Big Brother 19 – Week 4 Power Rankings

Last night was a live eviction episode of Big Brother 19. Read on to see who won HoH and where the Houseguests stand for the week.

Last night was a live eviction episode of Big Brother 19. By a unanimous vote, Dominique was evicted from the Big Brother house. In tonight’s Battle Back Showdown, Cody won his way back in the house. The HoH competition will be shown in Sunday night’s episode. However, the HoH winner and the nominees were revealed when the live feeds came back on. Jessica is the HoH, and she nominated Josh and Ramses for eviction. But before I get to my predictions of the upcoming week, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Dominique’s eviction.

DOMINIQUE: Before Cody left the house, Dominique was in a great position in the house. She had a strong social game, and she wasn’t an immediate target for anyone in the house. However, Cody threw Dominique and Mark under the bus before he left, which caused other Houseguests to be suspicious of her. After Alex won HoH, Paul manipulated Alex into targeting Dominique. Dominique caught onto Paul’s game and how he is a snake in the house. However, Paul has a lot of minions in the house, so her fate was sealed after Paul was adamant that she should leave.


The alliances remain the same as last week. The only difference is Jessica is reunited with her showmance partner Cody. It’s possible that Jessica can make deals with her former allies that turned against her and repair the damage after Cody tried to get Paul and Christmas out of the house. However, it is unlikely any of those people will stay loyal to Jessica or Cody moving forward in the game.

Now onto the Power Rankings. Here are where the Houseguests stand in the house this upcoming week with Jessica as the Head of Household.


1. JESSICA – She’s the current HoH and in possession of the Halting Hex temptation, so she currently has a lot of power. She’s also reunited with her boyfriend Cody, who is a strong competitor in the challenges. She’ll be in a great position for these next couple of weeks, but she’ll likely become a target again down the road. As for her nominations this week, she really did make a very weak move. She could’ve put up two big targets and tried to get rid of Paul. If the plan backfired, she has the Halting Hex as a safety she could use next week. Instead, she played it too safe by nominating Josh and Ramses. She could’ve flipped this game around, so it’s disappointing she didn’t take that shot. So much for revenge, right?

2. CODY – He was out of the house a week ago, but now he’s back and has nothing to worry about these next two weeks. Jessica will obviously keep him safe this week, and she’ll use the Halting Hex next week if Cody becomes the target. However, he’ll likely become a target again soon. But for the meantime, he’s safe. If he wins HoH next week, maybe he’ll actually take the shot against Paul again.

3. JASON – Jason was on good terms with Jessica and Cody these past few weeks, and he wanted to work with both of them before Cody was evicted. However, it’s unlikely that he’ll be interested in working with either of them long term. His true ally is Alex, and he tends to listen to whatever she says.

4. ELENA – If Elena ever becomes a target, she’ll likely be nominated against her showmance partner Mark. And if she is, the house will likely evict Mark over her. However, she’s playing a great social game right now, and there really isn’t anyone in the house that is seriously gunning for her. She’s in a very good position right now.

5. KEVIN – Alex has figured out that Kevin lied to her about the Jillian vote, and she has expressed she wants him gone. However, nobody else seems to be targeting him at the moment. He’ll likely make it very far in this game since he has good relationships with pretty much everybody in the house.

6. RAVEN – These next few rankings are a bit interchangeable. Raven has expressed a desire to target Jessica, yet Raven managed to avoid the block this week. Either Jessica is unaware of this or she is hoping to repair relationships. If Raven does land on the block this week, it’s unlikely she’ll be voted out.

7. MATT – I believe fans were hoping Jessica would have nominated Matt and Raven with the plan to backdoor Paul. However, he’s safe this week. Jessica may have missed a big opportunity to shake up the game this week. She’s allowing the majority alliance to coast on by again. Maybe someone will target this big alliance soon, but it doesn’t seem to be the case this week.

8. MARK – It was evident that Mark was very unhappy about Cody returning to the game during tonight’s Battle Back Showdown episode. Somehow Jessica decided to keep him and his other close allies safe. After all the bridges that were burned after Cody’s HoH reign, Jessica had enough reasons to make a move against Paul and his minions. Instead, she chose to give these people who desperately want her out a second chance.

9. CHRISTMAS – There has been bad blood between Christmas and Jessica. They have had cordial conversations with each other this past week in the house, yet Christmas has said she wants to nominate Jessica if she were to win HoH. Once again, it’s baffling that Jessica didn’t take a shot at this big alliance. I suppose we’ll have to wait until Sunday’s episode to understand her thought process.

10. ALEX – It’s no secret that Alex and Jessica do not get along. However, Jessica was willing to put their differences aside to work together. Alex, however, repeatedly said she wants Jessica out sooner rather than later. It’s unknown if Jessica has been made aware of this. If Jessica does manage to rebuild relationships with her former allies, she might not be interested in working with Alex anymore.

11. PAUL – Paul is running the house. He has a group of minions who mindlessly follow his every order. Jessica winning HoH was a good possibility to finally have someone target him, especially with his Pendant of Protection power expiring this week. However, Jessica nominated Josh and Ramses instead. Even if Jessica does plan to backdoor Paul this week, the votes to send him out will not be there. Paul’s minions will vote to keep him over Josh or Ramses. Maybe Paul will finally be targeted again if Cody wins HoH next week.

12. RAMSES – It was a dumb move for Jessica to nominate Ramses this week. Sure, it may have lessen the amount of blood on her hands since no one in the house trusts Ramses. However, he’s totally alone in the game and would’ve been a possible ally for her and Cody. Even if he is the pawn this week, he could very well be evicted instead of Josh since a lot of people want Ramses out as well.

13. JOSH – Josh is Jessica’s target this week. It is understandable why Jessica wants Josh out of the house since they do not get along, and he very well would want to target Cody. However, before Cody reentered the house, Josh planned on going after Matt and Mark if he had won HoH, and he considered Jessica a non-threat. Nonetheless, Josh apparently “did this to himself” according to Jessica. He must’ve said or done something to make Jessica want to target Josh so strongly since Cody’s return. However, Christmas has already asked Matt and Raven if they should evict Ramses instead of Josh. So even if Josh is Jessica’s target, he could survive this week.

So those are my thoughts on the house dynamics this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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