The Biggest Loser 15 – Episode 12 – Recap and Results

The Biggest Loser - Season 15

It’s off to some Olympic training for the Biggest Loser contestants in Park City , UT!. Apolo Ohno in the theme of second chances described his struggles to get to the games when he was a teenager.  He also teaches them about the importance of mental preparation for working out.

Training with Apolo Ohno

Contestants are a little nervous about the change in their diet & workouts.  Rachel prepared a bunch of food before leaving the ranch & Bobby shares his battle with temptation.  The contestants’  first challenge of the week is the sport of curling on the rink where Apolo won his first medal.   The team USA curling team shared how they went from 6th place at the Olympic trials to 1st the next year so it was a great second chance for them. Jay reveals he doesn’t want to win the challenge because he doesn’t have much weight to lose & doesn’t want to make everyone mad enough to vote him off. Rachel wins the challenge & $5,000. She & Jay have won all the challenges. Jay was right & the other contestants are already upset & wanting to target her. Rachel says she welcomes it. We get an update on Tumi who is now 180 lbs.  & trying on wedding dresses. The US female bobsled team is the next to meet the contestants. Lolo Jones failed to make the Olympics as a runner & when she finally did she hit a hurdle & her medal dreams were delayed. Now she’s bobsledding .


Training with Lolo Jones

In their next challenge the contestants must run up the bobsled track for a 1 lb. advantage at the weigh in.  Running at such a high altitude of 7,000 feet proves very difficult . Rachel wins again & even got a ride down in a bobsled . For the last chance workout the contestants use a gym Olympians train in. Jennifer overcomes her fear of the box jump after about 3 hrs. & some help with Jillian.  At the weigh in Rachel loses 6, Jennifer 0,  David 4,  Marie 5, Chelsea 3, Tanya 2, Jay gains a lb. & Bobby gains 2 lb.   Jay is voted off even by his buddy David.  What did you all think about the big Olympic week?