Big Brother 24 Week 3 Recap: An Elimination and MORE

Big Brother 24 Pooch and Taylor
Pictured: Joe ‘Pooch’ Picciarelli and Taylor Hale. Photo: CBS ©2022 

Last week Paloma self-evicted from the Big Brother house. Her departure halted a live eviction vote, sparing nominees Taylor and Terrance. Jasmine won the second Head of Household competition of the summer.

Taylor was the target, but an offer from Pooch changed plans. Pooch was so confident he would survive an eviction vote against Taylor, and he offered himself as a pawn. Unbeknownst to him, many of his fellow Houseguests decided to target Pooch while he’s willingly sitting on the block. Later in the week, Michael won the Power of Veto. He chose not to use, leaving nominees Taylor and Pooch on the block. Tonight, we will see how the eviction vote played out. Will Pooch be blindsided, or will he realize he’s the target and try to save himself? In addition, we will see who wins the third Head of Household competition and the next nominees. So, who will be evicted and who will win HoH? Plus, how will the new Festie Bestie twist affect the game? Let’s find out!

The episode begins after the Veto Meeting. Michael wanted to pull Taylor off the block, but he doesn’t want Pooch to figure out he’s the target. Pooch still feels confident sitting on the block next to Taylor. Taylor is nervous sitting on the block, but she feels good knowing Pooch is the actual target.

Meanwhile, a budding showmance between Alyssa and Kyle is forming. After a segment of Alyssa and Kyle flirting with each other, we see Joseph, Monte, and Kyle talk game. Joseph is concerned there could be a plan to vote to evict Pooch. Monte is aware that Pooch is the target, but he’s not feeling good about sending Pooch home. Kyle doesn’t want to confirm Joseph’s suspicions since it would expose his alliances. Kyle is in an alliance called Po’s Pack with Monte, Michael, Alyssa, Ameerah, and Nicole. Afterwards, Kyle gets new game information. Alyssa reveals to Kyle about the Girls Girls alliance. She also shares how the girls hope Taylor wins the next HoH to target two of the guys. Alyssa asks Kyle to keep this information to himself, but Kyle is worried about his spot in the house now.

Leading up to the eviction vote, the alliances are being split by gender. Ameerah claims that the girls are warming up to Taylor even though she isn’t part of their alliance. Taylor talks game with her, and she shares that she wants to target Monte next week. Ameerah takes this information and runs to Monte. She reveals that Taylor wants to backdoor him. Monte isn’t surprised, and he pushes to keep Pooch and vote out Taylor. Monte says getting rid of Pooch is not good for his game. Monte makes his case to Nicole and Ameerah, but Nicole shuts him down. Nicole tells him that she and Ameerah are not safe with Pooch in the game. Nicole also shares in the Diary Room that she doesn’t want a male alliance to dominate. She wants the girls to stick together and run the house. Later, Kyle and Monte talk game. They realize the girls in their alliance may not be loyal to them. They consider shifting their loyalties from the Po’s Pack.

It’s time for the eviction vote. Pooch and Taylor each get a chance to give a final plea. Pooch says he’s grateful to meet them all. He says he’s not done and promises to be loyal. Taylor says she will be excited to grow in her journey. She tells them that she’s not a target, but an asset. Afterwards, the remaining Houseguests cast their votes. The current HoH Jasmine will only vote in the event of a tie.

Turner votes to evict Pooch.

Alyssa votes to evict Pooch.

Ameerah votes to evict Pooch.

Joseph votes to evict Pooch.

Daniel votes to evict Pooch.

Nicole votes to evict Pooch.

Kyle votes to evict Pooch.

Monte votes to evict Pooch.

Michael votes to evict Pooch.

Brittany votes to evict Pooch.

Indy votes to evict Pooch.

Terrance votes to evict Pooch.

By a unanimous vote, Pooch has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He gives everyone a hug before walking out the door. He sits down for his interview with Julie. He admits he was surprised. Julie asks what happened. Pooch says it was an opportunity for the other Houseguests to take him out. He says it was shocking it was a 12-0 vote. Pooch says Taylor is a free agent in the house, so he understand why they kept her in the game. Julie reveals that the Girls Girls alliance with Alyssa, Ameerah, Brittany, Jasmine, and Indy planned to vote him out when he offered to be a pawn. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Kyle admits his allegiance is with other Houseguests. Jasmine jokes Pooch’s boys will be joining him soon. Michael says Pooch was mistaken to volunteer to be a pawn and exclude him from the all guys alliance. Joseph wishes they got more time together.

