Big Brother 23 Eviction Results Week 5 Recap and Live Blog

A live eviction episode of Big Brother 23 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The episode begins with the Veto Meeting. Britini used the Power of Veto to remove herself from the block. Derek X. stands up and names Christian the replacement nominee. Derek X. calls Christian a large competitive threat to everyone in the room. In the Diary Room, Christian calls Derek X. a coward for targeting him when he wasn’t able to compete for his safety. Christian believes he will have the votes to stay in the house. Derek X. believes taking Christian out of the game before jury is the best move for everyone else in the game. Sarah Beth believes she just needs to lay low to stay in the game.

We next see the punishments for Claire and Kyland. They received punishments due to their placing in the Veto competition. Claire must wear a card costume and Kyland must wear a donkey costume for a week. In addition, Claire will have to entertain her Houseguests with a 52-card pickup game and Kyland must prepare club sandwiches for everyone.

Meanwhile, cracks are forming in the Cookout alliance. Christian talks game with Tiffany, and he tells her that she and Claire are the swing votes. Tiffany has a soft spot for Christian, but she doesn’t want to have the pressure put on her. Christian believes he only needs Tiffany and Claire’s votes to stay, but Tiffany is aware that the former Jokers team are misleading Christian. Tiffany later approaches Britini, Azah, and Derek F. She asks why are they misleading Christian that she is the swing vote. Tiffany tells them that she will tell Christian that the Jokers are not voting for Christian to stay if they won’t tell him themselves. Later that night, Derek F. tells Azah that he doesn’t want to be in the Cookout alliance anymore. Azah tells him to not say that, but Derek F. is irritated with Tiffany. He says Tiffany is acting like everyone’s mother and boss. Derek F. says Tiffany is trying to be a puppet master instead of a team player.

Tiffany sits down with Christian. She lets him know that the former Jokers are not voting to keep him. Christian believes the vote can flip, and he continues campaigning to stay. Tiffany is conflicted. She now wants Christian to stay, and she chats with Xavier. Xavier wants Christian to stay too, and they want to flip the vote. Tiffany talks to Claire. Claire says Christian staying is better for everyone except Derek X. She eventually agrees to keep Christian. If Alyssa, Xavier, Tiffany, and Claire all vote to keep Christian, then they only need one more vote. Tiffany wants to try to get Britini’s vote. Christian goes downstairs and asks for Britini. Azah and Derek F. are also in the room, and they ask who’s asking to speak with Britini. Christian says Tiffany wants to talk to Britini, and Derek F. and Azah are bothered. They go upstairs with Britini and refuse to let her be alone in the HoH room with Tiffany. Tiffany is annoyed, and she tells Britini that they will talk later. Afterwards, Tiffany vents her frustration with Xavier and Hannah in the Have-Not room. She says Azah and Derek F. are in the Cookout with them, so they had no reason to be Britini’s bodyguards against Tiffany. Xavier is disappointed that there in tension within their alliance.

It’s time for the live eviction. Christian thanks his family and everyone who helped get him there. Christian says he will continue playing a loyal game if he stays. He’s looking forward to being everyone’s friend after this. Sarah Beth gives a shout-out to her family. Sarah Beth hopes her Houseguests vote to keep her, and she promises to be an objective jury member. Afterwards, the Houseguests cast their votes.

Hannah votes to evict Christian.

Kyland votes to evict Christian.

Xavier votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Alyssa votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Britini votes to evict Christian.

Derek F. votes to evict Christian.

Tiffany votes to evict Christian.

Claire votes to evict Christian.

Azah votes to evict Christian.

By a vote of 7 – 2, Christian has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Christian hugs everyone and gives a kiss to Alyssa before walking out the door. He sits down for his interview with Julie. Julie first asks about Alyssa. He’s hopeful for a relationship with her outside the house. They talk game next, and Julie gives him an “A+ for effort” in his fight to stay. She asks why he doesn’t think his campaign worked. Christian said his competition record was used against him. Christian admits he respects Derek X.’s game move, but he thinks Derek X. will now be a target sooner rather than later. Christian says he came to compete and he’s thankful for the opportunity. Christian’s goodbye messages will be shown in a post-show interview.

Julie congratulates everyone left in the house for making it to the jury stage of the game. Afterwards, she reveals the twist to everyone: The High Roller’s Room. For the next three weeks, the Houseguests will get to enter the High Roller’s Room to play a casino game to win one of three game-changing powers. In order to play, they must have BB bucks. They will attain BB bucks based on America’s votes. The Top 3 in the votes will receive 100 BB bucks. The next three will receive 75 BB bucks. The remaining Houseguests will receive 50 BB bucks. The better the power, the more it will cost to play.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23. Thanks for reading and come back next week for another live recap.

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