Big Brother 23 Eviction Results Week 4 Recap and Live Blog

A live eviction episode of Big Brother 23 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Christian is the Head of Household. He nominated Whitney and Hannah for eviction. Who will be evicted before tonight’s endurance competition? How will the game change when the team twist ends? Let’s find out!

The episode begins after the Veto Meeting. Christian hopes the vote will be unanimous against Whitney. Hannah is confident she has the votes to stay since she has the Cookout and Derek X on her side. Sarah Beth wants Hannah to be evicted, but she failed to get people to agree. Whitney believes Hannah is the bigger threat, so she’s hopeful the votes will shift to evict Hannah. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Hannah form a Final 2 deal. Tiffany feels the closest to Hannah and wants to go to the end of the game with her. Tiffany also gives Hannah a heads up that Sarah Beth is actively targeting Hannah.

Sarah Beth and Kyland talk game together in the gym. Sarah Beth says Kyland is the only person she completely trusts in the game. The two of them form a Final 2 deal. Kyland says his relationship with Sarah Beth is awesome. However, he admits in the Diary Room that he would choose the Cookout over Sarah Beth. Tiffany and Kyland later discuss how to get the Cookout to the Final 6. Tiffany comes up with a plan to have a public friend outside of the Cookout. Tiffany and Claire are a duo, Hannah and Derek X. are a duo, Azah and Britini are a duo, Kyland and Sarah Beth are a duo, and Xavier and Christian are a duo. If any of the duos are on the block together, then the Cookout will be able to save the Cookout member on the block. As long as two Cookout members are not on the block together, then they will always have the numbers to save each other.

The Cookout is a solid alliance, but there is some tension. Tiffany gets annoyed that Kyland, Xavier, and Sarah Beth didn’t respond when she greeted them good morning. They were already having a discussion and didn’t hear her. Kyland tries to placate Tiffany, but Tiffany says in the Diary Room that she’s suspicious that Kyland is trying too hard to defend Sarah Beth. Later, Tiffany and Azah talk game in the bathroom. Azah admits she does not trust Hannah, but Tiffany points out how Hannah is part of the Cookout. Azah thought the Cookout was five people with Hannah as an extra number. Azah does not talk game with Hannah. Tiffany is bothered how Azah does not seem to view Hannah as a close ally.

Whitney campaigns to Alyssa to stay in the game. She shares with Alyssa that Hannah views Christian as a manipulable person in the house. Alyssa says this confirms her suspicions of Hannah, and how she’s wondering if Hannah should be the target this week. Alyssa shares this information with Christian, and Christian believes that Hannah should go sooner rather than later. He says Hannah doesn’t respect his game and he could flip the vote against her if he wanted to.

It’s time for the eviction vote. Hannah gives a shout-out to her family before asking her Houseguests to vote to keep her. Whitney gives a shout-out to her loved ones back home. She calls her fellow Houseguests a loving group of people, and she says there will be no hard feelings whatever happens. Afterwards, the Houseguests start the vote.

Derek F. votes to evict Whitney.

Britini votes to evict Whitney.

Azah votes to evict Whitney.

Kyland votes to evict Whitney.

Alyssa votes to evict Whitney.

Sarah Beth votes to evict Whitney.

Claire votes to evict Whitney.

Derek X. votes to evict Whitney.

Tiffany votes to evict Whitney.

Xavier votes to evict Whitney.

By a unanimous vote, Whitney has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She gives everyone a hug before walking out the door. Julie asks Whitney why she thought the Houseguests targeted her. Whitney says she was an advocate for female empowerment and was outspoken in wanting to make big moves, so she thought the men in the house were scared of her. Julie asks why she doesn’t think Christian wanted to backdoor Derek X. Whitney says three men were already evicted in a row, and she didn’t think Christian wanted another man to go. Julie reveals to Whitney that Christian and Derek X. are in an alliance together before revealing to her all the members of the Royal Flush alliance. Whitney says she’s not shocked by the alliance, but she’s impressed they were able to keep it a secret. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Xavier said he has a strong sense of loyalty to his team, but he says Whitney is an amazing woman and friend. Sarah Beth said that she fought hard to keep Whitney. Azah admits she was jealous of Whitney’s time with Xavier. Alyssa said she wanted to work with Whitney, but she wishes Whitney the best of luck.

Julie gathers the remaining Houseguests in the living room. She announces that the team twist is officially over. She congratulates Hannah on surviving the vote, and she asks her what was the biggest challenge of the teams twist. Hannah says the Aces not winning any HoH competitions was the biggest challenge.

The episode ends with the Houseguests beginning the wall endurance competition. In addition, Julie teases to the viewers that a brand new twist will allow America to influence the game. More details will be revealed later in the week.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23. Thanks for reading and come back next week for another live recap.

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