Carrie Underwood – Robin Roberts Interview – VIDEO

Carrie Underwood is interviewed by Robin Roberts of ABC in a special that aired Tuesday night called In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts.

The segment features   lots of pre-Idol Carrie footage, some you may not have seen before, Robin hangs out with Carrie in her hometown, Checotah, OK (they go bowling!) and Carrie talks about how fame has changed her life since Idol. Watch Carrie’s interview, after the jump.

Tonight, Carrie co-hosts the 43rd annual CMA awards on ABC. She’s up for two awards, including Best Female Vocalist. Plus, she’ll be performing, and wearing lots of outfits–around 9, Carrie has told reporters!

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. That was a great segment! Carrie’s so genuine. I love that she still cares enough to ask her parents’ opinions on things. She and Mike are a cute couple too. I hope it works out for them!

  2. very cool interview. Thanks for posting. Ack!! at the twitter gossip. Life in a fishbowl, indeed. It’s amazing how well these former idols do handle the sudden fishbowl aspect to their fame.

  3. I remember that Twitter incident. Carrie was spotted with Mike at the Fleetwood Mac concert in Nashville and someone tweeted OMG drama he left halfway through!! Later that night Carrie blogged at her fan club and talked about how great the Fleetwood Mac concert was. She also talked about how bummed she was she couldn’t be in 2 places at once because Thousand Foot Krutch was playing the same night just down the street. I knew it had to be because someone let her know about that tweet and she knew her fans would figure out that’s why Mike had to leave. The lead singer of TFK Trevor is Mike’s childhood friend and Carrie thanks him and his wife in her liner notes as 2 of her friends too.

    I think that and the fact that Twitter’s letting someone impersonate her is why Carrie hates Twitter.

    I really enjoyed that interview! It was a nice little peek into who Carrie is and she did a really good job handling the personal life questions.

    I hope she and Brad have great nights tonight at the CMAs!

  4. I really enjoyed this interview – I love Carrie’s personality, she’s pretty awesome. I also watched the Tim McGraw segment and remembered how much I love him :)

  5. Great interviews! So. Much. Better. Than. Barbara.Walters!
    Loved Carrie and I have not really been a fan. She seems like such a nice person. Also, loved Tim!

  6. Thanks, MJ! I hadn’t seen this yet until you posted the video link. I liked all the never-before-seen personal vids and the vids of Carrie recording in the studio.

    I think that and the fact that Twitter’s letting someone impersonate her is why Carrie hates Twitter.

    I agree. I really don’t get why Twitter isn’t taking action against the poser. How hard can it be to shut down an account? I remember when fans were wondering at the fanclub why Carrie and team weren’t doing anything about the situation and Carrie replied with a “Believe me, we’ve tried!” Come on, Twitter! The artist and her whole team informs you that someone’s an impostor and you still allow it to happen?! As Faith Hill would say, “WHAAAAT??!!” What’s even worse is the poser. I really think she (is a female and…) is a member of the fanclub coz she gets info from Carrie’s blogs. It’s freaky! Seems like a crazy, obsessed fan who pretends to be her idol. Frankly, that’s bordering on dangerously crazy already. Carrie seems to be getting psychology advice about it or she understands it from that perspective because I’ve noticed she avoids addressing the poser. Which is the proper way to handle it because the poser would enjoy the attention and would feel more empowered. Anyway, enough about the poser from me! The whole thing just reminds me of that Single White Female movie. *shivers*

  7. cool interview. It was interesting to see the earlier footage. She has a nice personnality and seems to be a very good person. As for twitter, the more it’s known that she doesn’t twitter, the more the imposters are going to fade away

  8. Carrie Underwood was born beautiful, and talented and placed in a loving home in a nice environment and given an educatiion-she was born to be- what she is- and international superstar. Beauty plus Talent is powerful combo combine that with an engaging charismatic personality and you have to work hard not to be a success.The girl is fantatic talent and lucky for us, for all the entertainment and more to come.

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