Big Brother 23: Week 11 Spoilers and Power Rankings

Last night two Houseguests were evicted and a new HoH was crowned. Find out who the Week 11 nominees are here.

Last night Tiffany and Hannah were evicted and became the sixth and seventh members of the jury. After the Double Eviction, Xavier won the Head of Household competition.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Xavier nominated Azah and Kyland for eviction. However, the Head of Household’s nominations aren’t too significant at this stage of the game. The Head of Household win is immunity for Xavier. The Power of Veto competition will determine who gets evicted in fourth place.

In this eleventh week of the game, here are the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests.

  1. Xavier – Xavier is safe this week, guaranteed a spot in the Final 3, and he’s on track to win this game too. Kyland wants to sit with him in the Final 2. Derek F. is depending on either Xavier or Kyland to bring him to the Final 2. Azah would take a shot at Xavier if she wins the final HoH at Final 3, but she will need to focus on surviving this upcoming vote first. Although Xavier hasn’t made many game moves like Kyland has, he doesn’t have any enemies in the jury. Xavier’s game has been aligning himself with his Cookout allies and his Kings team members. His social game and the Cookout’s mission has helped Xavier survive multiple weeks he found himself on the block. Xavier is most likely going to be sitting in one of those Final 2 chairs on finale night, and he’s the frontrunner to win the game too.
  2. Derek F. – Derek F. believes he’s done a lot throughout the game, but that’s not the case at all. He’s ridden the coattails of the Cookout all season long. He hasn’t contributed anything to the alliance except his vote. Derek F. is not a threat to win this game, but he’s not likely going to be evicted this week either.
  3. Kyland – If Azah wins the Power of Veto, then she will probably vote to evict him from the house. Kyland has won the most competitions out of anyone in the house, but he has made enemies in the game. Kyland’s choice to target Tiffany and Hannah last week and save Xavier with the Power of Veto at last night’s Double Eviction won’t win him much favor with the jury. Kyland could probably win this game against Derek F. and Azah, but he’s planning to stay loyal to Xavier. Xavier will likely get more votes to win than Kyland though.
  4. Azah – Azah made a bad game move evicting Hannah last night. Although she may have believed Hannah would’ve been safe as a pawn and didn’t anticipate Kyland saving Xavier with the Power of Veto, she should have nominated Xavier and Kyland to begin with. They are the two power players that needed to be split up, and Hannah would’ve stayed loyal to Azah. Azah has coasted throughout the game as a number for the Cookout, but she finally was forced to make a game decision for herself last night after her first competition win of the season. She dropped the ball, and now she’s likely going to be the next Houseguest evicted. The men are planning to stick together. If Azah does not win the Power of Veto, then she’s likely going to be evicted in fourth place.

And that’s where the house stands at the moment. Come back on Thursday for a live recap of the next episode of Big Brother 23.

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