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Big Brother is back! CBS’s voyeuristic summer reality competition show returns with a new cast of Houseguests ready to compete to win the $500,000 prize. Tonight we will meet the new Houseguests, as well as the new twists for the season. We know the theme will have a focus on temptation, but how exactly will that play out? All will be revealed tonight, so let’s find out!

The episode begins with Julie Chen inside the Big Brother house. She tells us that this season, the Houseguests will be enticed with temptations more than anyone before in the history of the game. Who will be evicted and who will be the last person standing? Julie says that “the most tempting season of Big Brother begins right now!”

It’s time to meet the first eight Houseguests! The first three are Christmas, Alex, and Jason. Christmas is a fitness star, but she’s also an entrepreneur and author. She’s also the first female NASCAR pit crew member. She’s a driven person who doesn’t stop until she achieves her goal. Jason is a rodeo clown and auctioneer. His clown name is Whistle Nut. He can read the crowd, and he says that will help inside the house. Alex says she has a lot of hobbies, such as go-carting, video games, and crocheting. She’s a video game freak, and says this is just the next level.

We next meet Kevin and Dominique. Kevin is a family man from Boston with seven children. Dominique is a nuclear engineer, and she says you have to be tough to be an engineer. She thinks Big Brother will be a piece of cake. She’s also religious, and will have Jesus with her inside the house.

The next three are Mark, Elena, and Ramses. Mark is a personal trainer, and he says the gym is his life. He says he may look intimidating, but he calls himself a teddy bear. Elena is a radio personality, and she calls herself unfiltered. She’s aware that’s dangerous inside the Big Brother house, and hopes her mouth doesn’t get her in trouble. Ramses is a cosplay artist and a proud gay nerd. He is a superfan and confident he can win the game.

Alex, Mark, Ramses, and Elena are the first four in the house. They are all excited to be in the house, especially Ramses, the superfan. Alex thinks the house is beautiful, and she notices the temptation twist represented in the decor. Elena calls Mark a giant; she says he’s as big as a tree. She’s seems smitten by him.

Christmas, Kevin, Dominique, and Jason enter the house next. Mark is impressed by Christmas’s physique and says she could probably throw him on her shoulders and do squats. Christmas calls herself a competitor, and she’s ready to compete. Kevin realizes he’s older than everyone else, and he tells them about his seven children. He thinks he’ll be the father figure of the household. With only eight people in the house thus far, Dominique is certain more will be coming. She’s wondering what the twist will be, but says she’s not ready for it.

It’s time to meet more Houseguests! The next three are Cody, Raven, and Josh. Cody is a former military man who has served in the Marines and Air Force. Raven owns her own dance studio, as well as a ghost hunting team. Josh is a Miami man with Cuban heritage. He says he’s a hustler and businessman who is always ten steps ahead.

The next two are Megan and Cameron. Megan is a dog walker, but she’s also a former military woman who served in the Navy. She says she’ll be able to handle the Big Brother house. Cameron is a microbiologist. Although he’s nerdy, he’s athletic and very sociable. He says he’s a triple threat.

The next three Houseguests are Jessica, Matt, and Jillian. Jessica is a VIP concierge. She’s a beautiful girl who says she’ll use her looks to her advantage. She’s a Big Brother superfan, and she says no one will expect her to be an expert of the game. Matt works in construction. He’s in his thirties, but already has gray hair. He thinks the gray hair will make people underestimate him, but he’s athletic and says he’ll be good in competitions. Jillian is from Las Vegas and is determined to win the money.

Matt, Raven, Jillian, and Cameron are the next four to move into the house. They are greeted by the Houseguests already inside, who are all excited. Ramses is especially excited by Raven’s style. Christmas calls Matt a silver fox and finds him attractive.

Cody, Jessica, Josh, and Megan are the last four to enter the house. Cody finds Jessica very attractive. He didn’t want a showmance, but he might reconsider. Josh also finds Jessica attractive, and he even tells her she’s good-looking. Meanwhile, Ramses, Megan, and Alex are already talking game alone in a room. They agree they get good vibes from each other and seem to want to align.

