Big Brother 19 – Week 5 Power Rankings

Thursday night was a live eviction episode of Big Brother 19. Read on for spoilers to see who is nominated and where the Houseguests stand for the week.

Last time on Big Brother 19, Ramses was evicted from the Big Brother house and Paul won HoH. The nomination ceremony will be shown on Sunday night’s episode, but Paul nominated Jessica and Cody for eviction. Before I get to my predictions of the upcoming week, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Ramses’s eviction.

RAMSES: Jessica made a big mistake by putting Ramses on the block as a pawn. He was a complete outsider in the game with no solid alliances. He was expendable to everyone in the house, and there were already people who wanted him out sooner rather than later. In addition, Paul and his minions wanted to make a move against Jessica and Cody’s wishes too. Jessica made it very clear that Josh was her target, believing that the house would respect her wishes. However, the house decided to make a move that would hurt her game instead by evicting Ramses and keeping Josh, especially since Josh would go after Jessica and Cody. Ramses is a super fan, and he should’ve known that pawns sometimes go home. He could’ve campaigned harder to Jessica to use the Power of Veto on him, but he didn’t fight hard enough. Ramses was a nice guy, but he may have been too naive and trusting for the game of Big Brother.


The house is divided. On one side, there is Paul and his minions (which is most of the house). On the other side, it’s Jessica, Cody, Mark, and Elena. Mark and Elena were not on Cody and Jessica’s side weeks ago. However, since they were blindsided by Thursday’s vote, it has brought them together. Nonetheless, Elena is aware her connections with these three is putting a target on her back. Elsewhere in the house, Matt and Raven are an obvious pair, as are Alex and Jason. Kevin is playing all sides of the house, but he seems closest to Paul and Jason. Josh is part of the majority, but he’s very expendable. Christmas is too, but she has a stronger social game than Josh.

Now onto the Power Rankings. Here are where the Houseguests stand this week with Paul as the Head of Household.


1. PAUL – Paul is running the house, and there doesn’t seem to be anything getting in his way anytime soon. The only people in the house gunning for him are Jessica and Cody. Although they are on the block, Jessica will use the Halting Hex and cancel this week’s eviction. The only way Paul will be in danger next week is if Jessica or Cody wins the next HoH. If not, it’ll be another week of Paul controlling everything.

2. MARK – Mark won the Temptation Competition, which is the only reason he is this high on the list. He cannot be evicted this week, but he’s still in a very bad position in the house. He now has complete allegiance to Cody, who just so happens to be public enemy #1. In addition, there is bad blood between him and Josh too, and they are both gunning for each other hard. To make matters worse, his showmance partner Elena wants to distance herself from him since she’s aware of the target he’s become. Mark is fine this week, but he could be in danger of going home next week.

3. KEVIN – Kevin is playing all sides of the house effectively. Although people have suspected him for the hinky votes, Kevin is not on anyone’s radar for eviction anytime soon. He has good relationships with pretty much everybody and no one sees him as a threat. Kevin is poised to go very far in the game.

4. ALEX – Paul has a close alliance with Alex, and she is very much loyal to him as well. Paul will probably cut Alex down the road if he feels like it’s needed. However, she’s fine for now. In addition, Alex has a close alliance with Jason, and she’s a strong competitor too. Jessica is the only person in the house seriously gunning for her, so Alex is in a decent spot in the game right now.

5. CHRISTMAS –  Christmas has a good relationship with Paul, so she’s fine this week. Although her foot injury has greatly harmed her capabilities in physical challenges, Christmas is playing a great social game. She is a target for some people in the house, such as Jason and Mark. However, she’s not on the top of their lists. If she can continue to fly under the radar and build relationships, she can go very far in the game too.

6. RAVEN – Raven has yet to be nominated for eviction, but she’ll likely just be a pawn when she’s finally on the block. Raven has benefited from being a Paul minion, but it’s only a matter of time when she and Matt are finally targeted. Other Houseguests have already expressed resentment over how easy she and Matt have had it thus far. But as for this week, she’s fine.

7. MATT – Matt is in the exact same boat as Raven. The difference is that people will probably vote him out over Raven if the two of them ever end up on the block together. However, he’s played a very low-key game and has been a non-entity in strategic game play thus far. He’ll probably continue to just do whatever Paul says as long as Paul is in the game.

8. JOSH – Josh’s social game is horrendous. He is better at making enemies in the house than he is at making alliances, which has made him very expendable. He believes Paul and Christmas have his back 100%, but the only thing that is clear is the fact he has complete enemies in Cody, Jessica, and Mark. However, this could take Josh far in the game since no one sees him as a threat to win the game. He’s someone that could be gone next week, or make it to the very end. Only time will tell.

9. ELENA – After Paul learned about Jessica’s temptation, Elena was the true target of the week. Paul assumed Jessica could play the temptation at the nomination ceremony, and he planned on nominating Elena and a pawn after the temptation was revealed. However, he didn’t know the full details of the Halting Hex temptation. Since Jessica will likely use the Halting Hex, no one will be evicted. Nonetheless, Elena is in a dangerous spot. Paul and his minions sees Elena as more dangerous than Jessica or Mark; she’s second on the hit list after Cody. She has a week to reintegrate herself, but people are already wary of her.

10. JASON – The only reason Jason is this low on the list is because he lost the Temptation Competition. He is the automatic third nominee this week, but he’s not in any danger of going home. He is actually in a very good spot in the house as he has strong bonds with several Houseguests, most notably Alex and Kevin. He’s also has a working relationship with Mark too. As of now, Jason is in a great spot to make it far in the game, but it’s possible he and Alex could end up on the block together once other big targets are gone.

11. JESSICA – Jessica has the Halting Hex in her possession, and she will very likely cancel this week’s eviction. Although Cody is a bigger target, she’ll still use it to save Cody if he’s the one in danger of going home. Even so, she’ll always be in the line of fire as long as she and Cody are in the house together. Jessica has the potential to be a great player since she was able to reintegrate herself socially the week Dominique was evicted. However, there are still people in the house that would gun for her even if Cody wasn’t there, such as Alex and Josh. She has a tough road ahead, and she’ll be in danger once more if she or Cody don’t win the next HoH competition.

12. CODY – If Cody doesn’t win the Power of Veto, then he would be walking out the door again on Thursday…if it wasn’t for Jessica’s Halting Hex temptation. Thanks to the temptation, Cody will survive eviction this week. However, he, Jessica, or Mark needs to win the next HoH competition. If not, Cody will once again be the target. Cody is aware of how bad of a position he is in the game, and he even offered to sacrifice his game for Jessica, but she doesn’t want him to do that. Jessica is still planning on using the Halting Hex regardless. Cody is a strong competitor in challenges, so he could win his way to the end. However, that strategy is rarely successful, and it’s only a matter of time until he is evicted once again.

So those are my thoughts on the house dynamics this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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