The Biggest Loser 15 – The Finale Recap – Ruben Studdard Returns (And SINGS!)

The Biggest Loser - Season 15

Very cool start to tonight’s big finale!  Several contestants from past seasons like Mark, Olivia and Abby give us a quick update on what they’re doing now.  Then of course there’s a montage of this season’s contestants and how their workouts went at the beginning versus the end. The trainers talk about the impact of their new powers to choose contestants who get on the ranch and their saves.  It didn’t seem to me like it affected the season much.

Jennifer, Fernanda, and Hap are the first group brought out looking amazing. Fernanda seems the most changed. Hap’s baby boy whose birth he missed to be on the show is now 7 month’s old!  Time to face the scale one last time!  Jennifer lost a total of 104 pounds, Fernanda 87, and Hap 81. Jennifer has the lead for the $100,000 at home prize for now.   The next group out is Matt, Chelsea, and Holley. Matt is looking good and ready to get married. He lost 133 lbs., Chelsea 95,  and Holley 96. This puts Chelsea in the lead. Holley promises to bring Bob to the Rio Olympics in 2016 if she makes it.   Tanya, Craig and Marie are the next group and they look fantastic! Marie says she is ready to go after a big goal… starting a family. Tanya lost 87 lbs., Craig 162, and Marie 111 giving her the lead.

Ruben heads the next group looking good along with Tumi and Jay. Tumi looks the most different in this group! Wow! Ruben lost 119 lbs, Tumi 175, and Jay 114.  Congrats to the Idol winner for losing a quarter of his body weight! Tumi wins the at home prize with a total percentage of weight loss of 54.86%.  Time to bring out the finalists !  Always crazy to see the side by side transformations. Bobby, David and Rachel all talked about the mental changes they’ve undergone as well.  Before the final weigh in though Ruben performed his new song “Meant to Be”.  Good stuff and he seemed a little more energetic too

Watch Ruben sing “Meant to Be.”

Bobby is first of the 3 finalists on the scale losing 188 lbs. , Rachel 155,  and David 222.  Congrats to Rachel the big winner!! She takes home the title of Biggest Loser and $250,000!!! As the confetti falls on another season what did you think? Rachel look a little unhealthy to anyone else?  What did you think of Ruben’s song?