Claudia Conway Accused Mom Kellyanne of Posting Topless Photo

When American Idol premiers on February 14, we may see an audition from Claudia Conway, daughter of former Trump employee Kellyanne Conway. The 16 year old has become popular on TikTok. But her popularity has more to do with her constant sparring with mom Kellyanne, than her singing. Like her father, George Conway, Claudia hates former President Trump. But more than that, she claims to be a Bernie Sanders style democrat who hates her parents conservative politics.

Claudia spends most of her time on social media basically crying out for help. In the latest controversy, she accused her mother of posting a topless picture of her on Twitter fleets, before backtracking this morning. Tweeter fleets is a new snapchat like feature that the company recently rolled out. The posts disappear within 24 hours. Twitter deleted the photo, but not before social media users documented it. 

“I’m assuming my mom took a picture of it to use against me one day and then somebody hacked her or something,” Claudia said. “I’m literally at a loss for words. If you see it, report it.” In one of the TikTok videos, Claudia said that “nobody would ever have any photo like that, ever. So, Kellyanne, you’re going to f****** jail.”

But then, after accusing her mother of deliberately posting underage p***, Claudia walked it back in several new TikTok videos this morning. She urged people to stop calling authorities and said she and her mother will be taking a break from social media to work on their relationship. “I know that my mom would never, ever post anything to hurt me like that intentionally,” Claudia said in a TikTok video, “and I do believe she was hacked.”

@claudiamconwayplease stop sending hate to my family. please. i am putting an end to all of this. i’m okay. we are okay.

? original sound – claudia conway

@claudiamconwaythis is all from me. i shouldn’t have made this all public. i’m sorry.

? original sound – claudia conway

Although Claudia’s relationship with her mother appears to be on them mend, just last week she posted audio of her mother calling her names like “a******” and saying “You’re lucky that I’m pro-life” (!!!). Kellyanne comes off as the typical narcissistic abuser. It’s pretty ugly stuff.

What’s more, Claudia claims that father George left the family just weeks before.

@claudiamconwaytoday was a really fun day

? cybersx doja cat – xxtristanxo

An extremely troubled family, playing their dysfunction out in public. It’s not the first time Claudia lashed out at her mom before reining it in, promising to work on her family relationships offline. The hiatus didn’t last long, unfortunately.

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