – Greensboro Coliseum Complex – Greensboro NC
Lee DeWyze – Rathskeller – Indianapolis IN
Colton Dixon – Winter Jam – Glendale AZ
Fantasia – Roanoke Civic Center – Roanoke VA
Danny Gokey – OolaPalooza – Las Vegas NV
Home Free – Black Rock Center for the Arts – Germantown MD
Blake Lewis – Event Center – Covington KY
Kellie Pickler – Ocoee Founders Festival – Ocoee FL
RaeLynn – Nash Bash – Charlotte NC
SYTYCD – Merriam Theatre – Philadelphia PA

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  1. Had to look up Oolapalooza. Some kind of self-help seminar weekend apparently.

  2. Matthew Schuler will be doing a show tonight at Willowdale Chapel in Kennett Sqaure, PA! About to leave for it right now!

  3. 20,000+ will be seeing Daughtry tonight. They must be making some big bucks from tonight’s gig.

  4. DC has a New Cover!! Third and final set at Epcot just started, first song is Journey – “Separate Ways”

    >>Sharon ?@1step 1m1 minute ago
    Separate Ways OMG!!!!!

    >>Avazanne ?@avazanne 4m
    So @thedavidcook looked to side of the stage took a deep breath and proceeded to SLAY Seperate Ways . Received a well deserved standing O!

    WOW – That was phenomenal!! Crowd went wild, as they say.

    David says, “Full disclosure – that was in the middle of the set but I wasn’t sure my voice would hold out – so we got that out of the way. It was either that or we would drop it three steps – (Sings the first line very low) I think we made the right call.”

    Several people claiming they have video – ASAP

  5. I’m amazed how quick they showed up. And he was amazing on Separate Ways. I’ve been hoping he would do this for awhile, and I heard he did soundcheck it before but this is the first time he did it in a show where there was video.

  6. It was indeed, Lastwaltz – and unexpected. David got Standing Ovations for all three shows tonight – and for the third set of the night the entire perimeter of the theater was ‘lined with standing room only peeps.’ The amphitheater holds 1800 – so they were full and then some…you could tell the guys enjoyed this Epcot gig – all six shows were stellar, IMO.

  7. These are all great, thanks for sharing.

    Impressive performance, to say the least. I remember reading that Steve Perry talked with David when he was working on his first post-Idol album.

  8. Yes, at Rob Cavallo’s house. David mentioned him in the liner notes of DCTR.

  9. Just got back from Matthew Schuler’s concert in Kennett Square , PA.. He was amazing as usual and was as humble as ever. Still don’t get why he didn’t get farther on “The Voice”

  10. Great video. It’s a shame the beginning was clipped. One other thing of note: Daniel is playing keys, David is playing lead guitar & the solos. (He’s been playing that cool guitar on Wicked Game as well.) (I came here to post the downloadable mp3 ladynsearch made from the ustream, but I see Incipit beat me to it. lol. Even at stream audio quality, it’s quite something.)

  11. Incipit, what was the audience’s reaction to his new single? With the crowd size, it should have made some impact on Amazon pre-orders.

  12. Guest, David didn’t sing “Wait For Me” at Epcot. He won’t do it until after the 17th, when the single is for sale. Someone from the crowd yelled for him to do it on Friday at the last set, and the person who was doing a review wrote about his reaction to that.

    The moment, Paraphrased – “I just heard somebody say we should play our new single – a single that doesn’t come out until November 17th. We’ll play it after November 17th.” *chuckles* “- Evil – . That was Monty’s idea – Boo Monty -”

    (They DO – I don’t think he expected so much enthusiasm about it, though!) David says “Quit it – I was kidding!”Says a couple more nice things about Monty, the bass player –

    “I think they will say anything I ask them to -“he says “America” – crowd cheers – Arms, the guitar player, says “…that was a slam dunk.” Heh.

    The band and the crowd were in high spirits, both nights, but I can’t measure how that translated to the presales of the single – AFAIK, that was the only set he mentioned it. But it’s still #1 on Amazon Movers and Shakers list.

  13. Kris releasing his inner Pharrell

    @KrisAllen: This is what I look like in @Awsomedaniel hat.

  14. Welcome back, we missed you! lol
    About Kelly: I don’t like this cover. But maybe I didn’t like the original – I don’t know this song, sorry.

  15. David Cook really can sing anything! I never really liked Separate Ways, but watching these wonderful fan videos, it has some very nice lyrics. I hope he keeps this one in the repertoire for a bit.

  16. “We can never have too many versions, right?”

    Heh. This one is very, very nice with the closer view – a shame the front of the song is missing, because it really sounds great here!

    Also, we can see Arms on the keyboard, and Nick Gibson just offstage behind David playing rhythm guitar – and David is playing the lead part on this song just as he was doing on another video from these Epcot gigs on “Wicked Game”. Don’t usually see him do that, while he’s singing these challenging songs – David is playing lead guitar & the solos. Genna Baker noticed he’s been playing that cool guitar part on “Wicked Game” as well.” Those guys can all multi-task.

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