Concert Schedule – 9/13/14 and 9/14/14

Sorry this is super late. Here’s a concert post with the concert schedule for both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was pretty busy, with both Phillip Phillips and Alex Preston playing Mixfest in Boston, One Direction at the Rose Bowl and more.  Elliott Yamin plays Osaka, Japan on Sunday.

Here’s your thread for everything concert related!

Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Mig...
Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Miguel

September, 13 2014 Concert Schedule

Alex & Sierra – House of Blues – New Orleans
Bo Bice w Blood Sweat and Tears – Kenley Amphitheatre – Layton UT
Colton Dixon – DTE Energy Music Theatre – Clarkston MI
Lee DeWyze – Fiery Foods Festival – Pasco WA
Danny Gokey – Grace Benefit Concert – Kennewick WA
Josh Kaufman – Indy Jazz Fest – Indianapolis IN
Scotty McCreery – Ford Community & Performing Arts Ctr – Dearborn MI
One Direction – Rose Bowl – Pasadena CA
Phillip Phillips – MDC Hatch Shell (Mixfest) – Boston MA
Alex Preston – MDC Hatch Shell (Mixfest) – Boston MA
Kellie Pickler – Gstaad Festival – Gstaad SWITZERLAND
Cassadee Pope w Darius Rucker – Meadowbrook Pavilion – Gilford NH
The Swon Brothers – Washington County Fairgrounds – Abingdon VA

September, 14 2014 Concert Schedule

Alex & Sierra – House of Blues – Houston TX
Phillip Phillips – The Lincoln Theatre – Washington DC
Cassadee Pope – Upstate Concert Hall – Clifton Park NJ
Elliott Yamin – Billboard Live Osaka – Osaka JAPAN

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  1. while buying tics for p2’s show(as foriegner, first time ever) i looked over how’s sales going for his first solo-headlining tour. in one word, it’s appalling!
    where are all his american fans who voted for him and bought his songs? why don’t you go and support him?

  2. I checked into his sales last night too. When his tour dates/venues were first announced I thought they might have been a bit too ambitious in venue size. The one near me is an arena and sales have been a bit sluggish but the concert is still weeks away, and the promotors had downsized the configuration for this concert. However, never underestimate the last few day’s sales amounts leading up to the concert. They can be brisk.

    The few venues I have checked on are showing around 1000 ticket sales each with weeks to go. It appears they’re booking in venues ranging around 2000-4500.

  3. David Cook’s outdoor concert in Grapevine Texas in conjunction with GrapeFest was held even though the weather was not very cooperative (cold, windy and rainy). Someone has built a playlist so if you’re interested, you can check it out. “Eyes on You” was an interesting one. During that song David usually asks a couple of people onto the stage for a dance-off contest. However, this time there was a “stage crasher” who got up & close to David during his performance until security took her away. His expressions were priceless.

  4. He’s playing the Ryman here and I’ll be surprised if it sells out (capacity 2500). I’m not sure why they booked venues that were so big when he was playing smaller venues (1-2.5K) on his co-headlining tour that recently ended and most of those shows weren’t selllouts.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t call his sales appalling if he’s showing around 1000 sold per show. That’s more people than the majority of ex-Idols will bring in for their shows when they tour. It just looks worse because of the venue sizes.

  5. Since it looks like the photo and the comments disappeared in yesterday’s site meltdown, I’m going to re-post this adorable photo of Oliver & Kris before Kris’ show Friday night. If the original photo and comments re-appear, then this can just be deleted or moved to join those. :)

  6. P2 is getting far more support from his Idol fans than subsequent winners are getting from theirs.

  7. What’s appalling? Who knows how well the solo tour will do, but so far he’s been averaging around 1,000 to 1500 people per show, which is in line with the numbers that we’ve seen from other successful alums, who are one or two years removed from their AI season, including Daughtry.

  8. I think P2 is doing great with him numbers. But Daughtry’s 1st headlining tour was with his 2nd album, Leave this town, and that was a small arena tour. Pretty sure he was pulling in 3-4-5000 or so. He was opening for Nickelback only on the international leg of that tour. His numbers are down now though. But again I think P2 is doing a very good job. Nothing to be appalled about.

  9. Daughtry did not tour as a headline act one to two years after Idol — they did some one-off concerts. They opened for Nickleback and for Bon Jovi in 2006-2009. The Leave This Town Tour was their first headlining concert tour and it kicked off October 19, 2009 — 3+ years after Idol. That tour was mostly 5,000 – 10,000 capacity venues. Daughtry also returned to opening for Nickelback in 2010 Europe. So nothing to do with what P2 is doing.

