Big Brother 23 Recap Finale Live Blog: And the Winner Is…

The season finale of Big Brother 23 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Azah, Derek F., and Xavier are the Final 3. Tonight one more will be evicted and one will win the $750,000. One of them will be the first African American to win Big Brother. Who will miss out making it to the Final 2, and who will the jury vote as the winner of Big Brother 23? And who was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest? Let’s find out!

The episode begins with Azah and Derek F. facing each other in Round 2 of the Final Head of Household competition of the season. They will be competing individually while the other is isolated in a different room. The winner of this round will go against Xavier in Round 3. In this competition, they must answer questions about their former Houseguests. The answer will always be four different Houseguests. Azah competes first, and her first question is to name the four Wildcard Competition winners. The answer is Christian, Sarah Beth, Tiffany, and Claire. The second question is to name the first four Houseguests to survive an eviction vote. The answer is Alyssa, Britini, Hannah, and Sarah Beth. The third question is to name the four Power of Veto winners to use the Veto. The answer is Derek X., Britini, Kyland, and Xavier. Derek F. competes after Azah. He gets the same questions as Azah, but he’s moving a lot more slowly than her. Azah completed the competition with a time of 13:19. Derek F. completed the competition with a time of 20:22. Azah advances to Round 3 of the Final HoH competition.

Derek F. gets annoyed seeing Azah and Xavier cuddling on the couch. He claims he carried Azah all season long, and he says she better take him to the Final 2 if she wins the Final HoH competition. Azah is bothered by Derek F.’s comments about her and her game. She says he has made his thoughts about her clear and has repeatedly stated he carried her. It’s hurt her feelings, and she’s unsure if she still wants to go to the Final 2 with Derek F. When Azah shares with Derek F. that she’s unhappy with his comments, Derek F. gets upset. The two start arguing, and Derek F. says he was only stating facts. Azah now wants to reconsider her Final 2 options. She originally wanted to go to the Final 2 with Derek F., but she tells Xavier she wants to go to the Final 2 with him now. She’s done a lot of reflecting, and Azah wants to sit next to someone who believes she would deserve a Final 2 seat. Azah later shares with Derek F. that she wants to take Xavier to the Final 2 with her. Derek F. says she’s making an emotional move, and he regrets choosing her over Kyland last week. Derek F. repeatedly claims he has carried Azah throughout the season and says that she has lost her mind. Azah doesn’t want to risk her friendship with Derek F. outside of the house, so now she’s once again torn what to do.

It’s time for the jury segment. They are shocked when Kyland joins them. After Kyland gives them the rundown on his eviction, they discuss the merits of the Final 3. Sarah Beth says Xavier has played an incredible game. Hannah says he managed to curate a personal relationship with everyone. Claire adds that Xavier was always playing the game. Kyland counters that Xavier lacked in strategic contributions to the Cookout. Tiffany agrees that Xavier never had to offer any information. They ask what was Xavier’s big move of the season, but they say Xavier didn’t need to make one. As for Azah, Derek X. gives her props for flying under the radar. Britini says Azah getting rid of Hannah may not have been a bad move after all if she’s still in the house. Sarah Beth agrees that Azah played an honest game, but she said it’s easy to be honest if you’re not talking. She says Azah just got along with people. Claire says she played a passive game, but Azah taking out Xavier would be a big move. She says it would be just like Steve taking out Vanessa in Big Brother 17. As for Derek F., Kyland says Derek F. can keep secrets. Derek X. says Derek F. got carried and had no original strategies. He hasn’t won any competitions. Tiffany says Derek F. always had willpower, and Kyland calls him a team member. Kyland compares him to Hannah, and Hannah and Tiffany say it’s very insulting to say Hannah and Derek F. were interchangeable. Alyssa is looking forward to hearing their pitches, and Britini says they need to ask the right questions to the Final 2.

It’s time for Round 3 of the Final Head of Household competition. They must answer questions about their current jury members. They will see a video that makes three statements about a juror. They must figure out which statement is false. The Houseguest with the most correct answers will win.

Question 1: Xavier is correct.

Question 2: Xavier and Azah are both correct.

Question 3: Xavier and Azah are both correct.

Question 4: Xavier and Azah are both correct.

Question 5: Xavier and Azah are both correct.

Question 6: Xavier and Azah are both correct.

Question 7: Xavier and Azah are both correct.

Question 8: Xavier and Azah are both correct.

By a score of 8-7, Xavier wins the Final HoH competition.

Derek F. and Azah have one last chance to plead their case to Xavier. Derek F. says they’ve been together since Day 1. He says he’s been there this whole time, and he hopes he will choose to “ride this out together.” Azah respects Xavier’s game play and gives him credit for forming the Cookout. She will respect whatever he decides. Xavier says he loves them both and he’s grateful for their loyalty. Xavier votes to evict Azah.

