Carrie Underwood To Her Haters: “Mean People Need Jesus”

Since this seems to be turning into a “thing” here’s Carrie Underwood’s response to people who have ripped her performance as Maria in The Sound of Music.

There are a ton of ways to interpret this tweet. But I doubt that she’s responding to people who were merely critical of her performance. This is likely a hurt reaction to those who were vicious online. I’m sure her mentions were full of really mean replies. That’s just how twitter works. But vitriol on such an intense level is probably really new to her.

As far as her remark that “mean people need Jesus.” Eh. I’m agnostic, but I wasn’t offended by her remark. Mean people need a lot of things. Typically, some sort of spiritual and or secular humanist foundation is a good place to begin. I take it as Carrie expressing a thought from her spiritual vantage point.

There are Christians that bug (a couple of Idols, in particular, that I’ve almost unfollowed on twitter. But I won’t name any names). But Carrie isn’t one of them. She’s somebody who has stood up for marriage equality, when it really was not in her best interests to do so. She attends a liberal church. I get the feeling she’s respectful of other’s belief systems. As I hope others would respect me and my beliefs, I try to give the same to EVERYONE, no matter how hard I disagree. Yes, some of the most intolerant and hateful people are Christian. Same could be said for some tree loving liberals.

Having said that, her world would have been easier if she’d dealt with her hurt in a private forum.

So here is your thread to go nuts. I’m going to open the Headlines thread now. Please keep the discussion confined to this space.

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