After the interview, Julie reveals the Festie Bestie twist to the remaining Houseguests. They will be paired together. There will only be one HoH, but the HoH’s bestie will be safe from eviction. In addition, the HoH can only nominate a pair of besties for eviction. The besties will also play in the Power of Veto competition together. If the Power of Veto is used, then the pair of besties will be removed from the block. However, all Houseguests will vote individually on eviction night. And what happens to a Houseguest when his or her bestie is evicted? That will be revealed at the next eviction.

It’s time for the HoH competition. It’s an endurance competition. Each Houseguest will be holding onto a lighter above their heads. They must hold the two buttons down on either side of the lighter. If they lose their grip on the buttons, then they are eliminated from the challenge. In addition, it’s like a game of musical chairs. When the music ends after a round, they must sit down on a chair behind them. The last person to sit down will be eliminated. The last Houseguest remaining will win HoH. In addition, the elimination order will determine the pairs of besties.

Taylor feels like she’s getting traction in the house. Turner found out about Pooch’s eviction at the last minute. He wants revenge. Michael says the Festie Bestie twist could be approached in different ways. Do you pair up with an ally or choose a bigger target?

Terrance is the first eliminated. He chooses an empty table instead of pairing with Jasmine.

Brittany is the second eliminated. She chooses an empty table.

Joseph is the third eliminated. He chooses an empty table.

Michael throws the next round so he can sit next to Brittany.

Taylor is the fifth eliminated. She chooses an empty table.

Monte is the sixth eliminated. He chooses to sit next to Joseph.

Nicole is the seventh eliminated. She chooses to sit next to Taylor.

Indy is the eighth eliminated. She chooses an empty table.

Daniel throws the next round so he can claim the last empty table.

Kyle is the tenth eliminated. He chooses to sit next to Daniel.

Alyssa is the eleventh eliminated. She chooses to sit next to Indy.

Ameerah is the twelfth eliminated. She chooses to sit next to Terrance.

Turner wins HoH! His Festie Bestie will be Jasmine.

Brittany doesn’t understand Michael’s decision. She says it doesn’t make sense to be on the block with your true ally. Unbeknownst to Brittany, Michael believes he has the numbers with the Po’s Pack alliance. Ameerah is disappointed to have lost the HoH competition. Taylor hopes to not be a nominee this week. Taylor believes she can trust Nicole, but Nicole wants to use Taylor as a shield. Joseph and Monte feel safe with Turner as the HoH. Kyle, Ameerah, and Michael talk game. They say the Festie Bestie twist worked out in their favor since the Po’s Pack alliance members are not paired together. Therefore, they’ll have the votes to save their Po’s Pack ally on eviction nights.

Turner gets his HoH room. He gets photos from his loved ones and a letter from his girlfriend. He tearfully reads the letter out loud. Later, Turner reads an announcement from Big Brother. His Festie Bestie will pick the Have-Nots for this week. Jasmine will have to pick a pair of besties. Jasmine chooses Indy and Alyssa. Indy is especially upset to be a Have-Not. Later, Nicole, Daniel, Kyle, and Ameerah talk game. Nicole hopes she and Taylor will be nominated. She believes Taylor will be evicted against her. In addition, Nicole believes she will win an advantage if her Festie Bestie is evicted from the house.

Turner talks game with Daniel and Kyle. They suggest targeting Taylor. Daniel would rather not see Nicole on the block, so he suggests nominating Michael and Brittany. Turner says he will make the decision that is best for his game. Later, Taylor and Nicole talk game with Turner. Taylor doesn’t want to be on the block for a third week in a row. She promises Turner safety. Brittany offers the same promise when she talks to Turner later. She also pushes for Taylor to be the target. However, Turner doesn’t feel like he can trust Brittany. Turner talks to Michael next, and Turner tells him that he trusts him more than Brittany. He hints to Michael that he’s leaning towards nominating Michael and Brittany with the plan to evict Brittany. Michael says in the Diary Room that the conversation didn’t go as planned, and he doesn’t think he can trust Turner.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Turner nominated Michael and Brittany for eviction. Turner says they were the easiest pick since they don’t talk a lot of game with him.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother. Thanks for reading, and come back Thursday for a recap of the live eviction episode.

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