Carrie Underwood and Danny Gokey Headline at Milwaukee’s Summerfest

Carrie Underwood and Danny Gokey are headlining separate stages tonight (July 4th) at Milwaukee’s famous Summerfest music festival, advertised by the city as “the world’s largest music festival.”

Carrie’s show begins at 7:30 in the Marcus Amphitheater, with opening act Sons of Sylvia.

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Danny will be headlining the Briggs & Stratton “Big Backyard” side stage at 9:30, after an opening performance at 9 pm by Milwaukee children participating in Sophia’s Heart Foundation‘s new choir and dance programs.

{pre-show} dannygokey: Excited 2 be at summerfest 2day & playing the Briggs & Stratton stage at 9:30pm-Also the SHF kids choir & dance team will open 4 me at 9pm!!

{post-show} dannygokey: Last night was EPIC! The best part was when SHF kids choir sang “It’s Only” w/me on stage! very emotional moment!

Reviews: Carrie: JSOnline, OnMilwaukee Danny: Interview JS Online
Video Source: IamVicarious, TheMuisc5Chelb, MikeMeldan, TisLSZH, MKXStormSpotter , TonicNY

Video after the JUMP…

Danny Gokey – Be Somebody (partial)


Danny Gokey – Get Away


Danny Gokey – Hard to Handle

Danny Gokey – Crazy Not To

Danny Gokey – I Will Not Say Goodbye

Danny Gokey – My Best Days are Ahead of Me

Danny Gokey – It’s Only with the Sophia’s Heart Children’s Choir

Carrie Underwood – All American Girl

Carrie Underwood – How Great Thou Art

Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats

Fox6 Milwaukee on Danny Gokey Summerfest appearance

Enjoy full photo galleries with additional professional photos via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel site:
Danny Gokey
Carrie Underwood


  1. Congrats on your first post, Steph! Thanks for taking on this work.

    Good luck to Carrie and Danny tonight.

  2. Hey Steph glad to see you doing this tonight. Hope for lots of videos and tweets.

  3. Probably people waiting for the M&G

    Summerfest with anna,lisa feni, katie and sherri g. :] theyre goin crazy to meet danny gokey. Haha
    7 minutes ago

    What should I say to Danny Gokey??
    1 minute ago

  4. Happy to do it.

    If anyone finds media for Carrie or Danny that should be posted, just let me know here.

    Here are a couple of photos of the stage where Danny will be performing. A fan took them yesterday as they visiting the Summerfest grounds.

    Briggs & Stratton stage 1
    Briggs & Stratton stage 2

    Copying this from the Headlines thread earlier. Members of Carrie’s opening act Sons of Sylvia apparently met Danny when he stopped this afternoon. Kind of cool to read.

    Today, July 04, 2010, 8 minutes ago |
    SonsOfSylvia (Sons Of Sylvia)
    @DannyGokey just stopped by our dressing room to say hi. He’s A really cool guy. Def gonna check out his show tonight. Austin-

  5. Nice of you to man the post, steph. I’m not all that familiar with Summerfest. How many nights is it? And is tonight “country music night” or do they mix it up every evening?

  6. Bootstar

    Summerfest is an all-music fest that features all kinds of music. Many idols have played there over the years from Fantasia to Kellie Pickler, just so happens that Danny and Carrie are on the same night.

  7. There seem to be a lot of people tweeting at least for Danny, and already getting there early to grab space near the stage (no reserve seating). There was some worry over the weather, hoping that won’t be a problem.

    His meet and greet should be starting about now. They allowed three times as many people as usual tonight (90) since there was a lot of interest in his hometown. May take a while to get through them all but we should see some twitpics coming as people get through it. (For those who don’t follow Danny, they offer meet & greet passes for his concerts through, with the proceeds helping to run programs like the one that is supporting the kids’ choir that will sing tonight.)

  8. Thanks mj and Steph, I think it’s going to be a great night for Danny, and Carrie too! I know that some very dedicated fans got there early to get good seats for Danny, so hoping there will be some great pics and videos to come.

  9. Thanks MJ and Steph for this thread. I know that Danny is very happy to be performing tonight in his hometown. I have read that quite a few of Danny’s fans are there tonight so I am hoping for some good video and pics. Would love to also see some video of SHF choir opening for him – how special is that.

  10. He looks great but why did they set them up next to the porta johns ?

  11. Well Steph, you know country music is about real people with real problems. Dead Bugs and Portajohns….hmmm, has a nice ring to it. ;)

  12. About Carrie to someone who has been away for awhile I guess.

    do u remember a former American idol. Carrie Underwood she is now sing Nashville country music.
    half a minute ago

  13. I like a couple of Carrie’s songs but what I really appreciate about her is how good she treats her friends. Ashley Clark of Sons of Sylvia was the fiddle player in her band for several years. To give them the opening spot in her tour has been HUGE for them. They had only just cut their first record and had never toured..anywhere at all. She took a big risk but they’re so freaking fantastic, I think she knew all they needed was a chance.

