Colton Dixon and Elise Testone – Tonight Show with Jay Leno (VIDEO)

Colton Dixon and Elise Testone sat in with Rickey Minor and the band last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Here’s the little interview they did with Jay before they headed over to sing “Come Together” by the Beatles.

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  1. How disappointing! I had wanted to see and hear them perform! Maybe the full video will show up on you tube.

  2. Hopefully one will.  I saw them at the beginning last night (where the cut off here) and Colton sounded incredible. 

  3. There is no full video. They performed outros and intros to and from commercials.

  4. I made sure I caught this last night and it made me think. . . .Oh, what might have been on Idol.  It really does come down to song choice.  Again, that rich tone in Elise’s voice last night gave me chills.  I’m sorry, but I have to believe that had Elise sang Its A Man’s World on Wednesday, it would have been buh-bye Hollie.  She didn’t and Elise seems at peace with her song choice and the results, so that is that.
    This may make some people mad (don’t mean to) but, I am bummed that Elise had to share air time with Colton.  His media tour was last week.  This week is Elise’s time.  Of course this is just me.  Elise had fun with the whole thing and seemed to be relaxed and happy.

    Sometimes you wonder how these idols will stack-up in the real world.  Well I have my answer with Elise.  What a voice, what a pro.  During the interview she was witty, charming, and engaging.  That bit of Elise telling Leno that she only lost by one vote while pointing at him and Jay responding that he couldn’t get to his Iphone was hilarious.  Elise jumped to give Jay a hug.  So sweet.

    The Wanted performed on Leno also.  I wonder if Colton and Elise interacted with them.  Talk about an electronically fabricated sound.  Oh well, they seem to be popular.  First time I have heard them.  Jay said they were brought back by popular demand.  Huh?  

    ETA: I like Hollie too.  Go Hollie.  Knock ’em out next week on the show.  Congrats on T5!

  5. I really dislike how he has the singers sing so little…and then he talks to actors/actresses who waste time talking about denim on denim, etc.   I’d really have much rather heard them sing…

  6. I don’t mind that they only sing intros and outros on Leno.  Isn’t that more than they used to do in the past?  They never used to get to sing at all.  If I remember correctly, and it’s possible I’m not, they used to get trotted out for a few jokes and that was that.  Also the Idols seem to have fun getting to work with Rickey, however briefly.

    Now it would be nice if each Idol got their own individual show however, but I’m not sure if this is happening due to Leno’s taping schedule or what.  Erika & Heejun shared an episode, similar to Colton & Elise here, but DeAndre had a solo appearance.

  7. Oh I know……….Mel Gibson was a total waste of airtime.  What on earth has happened to that guy?  He’s totally out to lunch now. 

    As for Colton sharing time, yes it was his media cycle last week but as Jay said, the show wasn’t on ive last week so that is why Colton was there last night.  He deserved his time with Jay as well.

    Hopefully someone will put all the bits together on a Youtube.   

  8. Elise is a wonderful singer and performer and she definitely will get a contract and I will buy her cds unlike any from the current remaining crop.   I love her attitude of not fawning over the 3 stooges.   She is direct and honest.   Most important of all she has the voice.

  9. I want to see the outros and intros – anyone got a youtube video/link? 

  10. I am bummed that Elise had to share air time with Colton. His media tour was last week. This week is Elise’s time.

    No worries.  Heejun and Erika were on the show together.   I think the person who finishes in 3rd place some times get the short end of doing press, since they have to turn around and rehearse for the finale.

  11. While they both sounded good, I thought Elise really showed Colton up last night on their solo bits. Hopefully someone will post it so those of you who didn’t catch it can see. Elise was incredible on WLL (again) especially in the bit coming back from commercial that began with just Elise’s voice an n band.

  12. There will be no audience video unless it is from NBC (doubt it).
    You can not get any electronic devices pass the security and if you do, I don’t see how anybody can raise your phone up in the air to tape it.
    There are people walked on all the aisle all the time making sure that people don’t have their phones out. At least that what happened the last time I was at the taping.

  13. Elise was one of my favorites – love her naturalness in interviews and just about everything she does. But just a note re Bottom 3 – I went back and watched the “B2” this week – and last week. They did not say that Hollie was “B2” – they just proclaimed one person from B3 “safe” then made the other two wait for the results.

  14. Why does it matter at this point?  It’s not a competition any longer. 

  15. A) it doesn’t necessarily matter, but was just givin my opinion.

    B) So many people have had things to say about Colton being voted off before Elise that I found it interesting that she continues to outperform him and hopefully shut up the whiners who don’t seem to realize that she deserved to make it as far as she did (if not further).

    Thank you.

  16. whatever bitter!have life and buy all of Elise Cd and keep on following her ok? go!

  17. Ryan did say that he was going to make it a b2 and then sent Skylar to the couches.  That’s pretty clear that Hollie was in the b2 with Elise imo.  

    I’d have loved to see more of “Come Together”.  I like both Elise & Colton.  

  18. Wish they would have let us see the entire song, “Come Together”. What a huge tease and monster let down! Elise Rocks! m/ 

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