Billboard – 04/02/11

There are approximately 24, 376 Billboard Charts (give or take). The following is an Idol summary of a few of these charts. If I happen to miss your favourite “Top 100 Songs to Save You” chart, feel free to post a summary of that chart in the comments section.

Jennifer Hudson reaches a new peak on both the Hot 100 and Hot 100 Airplay chart. Jennifer Lopez reaches a new peak on the Hot 100 Airplay Chart. Debuting on the BB200 chart is the AI 10th Anniversary CD and returning to the chart is Lee DeWyze (leaving the much maligned S9 contestants as the only solo Idols on the BB200 chart. Partly because there was a dearth of Idols releasing albums in 2010. Expect a wealth of them this year).

Meanwhile, what can one say about Glee? They have a total of 8 singles on the Hot 100. Three of them are originals (Loser Like Me, Get it Right and Hell to the No).

This is the daily numbers’ thread. And, it is S-A-F-E! (provided you don’t post in it).

96 Lee DeWyze “Live It Up” (re-entry; peak: 19; wo 11) wo=weeks on
136 American Idol: 10th Anniversary: The Hits: Volume 1, Various Artists (new; peak: 136: wo: 1)
143 Crystal Bowersox “Farmer’s Daughter” (lw 151; peak: 28; wo 14)

Hot 100
13 Jennifer Lopez Featuring Pitbull “On The Floor” (lw 5; peak 5; wo 4)
40 Jason Aldean With Kelly Clarkson “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (lw 34; peak 34; wo 20)
89 Jennifer Hudson “Where You At” (lw 96; peak 89; wo 2)
Glee Songs:
6 Loser Like Me
16 Get it Right
36 Raise Your Glass
37 Blackbird
52 Misery
53 Hell to the No
70 Landside (second week)
71 Candles

Hot 100 Airplay
26 Jason Aldean With Kelly Clarkson “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (26; peak 24; wo 11)
42 Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull “On The Floor” (lw 63; peak 42; wo 2)
65 Jennifer Hudson “Where You At” (lw 73; peak 65; wo 2)

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