Big Brother Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 3 Nominees and Battle of the Block Results)

Find out who the four nominees were, and which two are still on the block.

Last night, Nicole and Derrick won the HoH competition. Which four houseguests did they nominate for eviction?

Nicole nominated Amber and Donny.

Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta.

Amber and Donny won the Battle of the Block competition.

Late last night, Nicole and Derrick had a lengthy conversation about being on the same page and forming an alliance. However, after her conversation with Derrick, Nicole confirmed to Hayden that she does not trust Derrick since he continues to deny the Bomb Squad was an actual alliance. But Nicole still wants Derrick to think she believes him still he’s the HoH who is still in power.

The two HoHs spent a long time trying to decide who to nominate since the goal is to backdoor Devin this week; they didn’t want to give Devin two chances to save himself. Therefore, they put up four pawns on the block. Nicole does not like Amber and had no problem nominating her since Amber nominated Nicole last week. But Nicole had a long list of houseguests she refused to put on the block, including Hayden, Brittany, and Cody. She contemplated putting Frankie on the block next to Amber, but Derrick talked her out of it. Nicole then was left between Victoria and Donny. She almost put Victoria on the block, but she decided to nominate Donny instead since Donny was sharing too much information with other houseguests. Derrick has one clear goal in mind this week, which is to get Devin out of the house. Jocasta was an easy choice for him since the two never talk game with one another, but he managed to get Caleb to volunteer to be put on the block.

That’s right – Caleb volunteered to go on the block! After Derrick told Caleb that Nicole was going to nominate Amber, Derrick implanted the idea in Caleb’s head that if he were to go on the block and purposefully lose the Battle of the Block competition, he would be saving Amber. And since Caleb is obsessed with Amber, he happily obliged.

Derrick has made it clear to everyone that he wants Devin evicted this week, but Nicole admitted to Brittany and Hayden that she would rather see Caleb evicted this week instead. Brittany also thinks getting Caleb out this week is the better move and Hayden would be fine with that too. So it will be interesting to see what happens this week. The predictable outcome is the Power of Veto being used on Caleb (regardless who wins it) to backdoor Devin. However, there’s still the small chance that Devin could be chosen to play for the Veto Competition. If he wins it, it could very well be Caleb evicted this week.



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