The Biggest Loser 15 – Episode 14 – Recap and Results

The Biggest Loser - Season 15

It’s the final week on the ranch for the final five contestants & they’re reflecting on their journey . We get an update on Tanya who is 174 lbs. & she’s given up owning a fast food restaurant. She’ll be opening a healthier one soon.  It’s time for the first ever Biggest Loser triathalon. They must swim half a mile, bike 12 miles & finish with a 3 mile run. The winner will not only make the finals but get a car!  Dan & Jackie Evans the very first orange team from season 5 are there to kick things off.

The Biggest Loser Sprint Triathlon

Rachel’s competitive swimming experience gives her an advantage at the start & she keeps the lead sealing the win! David is second, Chelsea third, Jennifer fourth, & Bobby is last.  Amazing for them to complete this after just 14 weeks.  The trainers sit down with each of them as usual to watch videos of their journey and to really let them see their incredible transformations. Always so inspiring. Marie shows us how she’s trying new things at home . She’s lost enough weight her chances of starting a family have already improved a lot.  The final weigh in on the ranch will eliminate two contestants.  Rachel only lost a pound so she needed that automatic spot.  Chelsea lost 7, Jennifer 3, Bobby 17, & David 16. Pretty big weight loss by the men at the end of the show! So Rachel is the only woman up against the two men David & Bobby in the finale. Jennifer & Chelsea are heading home.  What do you all think of the final 3? Who will take home the title next week?