    Love Left To video
    50 Ways Live

  14. I am a big Carrie fan and Danny fan so I’m enjoying this thread. I have not seen Carrie in concert since the Idol concert the year she won – though I have all her albums. Would love to see her in concert again as I have read that she is fantastic. I’ve seen Danny twice – the AI concert and opening for Sugarland – he is a great live performer. Anyone who sees him in concert is in for a real treat, I remember last year when he performed in Milwaukee with the AI tour and his fans were talking about him performing next year at Summerfest. At that time his fans didn’t know for sure if he was going to get signed to a major label. It is so nice to see how far he has come in a year.

  15. My guess this is local media, at least I hope it is:

    Good shoot with sick puppies and Against Me! Headed over to Danny Gokey and then Silversun pickups. #Ineedabeer.
    1 minute ago

  16. So how many people would be at Summerfest?

    Funny that they would have Danny and Carrie so close together on different stages?

    I’d love to see them together as one act.

  17. If there is not video of this I am going to be SO disappointed!

    @___I cannot believe @dannygokey just covered The Black Crowes “Hard to Handle”. Outstanding.

  18. Can’t wait to hear about Danny’s set list tonight. Has Danny covered Hard to Handle before? I’m sure he has those Danny fans in the front row going crazy.

  19. Re: Hard to Handle

    I hope so as the last ime he did it there was no video.

  20. I know there’s a Danny fan there who takes great videos and she is really diligent about it, unless something goes wrong or security is breathing down her neck we should get some good ones. Fingers crossed!

  21. Looks like some fans are trying to catch both Carrie and Danny:

    @dannygokey I rushed over after the carrie underwood concert and found my way to you, in the 4th row! Sooo glad <3

  22. Danny did Hard to Handle last time I saw him, in Raleigh a few weeks ago. He also added a version of the Keith Urban song Raining on Sunday, really good. Would love to see video of either or both, there was just a tiny snippet of Raining on Sunday that surfaced before, and not good quality.

    There are two fans there tonight who often take good videos, hoping between those two and probably hometown fans, we’ll get something close to the full concert this time.

    If this tweet is true though from a Carrie fan who ran over to Danny’s stage when Carrie finished, lol, that would be a new one.

    YAY DANNNNNY! Just in time to catch him singing Single Ladies. Hahahaha ily @dannygokey

    Maybe it’s a number he is doing with the SHF choir? Hard to imagine Danny and all-guy band doing it otherwise. I do love though that Danny has a lot of latitude on what he performs at his shows. Occasionally I see people who loved his R&B-ish side on AI8 lamenting that Danny went country. They really need to listen to what he’s doing, it’s probably not what they are assuming. It’s a very nice mix of his soulful sound and country song content.

  23. That can’t be true. I know that Jennifer Nettles/Sugarland sings Single Ladies in concert – but Danny nah!

  24. Thanks Steph for talking on the task of facilitating this thread for the Carrie and Danny concerts. I am a huge fan of Carrie and a big fan of Danny. Thanks to all those posting pics and video and what nots. :-)

  25. This is funny from a Carrie fan. My hair always does that (truly scary at times), so good to know ;)

    It comforts me to know that carries hair is getting frizzy and curly in this humidiy as well. Rofl

  26. Like to see this kind of thing

    Danny Gokey's concert was amazing, amazing. Even if your not a fan you would of loved it.
    2 minutes ago

    Ok…Now i understand the danny gokey obsession lol awesome concert! :]
    3 minutes ago

  27. Someone else tweeting this. Seems Danny may be signing after the show? In Milwaukee, he could be there a while. Hope they are selling CDs for this occasion.

    Aaaah! Gonna meet @dannygokey again! Hopefully i get a pic this time<3
    half a minute ago via txt

  28. A couple of other nice tweets..

    Ok…Now i understand the danny gokey obsession lol awesome concert! :]

    @dannygokey you are amazing. Loudest crowd I was in at Summerfest.

    Best concert for sure. Great job @dannygokey

    Just got back from summerfesttt!! Saw Danny Gokey… Never listened to his music before, but it was prettyyyyy awesome!

    Danny Gokey has just got another fan! That man can sing!

  29. Some one was touched tonight

    Summerfest+sons of sylvia+carrie underwood+danny gokey=life changed!
    less than a minute

  30. If Danny did perform “Single Ladies”, I would like to see video of that.

    I am glad to see that people enjoyed his concert.

  31. I am so glad to see Danny getting some well deserved coverage. I think the dynamic duo would be for Danny and Carrie to sing a duet together in the future.

    That has HIT written all over it:)

  32. Some pics of Carrie

    And then one of those same people ran over to Danny’s stage
    From carrie to danny gokey!

    Does appear Danny was / is signing, though this girl’s parents wouldn’t let her stay after the show
    about 1 hour ago via txt


    someone else with more luck
    Meeting @dannygokey. No big deal or anything.

    blurry but pic from Danny’s stage view before the show

    another funny one
    3 weeks ago I was in a movie with Vince Vaughn, Winona Ryder, Kevin James, & Jennifer Connely & I’m geeking out way more over @dannygokey !

  33. YAY DANNNNNY! Just in time to catch him singing Single Ladies. Hahahaha ily @dannygokey

    I was there; front row for the concert!

