Big Brother 24 Week 7 Recap: Elimination Live Blog

Pictured: Indy Santos and Terrance Higgins. Photo: CBS ©2022 

Last week Daniel was evicted and Taylor won the Head of Household competition. The Leftovers alliance claimed power once again, which should have been a straightforward week. However, Taylor’s HoH reign turned into a pretty chaotic week.

Taylor tried to keep promises with the Houseguests outside of the alliance to not get on their bad side. She promised her former Festie Besties Alyssa and Indy she would not nominate them. She also refused to nominate Jasmine since she didn’t want to target a Black woman on her HoH week. This left Taylor with few options, and she even suggested using her Leftovers allies Monte and Turner as pawns. After they pointed out the flaw in that plan, Taylor was forced to go back on her word to Indy. Taylor nominated Indy and Terrance for eviction, with the latter being her target. In order to hide their alliance, Taylor misled the Houseguests outside the Leftovers that her target was Monte. Terrance was Taylor’s initial target, but her Leftovers alliance members swayed her to shift the target to Indy. They believed Indy was the bigger threat in competitions.

Terrance doubted Monte was truly the target. He wanted the Power of Veto to be used on either Indy or himself to force Taylor to show her cards. Taylor has no intention of actually nominating Monte, so Joseph offered himself as a pawn. Joseph and Taylor trusted the Leftovers would vote to keep him, so they were on board with this plan. Unbeknownst to them, Michael and Brittany discussed the possibility of voting out Joseph this week if he ended up being a replacement nominee.

Joseph’s plan to be named the pawn against Indy didn’t end up happening. At the Power of Veto competition, Alyssa took away Taylor’s prize and traded her a punishment. This gave Taylor a reason to target Alyssa for eviction instead. Her target shifted yet again, but putting Alyssa on the block largely depends on what Kyle will do. Kyle won the Power of Veto, and he must use it on either Indy or Terrance to allow Taylor to place Alyssa on the block. What will Kyle do? Will he side with his Leftovers alliance, or will he choose his showmance over them?

Tonight’s two-hour episode will be jam-packed. We still need to see the results of the Veto Meeting, the fallout of Kyle’s decision, and the live vote and eviction. Plus, a new twist will split up the house for a week. How will the new twist play out in this upcoming double eviction week? Let’s find out!

The episode picks up with Michael warning Kyle that Taylor is contemplating targeting Alyssa this week. Kyle thinks that would be petty, and he doesn’t want Alyssa to go this week. Kyle also feels like he’s out of the loop with the alliance’s decisions. Joseph says no one can update Kyle since he’s always with Alyssa. Joseph and Monte explain to Kyle why targeting Alyssa this week is a good move, but Kyle thinks Monte and Joseph just want to weaken his game. After Joseph informs Taylor that Kyle has hesitation about using the Power of Veto, Taylor questions if Kyle is really with the alliance or not.

Indy was left with a punishment after the Power of Veto competition. She must wear a “punkitard” costume. She must wear it for an entire week. She also must perform a punk show whenever Big Brother tells her to. After a segment of Indy’s punishment annoying the Houseguests, all the Leftovers meet to discuss whether or not the Power of Veto should be used. Kyle pushes against using the Power of Veto. Only Joseph, Monte, and Taylor want the Veto to be used, and they eventually concede to nominations staying the same. Taylor thinks taking Alyssa out is the better move. She says in the Diary Room that she understand Kyle is in a showmance with Alyssa, but she points out that Alyssa is not in the Leftovers. The tension within the group is hinting at the Leftovers turning on each other sooner rather than later.

At the Veto Meeting, Kyle chose not to use the Power of Veto. Taylor’s acting surprised and mad that the Power of Veto wasn’t used. She pretends to yell at Kyle in the storage room to keep the other side of the house confused. The house wasn’t expecting that outburst, and Kyle is annoyed by the antics. Meanwhile, Indy is disappointed Kyle didn’t use the Veto. She hopes she will have the numbers to stay. Terrance is also hopeful he’ll have five votes to stay. Jasmine is disappointed to have to choose between Terrance and Indy. She believed Monte really was the target.

Kyle talks to Michael and Brittany. He says there are red flags waving, and he calls Taylor, Joseph, and Monte “very loud” and “bullies.” Kyle is trying to paint a target on those three. Kyle also believes a Cookout 2.0 is forming. He’s worried Taylor, Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Jasmine, and Indy will unite in a new alliance based on race. Kyle wants everyone else to form an alliance against them. Brittany and Michael talk about the optics of Kyle’s theory, and they say they will not go after people based on race. Brittany later informs Kyle she cannot go along with Kyle’s plan.

Terrance also received a punishment at the Power of Veto competition: Ink 182. He must apply 182 temporary tattoos to his body. We next see a segment of Joseph and Michael both pretending to be bad at chess. They’re downplaying their chess ability to not be seen as too smart. The segment afterwards is about the Kyle and Alyssa showmance. Kyle wants to slow down the relationship to focus on the game, but Alyssa feels like he wants to break up with her. He ends up asking Alyssa to be his girlfriend.

Taylor also received a punishment: Skid & Fancy. She must be tethered to another Houseguests for 48 hours. Taylor chooses to be tethered with Joseph. They must wear costumes resembling punk duo Sid & Nancy and speak in accents too. She must speak in a New York accent, and Joseph must speak in a British accent. They also join Indy for one of her punk show performances.

