Brooke White Blogs it Out – Songwriting in Nashville!

I still can’t help thinking that 19 blew it when they didn’t sign Brooke White. They signed Kristy Lee Cook, thereby acquiring Simon Fuller’s third country blond, but she hasn’t got Carrie Underwood’s pipes, nor Kellie Pickler’s charm. Not surprisingly, she’ not exactly setting Music City on fire with her hastily assembled album, “Why Wait.”

Brooke White, on the other hand, has got that folk/singer/songwriter chick vibe that’s so hot these days in the form of your Colbie Callaits and Ingrid Michaelsons and Sara Bareilleses. For my money, other than the Davids, Brooke is the most marketable Idol out of this bunch.

In her latest My Space blog, Brooke writes about her adventures in Nashville, where she engaged in some heavy-duty songwriting sessions. She came back to LA with almost 5 songs under her belt. She assures her fans that she hasn’t “gone country”, but merely hooked up with some very talented songwriters who just happen to live in Nashville.

So a few weeks back I found myself in Nashville, Tennessee for the first time, a place that is also referred to as “Music City” and now I know why! I don’t know if many of you have been to Nashville, maybe there are some of you lucky folks live there, all I have to say is that it is both charming and beautiful. I drove around all week in a little PT cruiser that I rented (btw, this was the first time I personally rented a car…woohoo, what a significant milestone) and a confusing GPS system, and got lost and fell in love with this place, covered in trees, all you can see is green, the air is different…pure, and if their was an ocean I wouldn’t think twice about relocating. And my reasoning for being in Nashville you might be wondering… was to WRITE MUSIC! Now hold up…I am sure you are thinking, wait a second, is Brooke going country? And the answer is, NOPE. As I said, Nashville is “music city” and yes, there is a whole lotta country going on in this town, there is just an over-all abundance of all kinds of music makers hanging around! And there is nothing wrong with country music, I love it, it’s just not my focus at the moment.

The blog, written in Brooke’s endearingly loopy style, is worth the read, if you can fight the white-against-blue background Seriously Brooke, you HAVE to change that color scheme!

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