Chris Daughtry – Ziggy’s Winston-Salem, NC

The American Idol’s 2007 summer tour starts in July, and  like last year, I’ll be asking for YOUR recaps of the tours you attend.   In the meantime, I’m going to be  featuring recaps of Idol  alumni shows from around the country.   Did you  attend an Idol show recently? If so, send me your re-cap, and  it may be featured on the blog…

Here is a recap by Tara  of a recent DAUGHTRY show  at  Ziggy’s in  Winston Salem.   She sent some pictures too…


I knew it was going to be a good time when Chris Daughtry was 20 feet away from us as we pulled up to the club to park. He was talking on his cell, wearing a beanie and black tee and of course jeans. We get out of the car and start walking up the hill to get in line. We get there, and look back, and there is Chris, with no shirt on, showing the world and my camera his DAUGHTRY tattoo.

We arrived at 2:30, doors were not supposed to open until 8, but we assumed there would be people lined up early, and we were right. There were about 50-75 ahead of us. I heard the girls in the front say they got there at 9:00 that morning. Crazy.

We met a nice married couple from Raleigh, and they stuck with us the entire night and also bought us drinks the entire night. Those are the kind of people you enjoy meeting. And man oh man were they snarky. There was a special group of …Frosted, Titty Girls that we snarked on all night. You know the type ¦.badly frosted hair, and shirts that they shouldnt have even bothered with. Wearing just a bra would have left more to the imagination.

The club owner was nice enough to open the doors at 7, rather than 8. Im pretty sure they witnessed all the drinking that was going on outside, and thought it would be a good idea to get the bar open, ASAP. So we haul ass to the stage, determined to get as close as possible. We end up third row, and kind of to the side. We stood for 2 hours waiting for the first opening band ¦.yes, there were two. Shoot me. Day of Fire was first and they came out at 9, and I have to say they were effin awesome. The singer interacted with the crowd a lot. So much that at one point he grabbed my hand and would not let go, he actually started pulling me to the front. I was scurred! Did he not know that there were drunken redneck women in front of me that were willing to punch if they got pushed? So yeah, they were awesome. We caught the singer water bottle near the end of the set. Yay us.

Next up was Cinder Road. Heavy on the guyliner. Weak on performance and talent. Ha. No, no, no. They werent that bad. But Day of Fire was much better. Apparently this was their last show with Daughtry. Glad they had a good time on their last night. With this band, we are introduced to …Thumbs Up Guy. For more info on that, please visit the late-night x-rated chat at MJ.

They ended pretty quickly, thank gawd. Daughtry finally took the stage around 10 or 10:30. Joey came out shirtless. I just needed to say that first because when I saw that, it took me a few minutes to collect myself. Chris was still wearing a bit too much makeup, and I ended up with a few very scary pictures. I will not go into detail about each song. They did their CD, and they did it well. His voice was awesome and strong and the rest of the band did their thing. …Rocket Man was one of my favorite moments. It was just Chris and his guitar and Joey on drums. I recorded that performance, eventually Ill get that uploaded.

I was sweaty, my feet hurt, I was a complete mess but I was having a great time. Then something happened that turned that great time into one of the best nights EVAH! The show had ended, and they were walking out ¦and Joey threw his drumsticks into the crowd. It was like slow-motion. I used my height to my advantage at this point and my freakishly long arms and snatched one of those drumsticks mid air. I did a fist pump, and whooped and yelled and danced and knocked over the weaklings around me, and then quickly placed the stick in my bag and acted like nothing had happened. I wish someone had recorded that moment.

We start to leave, my BFF is determined to meet one of the guys from Cinder Road, so we leave her with her boyfriend best friend, and me and her boyfriend go outside and wait for them at the car. After about a hour, I spot Joey and Chris, outside of their bus taking pictures. I get the bff bf to go with me and I go and stare for a few moments. I could have met Chris, but my whole goal that day was to meet Joey. I calm down the nerves and go ask for a picture. Im not even sure I said anything. Maybe I pointed the camera at him and grunted. At least I didnt ask to lick his face or something, which also happens when Im nervous. I say stupid things. I was trying to find a pen in bag, so he could sign the drumstick, but alas, I could not. It was like Mary Poppins bag. I pulled out an umbrella, another pocket book, a bottle of Crown, a small child, a loaf of bread, three water bottles, etc., but no pen. We took the picture, he rubbed my back; I died a little, thanked him, and walked away the happiest girl in the world.

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