Big Brother 23 Eviction Results Week 8 Recap and Live Blog

A live eviction episode of Big Brother 23 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Claire is the secret Head of Household after the Coin of Destiny twist. She decided to honor Tiffany’s initial nominations by leaving Kyland and Sarah Beth on the block. Xavier was the third nominee due to a punishment he received, but Hannah won the Power of Veto and removed him from the block. Kyland and Sarah Beth face tonight’s eviction vote, and one of them will walk out the door. Who will become the third member of the jury? Let’s find out.

The episode picks up after the Veto Meeting. Hannah believes using the Veto on Xavier will build trust with him and Alyssa. Tiffany is elated that Hannah, Claire, and herself played a role in sending Sarah Beth to the jury house. They were Derek X.’s closest allies, and Sarah Beth was the HoH that targeted him last week. Kyland isn’t happy to be on the block with Sarah Beth, but he understands it’s the best play for the Cookout. Sarah Beth is hoping enough people want to vote to keep her in the house.

Xavier, Alyssa, and Claire sit together in the backyard. Alyssa points out how Claire will be the only white person in the house if Sarah Beth gets evicted. Alyssa points out how there aren’t any white men in the jury portion of the game either. Xavier later talks to himself in the bathroom. He’s annoyed Alyssa said that out loud since it could make Claire put the pieces together of how she’s alone in the game.

Meanwhile, Derek F gets startled by a beetle while lying in the hammock. He jumps out, causing Hannah to fall off the hammock and hit her head. While other Houseguests tend to Hannah and ignore the oven, the oven catches fire. Azah puts out the fire with a fire extinguisher with Claire’s help. Tiffany jokes in the Diary Room how this is just another day inside the Big Brother house.

The Cookout has dominated the game, but they haven’t been alone together in a room until now. The six of them meet up in the bathroom after waking up Xavier to join them. Later, Xavier talks game with Kyland and Derek F. They agree to go to the Final 3 together. Xavier agrees to the plan, but he admits he could see himself going to the end of the game with the women in the alliance. Derek F. is on board to go to the Final 3 with Kyland and Xavier since he doesn’t believe they will take each other to the Final 2. Derek F. is confident he can sway a jury to vote for him to win the game whether he’s sitting next to Kyland or Xavier. The game talk continues with other Cookout members. Tiffany and Kyland discuss taking each other to the end of the game. Kyland admits in the Diary Room that Tiffany is his true Final 2 deal. However, he wonders who would be more loyal to him between Tiffany and Xavier. After Kyland walks away, Tiffany confesses to the camera that her true Final 2 deal is with Hannah.

It’s time for a jury segment. Derek X. joins Britini in the jury house, and she’s disappointed and shocked to see him out of the game. They sit down and watch the footage of the previous week. They compare notes, and they start putting together the Cookout alliance. They realize there are clear duos in the house, and the duo partner is being used as a shield when they sit on the block together. Derek X. names most of the Cookout members as being included in the alliance.

It’s time for the eviction. Sarah Beth and Kyland each give their final pleas. Sarah Beth says there are reasonable and tactical reasons to keep her in the game. She believes certain Houseguests will regret not keeping her and to reconsider if they plan to vote against her. Sarah Beth says she’s thankful for the experience regardless. Kyland gives shout-outs to his loved ones back home. He hopes his Houseguests believe it’s best to keep him in the game. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Derek F. votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Claire votes to evict Sarah Beth (her vote will only count in the event of a tie since she’s the secret HoH).

Alyssa votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Tiffany votes to evict Kyland (as a sympathy vote for Sarah Beth).

Azah votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Hannah votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Xavier votes to evict Sarah Beth.

By a vote of 5 – 1, Sarah Beth has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Sarah Beth hugs everyone before walking out the door. Tiffany whispered to Sarah Beth that she voted in her favor. Sarah Beth sits down for her interview with Julie. Julie asks her why does she think the house voted her out instead of Kyland. Sarah Beth believes other people saw her more as a threat than Kyland. She doesn’t think the other Houseguests were sure they could trust her. Julie asks her about any regrets in the game, and Sarah Beth admits she regrets being so obviously close to Kyland. She wishes she spent more time building trust with Claire and Tiffany. She also admits it was difficult to sit next to Kyland on the block, but she says they are both players and understand it’s a game. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Claire confesses to being the secret HoH and wanting to split up Kyland and Sarah Beth. Hannah says she couldn’t trust Sarah Beth since she throws people under the bus when she’s backed into a corner. Azah said she voted her out to further a mission dear to her. Kyland confesses to being part of a secret alliance, and his alliance wouldn’t allow her to go any further. He wishes her all the best. Julie asks for Sarah Beth’s reaction. She says she had no idea there was a secret alliance, but she has total respect for the game.

It’s time for the next Head of Household competition. They must hold onto a rope while standing on a disc. The ropes will spin like a carousel until only one Houseguest is left hanging on. The last remaining Houseguest will win HoH. Before the episode ends, Derek F. and Alyssa dropped from their ropes. In addition, Julie teases to the viewers that the next two Thursdays will be a Double Eviction.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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