Julie chats with the Houseguests. She congratulates them on making it past the halfway point. Julie asks the Houseguests what they miss from home. Jasmine misses her family and farm. Michael misses his fiancée and pets. Kyle misses his nieces and nephews. Monte misses his parents and his little brother. Brittany misses her husband. Alyssa misses her friends and family and Sarasota sunsets. Turner misses his girlfriend and store.

Julie asks the rest about their punishments. Terrance doesn’t think his wife will agree with the tattoos. Julie asks Taylor what was the worst part about being tethered to Joseph. She says Joseph likes to run around socializing, but she likes her time alone to rest. Julie asks Joseph what was the best part of being tethered to Taylor. Joseph asks who wouldn’t want to be tethered to Taylor. He liked spending time with Taylor and getting to know her more. He also jokes he had access to all her potato chips. Julie asks Indy about her punkitard costume. Indy says it’s been tough to be stuck in the costume, but she jokes she has a lot of new fans now.

We next see a segment of Jasmine’s birthday party. Turner is annoyed by the theatrics. We also see more of Taylor and Joseph’s Skid & Fancy punishment. Later, the Leftovers discuss the vote. Michael wants to throw a sympathy vote to Indy. Joseph wouldn’t mind giving her a sympathy vote too. Taylor is worried about a tie vote, and she doesn’t want to be forced to break a tie. She says everyone should be on the same page if they already agreed to vote out Indy. In the Diary Room, Michael points out how the Leftovers couldn’t agree on the target, the Veto, or sympathy votes. He says they are on shaky ground.

It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Indy and Terrance will get to make one final plea. Indy gives a shout-out to her loved ones back home. She says it’s an honor to be a Latina in this country and the first Brazilian on Big Brother. She says she came to the United States with her luggage and a dream. She says that brought her here, and she asks for their votes to keep dreaming together. Terrance gives a shout-out to his family back home. He says he’s the same person he was since Day 1. He says they need consistency in the game, and he hopes they vote to keep him. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Monte votes to evict Indy.

Michael votes to evict Terrance.

Joseph votes to evict Indy.

Jasmine votes to evict Indy.

Alyssa votes to evict Indy.

Brittany votes to evict Indy.

Turner votes to evict Indy.

Kyle votes to evict Indy.

By a vote of 7-1, Indy has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She gives everyone a hug before walking out the door. She also gives a speech telling them to have fun and play hard. She feels like some people will regret voting her out, and she says she gave her best to them. She wants the most loyal and honest person to win the game, and she tells them all to be the best version of themselves so their families can be proud. She wishes them well and says she will continue to be friends with them all.

Indy sits down for her interview with Julie. Indy thought she had good people around her to trust. “Expect the unexpected,” she says. She thinks she chose the wrong people. Julie asks what happened. Indy believed Taylor had other priorities, and she blames Kyle for her eviction since he didn’t save her with the Power of Veto. She thinks he tried to protect Monte. She still thinks Monte was the target. Indy says it’s frustrating the Five Swatters didn’t have her back. Indy says the game was tough due to the lying and manipulation.

Next are the goodbye messages. Alyssa calls Indy her “girl.” She adores her. Terrance says it’s hard to see her leave the house. Monte didn’t want to see her go, but he had to vote with the house. Joseph says he loves her and she will hold a place in his heart. Taylor never intended for Indy’s eviction to happen. Michael calls her a friend, and he also exposes the Leftovers. Indy is surprised to learn about the alliance and everybody in it. She said she had an intuition about it, but she didn’t want it to be true.

Afterwards, Julie reveals the Split House twist. They will be split into two groups of five. They will play their own game separated from the other half. Next week, two Houseguests will be evicted by the end of the Split House twist. All the Houseguests are visibly shocked about the twist.

It’s time for the Head of Household competition. It’s a knockout competition that requires them to answer a question to a visual quiz. The first to buzz in correctly stays in the game and his or her opponent will be eliminated. A wrong answer will also eliminate a Houseguest. The winner of each round will pick the next two to face off.

Round 1: Brittany vs. Terrance. Terrance is correct. Brittany is eliminated. Terrance chooses Joseph and Jasmine to face off.

Round 2: Joseph vs. Jasmine. Jasmine is correct. Joseph is eliminated. Jasmine chooses Monte and Turner to face off.

Round 3: Monte vs. Turner. Turner is correct. Monte is eliminated. Turner chooses Alyssa and Terrance to face off.

Round 4: Alyssa vs. Terrance. Terrance is correct. Alyssa is eliminated. Terrance chooses Michael and Kyle to face off.

Round 5: Michael vs. Kyle. Michael is correct. Kyle is eliminated. Michael chooses Jasmine and Terrance to face off.

Round 6: Jasmine vs. Terrance. Terrance is correct. Jasmine is eliminated.

Round 7: Turner vs Michael. Michael is correct. Turner is eliminated.

Round 8: Terrance vs. Michael. Michael is correct.

Michael and Terrance are two Heads of Households. Michael will be the HoH living inside the house. Terrance will be the HoH living in the backyard. A schoolyard pick will determine how the house will be split.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 24. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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