Big Brother 24 Week 13 Finale Recap: Winner Revealed

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Monte, Taylor, and Turner are the Final 3. One more will be evicted, and one will be voted the winner of Big Brother 24. Who will claim the $750,000 grand prize? And who did America vote as their favorite Houseguest? Let’s find out!

The episode begins with Part 1 of the Final HoH competition. It’s an endurance competition. They must hang on to a large hotdog as it spins and wobbles back and forth. The last one left hanging on to his or her hot dog will advance to Part 3. After 36 minutes, Taylor is the first to fall. Taylor is understandably disappointed. She must now win Part 2 in order to be able to compete in Part 3 and have a say in who makes it to the Final 2. Ten minutes later, Monte falls from his hot dog. Turner wins Part 1 of the Final HoH.

We next see Part 2. It’s a memory competition that requires them to match the titles of past competitions. They must be chronologically placed on two billboards. One billboard is for HoH competitions and the other is for Veto competitions. They will have to zip-line to the billboards to place their answers. The Houseguest with the faster time will face Turner in Part 3. We first see Taylor complete the challenge before we see Monte’s attempt. Afterwards, we see their times. Taylor finished with a time of 7:04. Monte finished with a time of 6:41. Monte wins Part 2 of the Final HoH.

Turner talks with Monte about going to the Final 2. Back on Day 54, they made a Final 2 agreement. Turner believes this deal is still in place, and he plans to take Monte if he wins Part 3. However, Monte reveals in the Diary Room that he is torn about what to do if he wins Part 3. He’s leaning towards taking Taylor since he thinks Turner would be tougher to beat.

Next is the jury segment. Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby leads the discussion with the jury as they discuss the merits of the Final 3. Before the discussion begins, the latest evictee Brittany joins them. She tells them that Taylor won HoH and Monte won the Veto, and that’s why she was evicted.

They first discuss Turner. Alyssa gives him kudos for helping start the Leftovers and winning competitions. Joseph said he always had a team with him. Kyle says he was on the right side of the vote. However, Michael says his eviction was Monte’s move, not Turner’s. Michael says Turner is not active in the strategy. Indy adds he’s not a serious player. Michael says Turner didn’t contribute to the game. Terrance says he can’t blame Turner for chilling in a safe spot within his alliance.

The talk turns to Taylor. Joseph says there was strategy behind Taylor’s moves whereas Turner just attached himself to people. Joseph says Taylor made moves for herself. Jasmine says Taylor’s biggest move was surviving the block five times. Michael says Taylor responded with love, kindness, and respect with everything she dealt with. Indy agrees she handled the terrible treatment she got early on (such as when Daniel yelled at Taylor) better than she would have done. Dr. Will agrees Taylor has a great comeback story, but what was her strategy? Kyle says that Taylor would come off the block and be in a better position than she was before.

They next discuss Monte. Michael think Monte positioned himself better in the endgame than the others. Alyssa says it’s social game vs. competition wins between Taylor and Monte. Joseph says Big Brother is primarily a social game. He’s more impressed by Taylor surviving the block than Monte staying off the block with competition wins. Jasmine says she wanted to get Monte out, but he’s still there. Michael says Monte managed his threat level well. He won competitions, but he managed to slide by. Brittany thinks Monte played too safe. Brittany said Monte got too confident and his social game got sloppy. Terrance feels like Monte talked too much like a politician. At the end of their discussion, Dr. Will advises them to make their questions for the Final 2 count before they cast their votes.

It’s time for Part 3 of the Final HoH. Monte and Turner will be given three statements about the current jury members. They must determine which statement is false. The Houseguest with the most correct answers will win Part 3 of the Final HoH.

Question 1: They are both correct.

Question 2: They are both correct.

Question 3: They are both correct.

Question 4: They are both correct.

Question 5: They are both correct.

Question 6: Monte gets it correct.

Question 7: They are both incorrect.

Question 8: Monte gets it correct.

Monte wins Part 3 of the Final HoH.

Monte must cast the final eviction vote of the season. Turner and Taylor can make a final plea. Turner reminds him of their Final 4 and Final 2 deals. He asks for “loyalty over royalty.” He adds that Monte will have a better chance winning against him due to jury management. Taylor said it would mean “the world, moon, and stars” to her if Monte brings her to the Final 2. Taylor says they have had deep personal conversations about a greater good that surpasses the game. She respects him, and she adds that her game was already done when she lost Part 2 of the Final HoH. She says she would be easier to beat than Turner. Afterwards, Monte stands up and makes his decision. He says he loves and respects them. He’s looking at his resume, and he believes he’s missing a big move. For this reason, Monte votes to evict Turner. Turner is the final member of the jury. Monte and Taylor will be the Final 2.

Turner walks out and sits down for his interview with Julie. She asks for his reaction. He’s shocked, but he’s not mad. He reveals he would’ve taken Monte to the end if he won Part 3. He admits Monte made the right decision for his game. Turner says he didn’t have good jury management, but he made good moves in the game. Julie asks if he made moves for himself or for other people. Turner says it’s a good question, but he thinks he played for both himself and his allies. His only regret is not having better jury management. Turner believes if he didn’t evict Michael, then Michael would’ve won the game. Julie asks what he’ll take away from his time in the house. Turner says his best experience was the friendships he made.