    Regarding P2 — there is a big difference between releasing a couple tracks and an album that people buy vs. selling concert tickets. To sell concert tickets, you have to deliver a great show. And looking at the show near me (Cleveland, State Theater) no one is buying tickets. Almost the whole theater has seats available — and the show is this Friday. Capacity is 3,400. Looks like at most 400-600 tickets are blocked out — and some of that is not sold but reserves and subscribers. I do not have any idea what he is averaging, but looks unlikely that he will sell 1,000 – 1,500 here.

    ETA: Scotty successfully toured as a headliner within 2 years after Idol playing venues like this; Kelly Clarkson did her first solo headline tour (vs. with Clay) about 3 years after Idol. Three Idol alums (Carrie, Cook and Adam) went from Idol to successful headline tours. This looks more like what happened to Jordin Sparks in her first headline tour (2010) when they were giving away $1 tickets for try to fill venues. Some of Jordin’s Boxscores here:

  10. I can remember Daughtry’s first (small) arena tour, and he was pulling in at least 5000. Granted, it was not the full arena, but what tickets they had available, they were selling out. I know Daughtry, like, Adam, had sold out concerts in So. Africa, and one of those venues is huge.

  11. That sounds right to me Mel. I was thinking 5000 also but I was being careful just in case he sold less at some, lol.

  12. Many of the P2 headline events are general admission. But of the concerts booked for the next two weeks, none show 1,000 tickets sold. Here’s that I found…

    9/14, 9/16, 9/23 – General Admission shows, tickets available.

    9/19 State Theater Cleveland — about 400-500 of 3,400 sold.
    9/26 – University of Oklahoma – no way to estimate sales, all levels available, no clickable map.
    9/27 – Houston Arena Theater capacity 2,750 — no seat selector, but I just got 2 seats in row 6. Hard to believe that 1,000 seats could be sold here.
    9/28 – New Orleans Mahalia Jackson PA Center — ticket sales not available right now, Ticketmaster is updating. I will be real money he won’t sell this one out. It is a hard venue to sell out, even for very hot tours.

    9/24 – Booked as a supporting artist or multi-artist show.

  13. Daughtry didn’t sell out during his last tour, and the venues were much smaller than before. He’s not selling out now either.

  14. Well, c’mon, the subsequent winners were Candice and Caleb who got NO promotion while P2 got amazing promotion and still does lol.

  15. I think the comparison is one or two years after their season. Daughtry is currently touring eight years after his season.

  16. James Durbin ?@DurbinRock 1h
    See ya tonight Father @zakkwyldebls & Father jefffabb

    (Going to see Black Label Society tonight, who his ex-drummer Jeff is currently on tour with, I hope he does some networking while there because here’s a ‘Jeff’s eye view’ shot from one of their concerts last month. Nice turnout :)

  17. 9/19 State Theater Cleveland — about 400-500 of 3,400 sold.

    I mean, I don’t make it my business to go chasing around for numbers to prove my favs rivals are doing poorly. Heck, I can’t muster up the effort to hunt down numbers for the acts I like.

    But I did take a peek at that Cleveland State Theater map just for fun and it looks like the entire front section is sold out and there are seats from every single section sold. It’s not a sell out to be sure, but it’s not a dire circumstance, either.

  18. Daughtry did tour right after AI. They played clubs and theaters. Their tour was a hot topic on this forum, and people would recognize the “concern” posts, regarding whether or not the band was making any money playing in small clubs and theaters.

  19. Why assume it’s for that purpose? Is that the purpose for anyone who’s not a fan of a particular idol but can recite stats left and right about almost every topic concerning them?? If so, we have a lot of those lol. I don’t get it, but some people get jollies about stats and stuff.

  20. I bought tickets but did blink at the $55 price tag. With fees, 2 cost me $140. But I l loved his first show enough to get them.
    Someone who hadn’t seen him before might pass

  21. “…there was a “stage crasher” who got up & close to David during his performance until security took her away.”

    That was funny to watch – and it took them long enough to get the rogue dancer off the stage! I started *chuckling* at about 1:01 on the video when David ad libbed the question,”What’s Happening?” into the lyrics. The guys were cool, just kept playing – but at the end, Monty told the girl from the audience who was asked up to dance – “That was weird as hell. The other girl…not you, you were great.” – @montyanderson, during our group hug at Grapefest”

    On the Live stream it sounded like an amazing show. There was great banter about wanting to do a show in the rain for the last 6 years, and being over it after three minutes…Heh – but the vocals were primo. Maybe the damp air carried the sound waves, what do I know?

    But David sang the absolute sh!t out of “Declaration” – “will I ever be enough” rang like a bell…and he went for all the big notes in “Heroes” too – even though he had allergy problems, and that set the tone for the show.

    “Wicked Game” gets better every time he does it, if possible – and the sustained power note at 3:15 just kept going, for 12 seconds, before he finished out the line. I really hope he still means to put that on the album.