Azah sits outside the house for her interview with Julie. Azah admits she is sad for getting that first question wrong when she knew the correct answer. Julie asks Azah who she would’ve taken to the Final 2 if she won, and she admits she would have taken Xavier to the Final 2. She says Xavier did not deserve third place, and she thinks it would have been close between her and Xavier for the win. Julie gives her kudos on getting seven questions right in the competition and being part of Big Brother history with the Cookout. Azah says she’s thankful for the opportunity, and she’s looking forward to seeing her family.

Azah joins the jury before they ask their questions for Xavier and Derek F. Kyland asks Xavier what are the factors they should look for in crowning the first Black Big Brother winner. Xavier says they should crown the person who played a great game without getting personal or disrespectful. Britini asks Derek F. two key decisions he made on his own. Derek F. claims he formed the Cookout and he made his own decisions for himself. Alyssa asks Xavier what was his biggest mistake in the game. Xavier says it was getting too close to his teammates. He doesn’t regret it, but it made the game harder. Hannah asks Derek F. if he was here for fame over game. Derek F. says he was here for his mother and he was going for the money. Derek X. asks Xavier to list strategic moves that the jury is unaware of. Xavier said he blindsided Kyland at Final 4. He also threw a competition to Derek X. so a King team member would go since he wouldn’t have been able to take the shot. Sarah Beth asks Derek F. what did he contribute to the Cookout to get to the Final 6. Derek F. says he always made sure to be in the ear of each week’s HoH. Azah asks Derek F. why does he feel he deserves the money more than Xavier. Derek F. says he put in the work and gave it his all.

Derek F. and Xavier can now give a final plea. Derek F. says his goal was to be the first African American winner and aligned himself with the other African American players. He says he worked hard, and Xavier will be just as deserving. Xavier believes he played the best overall game. He was loyal to the Cookout and was loyal to his Kings team members. He adds that he won when he needed to. He won three HoH competitions and three Power of Veto competitions. He won the most competitions total, and he was also nominated five times. Despite all this, he only received one vote cast against him all season long. He reiterates that he played a strong and well-rounded Big Brother game. Afterwards, the jurors cast their votes. Britini is voting for the person who played the best overall game. Derek X. quotes first evictee Travis and says if you’re not going to play the game, then why are you here? Sarah Beth says she’s honored to be casting her vote for the person she’s voting for. Claire says she loves three things: family, good Big Brother, and being proven wrong. She doesn’t think she’s getting the third one tonight. Alyssa calls them her besties. Tiffany says she’s voting for the person who played the overall best game. Hannah says she’s honored to have been part of the Cookout alliance. Kyland says he has deep respect for them. Azah sends them both love and grace.

The Houseguests evicted before jury Travis, Frenchie, Brent, Whitney, and Christian join them via webcam. Julie asks them about the Cookout. Christian calls them the greatest alliance in Big Brother history. He says they played for a bigger purpose and he’s happy to be part of the season that made history. Julie asked what surprised them, and Brent said Tiffany had so much impact on the season. He didn’t see her strong game play coming. Julie asks if she doubted her master plan. Tiffany admits she almost went against her own master plan, but she’s glad they stuck to the plan and that it worked. Julie asks Derek X. his thoughts, and he says he did not expect he was getting played. Afterwards, the Houseguests reveal some secrets: Hannah is a Master’s Student studying medicine, Sarah Beth is a chemist, Claire is an A.I. engineer, Derek F. is Joe Frazier’s son, and Xavier is a lawyer. Britini also shares that she’s autistic. There are a lot of reactions to these reveals, especially Derek F.’s secret. Derek F. shouts “I knew it!” after Xavier shares that she’s a lawyer. Next, Julie asks about Kyland’s personal comments toward Xavier when he was evicted. Kyland does not think his statement was offensive when viewed objectively. Xavier says there was no point in mentioning his nephew’s name, and Julie cuts the conversation before it can get more tense. Julie asks for Hannah’s thoughts on crowing the first African American Big Brother winner. Hannah says it was one of her happiest moments when the Cookout made it to the Final 6 and knowing she helped make history.

Julie will now reveal the votes. It takes five votes to win the game.

Britini voted for Xavier.

Derek X. voted for Xavier.

Sarah Beth voted for Xavier.

Claire voted for Xavier.

Alyssa voted for Xavier.


Julie reveals the other votes; Xavier won by a unanimous vote.

Next is the prize for America’s Favorite Houseguest. The Top 2 were Derek X. and Tiffany. It was a close race, but America’s Favorite Houseguest is Tiffany! 

Julie announces that Celebrity Big Brother will return in February.

And that wraps up the finale of Big Brother 23. Thanks for reading, and feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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