    He sang a five second piece from Single Ladies as a joke, because he was schmoozing with the audience and asked how many single ladies there were, lol. It was funny.

    Hard to Handle was really good; Be Somebody was the best version I’ve head so far.

    He was pretty crazy; you could tell he was feeding off the hometown love :) Running all over the stage. He sprinkled us all with water at one point, lol.

    And as usual, he stayed for hundreds of fans to sign after; even after he did meet and greets for over 100 people, plus all the media. They wouldn’t let him talk to conserve his voice at our meet and greet; but you know Danny, he did anyway!

  34. I’m a huge fan of Carrie and love Danny too, wish that they’ll duet someday ;). This Milwaukee’s Summerfest concert is going to be Carrie’s last concert as a single lady :) If the rumor is true, she’ll be Mrs. Carrie Fisher this Saturday (10th. July), although she is still Carrie Underwood professionally.

    Here are some tweets from some people who attended Carrie’s concert:

    Aeronca87: Carrie Underwood concert at Summerfest was amazing! Easily one of the best concerts I’ve been to!

    Jillaine1234: I saw Carrie Underwood tonight cuz I got a free ticket! Then I went and caught the end of Danny Gokey! Cool!

    mfevans2091: Carrie Underwood was incredddiibbbbllllleeee. Obsession rekindled.

    ZachKlinner: Carrie underwood and sons of Sylvia were amazing tonight at summerfest!!!!!

    CarlieW26: flippen loves Carrie Underwood! She was incredible, ahh such an amazing day :) best 4th of July ever.

    JoeBrielmaier: I have no words to express how amazing the Carrie Underwood concert was.

    And there are lots more, but unfortunately still can’t find the video of the performances either Carrie or Danny, maybe they will uploaded tomorrow.

  35. Special meet and greet with a special fan :)

    Moderator of one of his fan sites. She’s Brazilian, living in Australia for school. Because of her extreme devotion to Danny news, fellow fans pitched in to buy her a ticket from Australia to see him live.

    She looks pretty happy to see him in person ;)

  36. steph6449, great thread. Enjoying this. Thanks for your dedication to Danny.

  37. I loved this part of the review posted above

    …A year after “Idol,” some of the hysteria has burned off. The Big Backyard wasn’t absolutely mobbed, but it was a full house. Gokey clearly crosses genres and generations; Sunday was one of those rare crowds that contained both strollers and walkers. He has talent and a winning stage presence, and it’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to see him succeed…

    This so important for a continuing careerand I’m glad it is being recognized.

  38. MJ and Steph thank you for this thread. From all accounts it was a fantastic concert and I enjoy reading the tweets, threads and mostly the videos. Many people have commented that it was a the best concert performance for Danny (this from people who have gone to many shows). Wonderful to see him blossom in a true artist. Thank you again.

  39. Thanks so much for the videos and links to both Danny’s and Carrie’s concerts. I also read that Danny’s concert was his best so far and that he played for an hour and a half. Reviews coming in look great for both of them.

  40. Gokey clearly crosses genres and generations; Sunday was one of those rare crowds that contained both strollers and walkers

    Funny that is something that is always said about Carrie and one of the reasons that she is so popular and sells so well is because her fans cross all generations.

  41. Some great professional pics of Danny from JS Online

    I added a link and some pics above, also from a second gallery they had for Carrie.

    Some more twittwer pics with Danny

    I saw a YT with Danny’s fan and fansite admin who came over to see him from Australia with help from some others in Danny’s fanbase. It showed where she finally got to meet him at the m&g last night, awwwww. More than a few people were cheering and taking photos, and Danny was very sweet in thanking her for everything she’s done.

    So she got to pose with him all hugged up close for quite a while. Didn’t appear to me that she minded that one bit ;)

    Added a video of Danny singing MBD that was loaded earlier this morning on YT. If anyone sees more Carrie videos, let me know the links and I will add those also.

  42. So how many people would be at Summerfest?

    Attendance averages 800k to 1 million over the 11 day schedule, so 70-90k per day.

    I don’t know the capacity of the smaller stages; its difficult because they set up extra picnic tables outside the seating area and also people stand outside the bleachers. My estimate would be 3-5k for the smaller stages? But I really don’t know!

    Danny’s view from the stage (I can see myself, lol!)

  43. Hey there MJ! Thanks so much for all the great Carrie & Danny coverage.

    I am a huge fan of both these performers. I keep thinking back to that photo of Carrie visiting Danny during the AI tour. The minute I saw it, I knew Danny was going country, and was thrilled. I too would love to see them duet some day.

    What is up with that Carrie, putting us all to shame with those thighs? Off to do some squats.

    Thanks again!

  44. WOW!!!!!!! Thank you so much steph for starting this post. Danny is my all time favorite idol and watching these videos makes me impatient for him to come around where I live. The energy just electrifies through the videos. I was swaying with the ballads and boppin up and down with the up tempo songs. He’s doing so well and I’m so proud of him and to be a fan. Haven’t listened to Carrie’s videos yet, but I’m sure she was fantastic as well.

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