The Biggest Loser – “Down to Singles” – Recap and Discussion

The Biggest Loser - Season 15

Biggest Loser contestants have been focused on shedding lbs. but tonight they shed teams  & an extra competitor as well .The episode starts with an update on Bobby. He’s lost 90 lbs. &  finally came out to his dad. 10 weeks into the competition it’s time for the contestants to compete as individuals .Allison announces the contestants who make it to the final week will compete in a triathlon & the winner will automatically be in the final 3.  First though the contestants  will compete in their first individual challenge for a one lb. advantage on the scale.  They must hold 20% of their body weight with a pendulum in a ring of fire. Rachel wins holding on for 92 min. 30 sec .   That advantage will be huge as they learn 2 people will be going home this week!  The trainers decide to work with different contestants in the workouts.  They spend time catching up with contestants they haven’t worked with since the very first day.  David & Jillian then Bob & Jen talk about the issues that have brought them here. David & Jay want revenge for the challenge so they make a bet with swimming competitor Rachel in a pool race. They cheat but she brings them breakfast in bed anyway.  Rachel & Chelsea start the weigh in losing 4 lbs .each. Jay loses 5 bringing him out of the 200’s.  Marie loses 5 as well, Tumi 9, David 12, Tanya 7, Hap 5,  Jennifer 5 (landing her in the 100’s)  & Matt 5.  This sends Matt & Hap home. But not yet! Yes that’s right .  The eliminated contestants are getting a 2nd chance to get back in the game. 3 weeks from tonight we’ll find out if Ruben’s 3rd shot (2nd return)  is a charm.  Join me back here January 7th! What did you all think of this twist?