Turner joins the jury. Before they cast their votes, they can question Monte and Taylor. Kyle asks the first question. He asks Monte what was his pivotal move to get to the Final 2 other than using the Veto that got Michael evicted. Monte says it was evicting Turner. Michael asks Taylor if she adapted her game to change her position. Taylor admits she had no choice but to adapt her game after being painted as a villain. She had to build strong relationships with everyone. She wasn’t trying to manipulate anyone. She was always herself and she was able to play the game how she always wanted to. Joseph tells Monte and Taylor he loves them and misses them before asking his question. He says no one plays a perfect game, and he asks Monte what was his biggest blunder. He says it was when he didn’t protect Michael and Brittany during the Festie Bestie twist. Jasmine asks Taylor if there were any big moves she orchestrated that people don’t know. Taylor didn’t want to make big moves. She wanted to be truly aligned to her allies. She was a loyal ally to the Leftovers. She shares that she protected Jasmine and Indy when she joined them for the Festie Bestie twist. She tried to protect the girls. Brittany says Monte played a safe game, so she asks him when did he take a risk. Monte says it was when he tried to dissuade Daniel from using the Power of Veto. Indy asks Taylor whether being on the block so many times was a weakness. Taylor said it was a testament to the relationships she built. It was a social strategy, and people were invested in her to keep her. She stayed because she benefitted their games. She was resilient, and she quips that if you sit next to her on eviction night, then you are going home. Turner gets the final question. He asks Monte why should Turner get his vote after breaking their deal. Monte points out how their Final 2 was formed after his Final 2 with Kyle was revealed. Monte adds that he had an agreement with Big BroChella before their deal.

Monte and Taylor get to make a final speech before the jurors cast their votes. Monte said he was a strong competitor and loyal to his alliance. He said he avoided making false promises to non-allies. He said he was only on the block on eviction night once. He points out how he took out the biggest competitor Michael. He says taking out Turner was his other big move. He hopes they choose him to be the representative of Big Brother 24. Taylor is next. She mentions she won three competitions, but she was much more than competition wins. Monte may have more blood on his hands, but she bled more. She went through hard times in the house, but she patched herself and put herself first while looking out for others. She’s been falsely accused of using someone’s mental health as strategy and she had to go against an all-white alliance. She says she was resilient throughout the game. She is not a shield. She is a sword. She is challenging the jury members to decide what type of winner they want this year. Do they want comp wins or persistence as a reason to win this game? She says they can have the same pattern of deciding comp wins for a Big Brother winner, or they can choose a different criteria for a winner. She refuses to give up on herself, even against a strong competitor like Monte. She challenges them to make a hard decision and choose progress. She can be the winner they’ll be proud to have.

The jurors can make a statement as they cast their votes. Indy is voting for one of her favorite people in the game. Jasmine is voting for the person who is carrying on something she wishes she could have carried on. Joseph is voting for “the face and the sword” of the season. Kyle wants to vote for the person who represented this season. Terrance says he loves them both after joking about Monte finally being on the block. Michael’s vote is going to the strongest player this season. Alyssa says she loves them both, but it’s time to take their power back. Brittany jokes she’s still looking for a missing vote. Turner says he just made up his mind and still seems unsure.

Next is a segment looking back on the season with the pre-jurors Pooch, Ameerah, Nicole, and Daniel joining them on stage. First, Julie wants to clear the air about the accusations that Joseph turned his back on his allies inside the house during the Split House twist. Joseph reveals he tried his best to protect them, but he had to try to distance himself from them. However, it was always his intention to remain loyal to them. Taylor seems skeptical, but she says she and Joseph will chat later. Next, Michael reveals he’s a criminal defense attorney. The jurors who moved into the jury house already knew, but it’s news for Brittany, Taylor, Monte, and Turner. Brittany said it hurt when Michael threw her under the bus, but she understands the game. Julie shares that Michael isn’t the only lawyer in the cast. Joseph stands up and reveals he’s a lawyer too. Julie turns the questions to the pre-jurors. She asks Ameerah what surprised her most. Ameerah said she was most surprised by the Monte and Taylor showmance. Julie asks for the status of their relationship. Taylor says it’s still early stages and that Monte’s a close friend. Monte agrees with Taylor, and he says he pleads the fifth. Julie asks the status with Alyssa and Kyle. Alyssa said they had great conversations in the jury house. She’s hopeful. Kyle says, “I love this girl,” but admits they need time to watch the season and go from there. Julie asks him about “Pooching yourself” becoming a phrase. Pooch says he regrets volunteering to be on the block, but he’s happy for the experience. Julie asks who ate Jasmine’s muffin. Turner stands up and admits he ate it. Lastly, Daniel said the double eviction was the highlight of his season.

Julie announces the winner next. She pulls each key to reveal whom each juror voted for.

Turner voted for Monte.

Brittany voted for Taylor.

Alyssa voted for Taylor.

Michael voted for Taylor.

Terrance voted for Taylor.

Kyle voted for Taylor.


Julie reveals the remaining votes. Joseph, Jasmine, and Indy also voted for Taylor, meaning Taylor won by a 8-1 vote.

Julie reveals America’s Favorite Houseguest. The Top 3 in no particular order were Michael, Taylor, and Kyle. America’s Favorite Houseguest is…Taylor! Taylor wins an additional $50,000. Taylor is the first Big Brother Houseguest to win both the game and America’s Favorite Houseguest. Taylor says this feels like winning Miss Congeniality all over again, but there’s a cash prize this time. She jokes she’ll spend time at the mall and buy some more potato chips. Monte feels great, and he’s blessed to meet these people and for the opportunity.

And that wraps up Big Brother 24. Thanks for reading, and feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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