    Listening to the 15 song playlist, it was like he gifted everyone who stayed through the rain and the chill by flat out singing his face off – or that’s how it sounded here. Another time I wish I owned a Space/Time Transporter. Heh. Oh well.

  22. Phillips people should have had a good indication of the number of potential ticket buyers they should be able to accommodate for this tour and should have booked venues that would match the prospects. If they have “thought too big” and ticket sales are sluggish and venues have to be reconfigured that reflects poorly on the headliner.

    I think the best scenario is to book smaller venues and have them filled to the rafters…empty seats are a turn off for potential fans. And if you are a radio listener its always easy to tell who isn’t selling well because more and more seats are awarded to listeners and contest winners as the date approaches.

    These guys that are booking 1k to 1.5k venues look really good when they are full…same amount of tickets for a 4k,5k venue just put the guy/gal in a poor light.

  23. Who are those people and why are they all along side the Billboard bus?

  24. mj has legit reasons for her post. That particular individual has a track record and an m.o. When it comes to this stuff, and has for 5-6 years.

  25. Well, with more or less certainty I believe these are — from left to right — Joonie (Calvin) Gary — Elliott’s longtime keyboardist etc. and music buddy; Devin Hoffman — bassist; Mika Fineo — percussion; Elliott; some older guy I don’t recognize; Sway Penala — fellow AI5er and backup singer; Eric Scullin — guitarist.

    And they’re in front of the Billboard Live bus because they’re playing Billboard Live concerts.

  26. I actually counted the State Theatre unavailable seats yesterday and came up with 1010, better than your 400-600, but still plenty of seats available.

  27. As I said above, I have looked at those numbers & came up with a little over 1000 sold. I’m most interested in the Sioux City date because I have tickets for that one. The floor is GA but the sides of the arena are reserved seating. As of a few days ago, seated tickets were closing in on around 800, but there’s no way to know how many are sold for the prime positions on the floor in front of the stage.

  28. I love that song!

    The “What’s Happening?” lyric was appropriate. Why did they wait so long to get her off the stage?

    David with back up dancers — ready for performing on the big music awards shows now! (Always has been.)

  29. Dude is so cool, he never missed a beat when crazy chick hopped on stage LOL

  30. Have always had mixed feelings about Wicked Game, not my favorite but I like parts of it. David likes it and he certainly puts his all into it. The glory note is beautiful. His voice is in fine form.

    Single in November? Is that the latest? Haven’t been able to keep up with the changing dates.

  31. I just counted the unavailable seats now, and the total came to 1,269 seats. Clearly, 400-600 is incorrect and grossly underestimated.

  32. Whatever. I have read her posts here, and she has gone to lots of idols’ concerts, including Kris, as well as bought idols’ albums.

  33. I just counted and P2 has 1,269 unavailable seats for the Cleveland concert, more than twice as many as your estimate. Clearly, actually counting the seats is much more accurate than guestimating.

  34. Yes, the so-called “stats” posted by this individual are invariably incorrect.

  35. Gauging by the albums he (they) sold, he could have played in much, much bigger venues. I do remember reading on his website why he started small (can’t remember now), even tho he could have gone bigger. I don’t think the tour was that long either.

  36. You’re welcome. No matter whether I’m a fan or not, I really dislike guestimated “stats” presented as facts.

  37. And I have gone to several idol’s concerts as well. (Cook, Archie, Carrie, Kelly, Kris, soon to be P2. Not many come to my area.) However, I don’t profess to say that my stats are always accurate. Mistakes are often made. There’s nothing wrong with correcting them when mistakes happen.

  38. Are all the seats available? Are they using the full capacity configuration?

  39. Oh, I definitely agree with correcting mistakes in numbers. The only thing I had a problem with was assuming the motive for collecting stats and calling it out. Like I said, there are MANY who probably fit that assumption and it doesn’t seem kosher to single out one poster for it.

  40. “Is that the latest?”

    Last I heard, it was single end of September or October, Happy Daisy_2. But we have no idea what the single is. David has said the album tracking is finished, but he told someone Friday night that he is “not at liberty” to talk about a label – whatever that signifies. So PR, distribution, and maybe some thought of Radio Play, or not, look like the next steps.

    We just pretend to be patient, and dust off the album money, from time to time. *Wink*.

  41. For the State theatre? It appears they’re using the full. As for Sioux City, they are not but SC is an arena and much too large.

  42. Thanks for the “update,” Incipit. : – >

    Both single and album money are freshly dusted off.
    “You know we’ve been down this road, what seems a thousand times before….” Light is on.

  43. But I thought the rules were not to attack other posters or question their motives.

  44. I don’t know of any motives, just pointing out that a poster has a history of posting inaccurate “stats”. As a result, I take any information posted by this poster with a grain of salt.

  45. Yeah, I left the Light On, but it’s been so long I’ve used a ton of lightbulbs!

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