Big Brother Season 15 Episode 22 Discussion and Recap *Updated with polls*

It’s Tuesday so it’s time for another episode of The Amanda Show. At this point they might as well just hand her the money since the house just does what she says.

Regardless there is still an episode and we will see the PoV competition and ceremony along with all the other drama that is bound to unfold. I will be back later tonight with my recap and as always feel free to discuss the episode below.


I am warning everyone now that I am actually not feeling well this evening so I may miss some aspects of the show. I apologize in advance but I will try to get all the important aspects.

After the Nomination Ceremony Aaryn says that Helen needs to go to help 3AM. Helen says that you never should feel safe in the Big Brother house but she is comfortable in her “alliance” with McCrae and Andy and that they will keep her safe. I cannot believe that Helen is actually buying this final three alliance. Elissa knows that she needs to win the veto but is worried of losing Helen.

Helen takes Andy aside and Andy is forced to keep lying to her which is apparently breaking his heart since Helen has been really close to him. Helen says she believes that Elissa is the target and that Elissa’s game has fallen apart.

In the bedrooms Amanda and McCrae are making out when Elissa walks in and ruins the mood for them. McCrae tells Elissa that she should win veto and Amanda lets her know that Elissa throw her under the bus.

Elissa is doubtful of what Amanda is saying but is worried about the chance that Helen did turn on her. Amanda is convinced they can pull in Elissa once Helen is gone.

Before the PoV competition Andy lets Spencer know that he needs to win Veto if he can since Helen is looking to back door him out of the game. Andy says that if possible he would throw the competition to Spencer since he cannot win since it would ruin his game.

The PoV is made up of Aaryn, Elissa, Helen, GM, Spencer, and Andy. Elissa isn’t sure that Andy would play the veto but is convinced that GM or Spencer would not play it if they won.

Helen and Andy are talking about how she picked out Spencer’s name she they didn’t want him to play. For a guy who says he hates lying Andy is really good at lying. Up in the HoH Andy tells Amanda and Aaryn that he does not want to win the idol and seems like he is thinking of throwing it which Amanda demands will not happen since she controls what everyone else in the house does. I wish I was joking but she literally controls everyone.

It’s time for the Veto competiton. A beaver will read off a love letter to an evicted house guests and the players will need to rush to find the letter to that person. The last person to deliver the letter in each round is eliminated.

The first letter is about Jeremy and his rant about wine. Helen is the first to finish followed by Elissa. Elissa played it smart and took a few seconds to look for letters with other names. They are followed by Aaryn, Spencer, and Andy. GM is eliminated since she kept finding letters to Nick but not to Jeremy.

The second letter is about going home in a Grizzly Bear shirt which can only be Judd. Spencer is down and up quick. Helen is the second one to find it but Aaryn and Andy race her up the slide. It is looking like Helen will get the last one but Elissa comes out of the water like a crazed seas creature and steals the last spot sending Helen to the benches.

Amanda is ecstatic since Helen is out and she will demand that Helen goes home now. Helen is happy that Elissa is still alive so that her “plan” to back door Spencer is still there.

The third letter is about dressing like a clown and everyone knows it is about Candice. Spencer is back first again followed by Aaryn. Andy and Elissa are still searching and Helen notices that Andy is not rushing is and wondering why he is holding back.

While searching Elissa takes out Andy and bounces him head first into a log. Andy is a little embarrassed to be taken out by a small girl but to be far he is smaller them she is. Elissa gets there first and Andy is out of the competition.

The next letter is about being chiseled in stone which is Howard. Elissa gets there and Spencer follows her. Aaryn is out.

The final round’s letter is about giving away $5000 for the Veto. Elissa believes it is Jessie and Spencer obviously agrees since that is what he is looking for. Spencer never seen any Jessie’s so he is worried and he should be since Elissa pulls out the victory.

Spencer is pissed since he put his whole heart into the competition and he could be going up for the sixth time. Helen is overjoyed that they can backdoor Spencer but Amanda points out that Helen should not be that happy since she is the one going home.

In the Have Not room Helen says she is happy since she now knows that Elissa’s head is still in the game. Elissa says that she can’t be happy until their plan is fulfilled. Andy comes in and Helen thanks him for trying to win the Veto even though she still has doubts now because she knows Andy wasn’t trying hard in the veto and that she is now not convinced he would vote to save her.

In the kitchen Amanda tells Elissa that Helen is going home and there is nothing they can do about it. She is hoping it will force Elissa to trust her once Helen is gone but it seems to come across as a threat since Amanda is horrible at wording things. She says that there is no point in Elissa trying to flip the house to save Amanda. My thoughts are confirmed when Elissa DRs that she felt Amanda is threatening her.

Elissa wants to tell Helen but is afraid of angering Amanda. Elissa and Helen are cleaning the bathroom when Elissa tries to get Helen to come to the conclusion that she is in danger without actually telling her what Amanda said. Elissa says that Spencer is acting to safe to seem that he is going home. She asks Helen to not bring up her name to anyone in regards to Amanda.

Helen then clues in that Elissa is basically telling her that she is the target and realizes that Amanda must have threatened her into not telling Helen and now realizes she could be going home. It’s amazing that she sees this but couldn’t see all the lies from McCrae and Andy.

Up in the HoH room Helen takes Aaryn aside alone and pushes an alliance between Aaryn/GM and Helen/Elissa. Aaryn says that she is worried that McCranda is running the house. How do these people not realize that Amanda has been running the house all summer?

Aaryn says that Andy agreed to an alliance with her but she knows he runs and spills everything to Amanda. Helen also tells Aaryn that she knows that Andy basically threw the Veto and says that it is time for a big move to send Amanda home.

For some reason Aaryn is rehashing the whole wine thing for no reason at all. Why is this conversation needed at this point? Apparently this leads to an argument between Amanda and Aaryn. McCrae is shaking his head since Amanda is arguing with not only an alliance mate but the current HoH who will need to replace a nomination. Aaryn takes up to the HoH and Amanda and Andy come up to see if Aaryn is ok. She some crazy reason Amanda continues the argument. She has no interpersonal skills.

Aaryn is finally realizing that she has been playing Amanda’s game and tells Andy that she may just take Amanda out of the game. Andy tries to talk her down since his whole game has been doing exactly what McCranda wants and if she goes there will be no one to tell him what to do next.

It’s time for the Veto ceremomy and Elissa says she will save herself but hope that Helen can stay in the game. Aaryn says that it is either Spencer who is the safe choice or Amanda who would totally change the game. Helen is hoping Aaryn is convinced that she is better off going with Helen over Amanda. Amanda says that if Aaryn nominates her then it will be the end of Aaryn next week since Amanda always gets what she wants.

At the Veto meeting Elissa takes herself off the block so Aaryn will need to replace her. And of course she places it safe and names Spencer as the replacement nominee because she says she was pushed into that corner. God forbid someone actually thinks for themselves this season.

Spencer is pissed to be up again and Helen is upset that Spencer was nominated since Amanda wants her gone. She says that Amanda better hope her plan works because Helen would go after her next week. Aaryn says she wanted to nominated Amanda but didn’t because Amanda is scary and Amanda always gets what she wants. Amanda solidifies this theory by saying that Aaryn made the right choice because it was what Amanda wanted to happen.

Tomorrow is the Live Eviction and as far as I know MJ herself will be Live Blogging the episode. Also one of the jury will be coming back into the house and I have my fingers crossed that they get some sort of power so that something totally unpredictable will happen. Of course based on everything that has happened this summer the returning player will come in one door and out the other next week because that is what Amanda wants.