Casey James Album Cover Revealed!

Check out the cover of Casey James’s self titled debut album, due out 3/20! Also check out new comments from Casey about the guitar playing on his album.

Brian Mansfield of USA Today interviewed Casey James about his debut album, and has the scoop on how much guitar playing you’ll hear from Casey on it. Casey says “I did all the lead work, I did slide work, and I did some acoustic work, but I had the privilege of working with unbelievable musicians.”

Among those musicians are Ilya Toshinsky and Pat Buchanan and Casey heaps praise on both of them saying Toshinsky’s “a master of his instrument. I couldn’t play that good if I practiced for a thousand years” while Buchanan “can play circles around me, but he allowed me to play. He has this way of adding so much without ever getting in the way of what you want to do as a guitar player. He’s not afraid to lay back and let you play. That’s what I needed, and he did a great job of it.”

Casey also describes his album in the interview as one that blends oldies, country, blues, and rock.

Check out the tracklist for Casey James’s debut album here.
You can PRE-ORDER Casey James’s debut album HERE

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