The Houseguests gather in the living room to formally introduce themselves to each other. Josh thinks Kevin looks like a super villain from a movie. Cody lies about his age when he introduces himself as 27 (he’s actually 32). Jessica finds Cody good looking too, but she doesn’t want a showmance. As well, Matt finds both Christmas and Jessica very attractive. Megan tells everyone she’s a dog walker, but she doesn’t feel the need to tell anyone about her military background. Ramses tells everyone he’s a cosplay artist, but several people seem clueless what that means. Dominique lies about her occupation. She’s a nuclear engineer, but she tells them she’s a motivational speaker. After Elena introduces themselves, Mark talks about how attractive she is in the Diary Room. After Josh introduces himself, Cody believes he won’t get along with him. He finds him too over-the-top. After Matt introduces himself, Dominique, Elena, and Raven all talk about how attractive he is in the Diary Room. Mark is the last to introduce himself, and everyone is impressed by his physique.

Later on, Julie calls for everyone to gather in the living room. She informs them of this summer’s twist, calling it the summer of temptation. Tonight, they will tempted by money, safety, and power. How the night plays out will depend how they deal with these temptations. She tells them all to head outside.

In the backyard, there are several pods hanging in the air. They each take a seat inside a pod, Julie asks who wants 25,000? When a light turns green, they can press a button in their hands. The fastest to press the button will win the money. However, it will unleash consequences into the house. The person who takes the money will remain anonymous. The temptation plays out, and they all make their choices once the light turns green. Kevin takes the temptation. No one knows he won the money, but there will be consequences. The first is that he cannot win HoH. Since it’s anonymous, he must throw the competition. The second consequence will remain a secret, but Julie lets the audience know that a 17th Houeguest will be reentering the Big Brother house.

The Houseguests are back in the house, and Ramses is suspicious that Cameron took the money. Matt is worried what the twist will be, but they find out soon. Paul from Big Brother 18 walks into the house. The Houseguests have a big reaction to Paul entering the house. Jessica says he’s a great social player, and Cameron says he’ll be a bigger target than him. Cody, on the other hand, does not like Paul at all and wants to backdoor him as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Morgan, Ramses, Alex, and Jillian talk game alone. They call themselves the oddballs, and they discuss Paul being in the house. They’re torn whether to work with Paul or not, but Jillian wants him gone soon.

Julie reappears on the monitor, and she informs them of the next twist. Paul is actually going to be swapped out for one of the other Houseguests. This means someone is going to get evicted tonight. If they want to stay in the game, they need to tempt Paul. Paul is given friendship bracelets, and he can hand out eight bracelets that will keep eight other people safe.

Raven is the first to plead her case to Paul. She says she was happy to see Paul come inside the house. However, in the Diary Room, Paul says her charm isn’t going to work the entire season. Meanwhile, Elena tries to bribe Paul with food. We see more Houseguests asks Paul for safety, even promising him safety in return. Cody, on the other hand, doesn’t say much when talking to Paul. Josh tells Paul he’s his biggest fan, and he trusts him.

Paul says he wants to be fair with the friendship bracelets and divide them equally among men and women. He also wants a mix of personalities too. The people who receive the friendship bracelets are Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses, and Elena. They are safe, but the other Houseguests are now vulnerable to be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight.

It’s now time for the competition that will determine the first person evicted from the Big Brother house. The results of this competition will determine which three Houseguests will be on the chopping block. The last person remaining on their trapeze will win safety for the night. When someone falls off his or her trapeze, he or she must claim an apple. What’s inside the apple will determine whether that individual will be safe or in danger. Throughout the competition, Julie will give hints to let them know which apples contains safety and which apples contain danger. Julie gives the first clue, saying they will more likely be safe if they get an apple from a red snake than a yellow snake. The challenge begins, and Jillian is the first to fall. She takes an apple from one of the models with makeup that makes her look like a red snake. The next person to fall is Jillian, and she claims an apple. Afterwards, Julie gives the next clue. She says one of the yellow apples is safe. Josh jumps right away and takes one of the yellow apples, even though it was only a 50/50 chance since there were two yellow apples. Cameron doesn’t want to be seen as a threat, so he jumps off. He doesn’t remember the clues, so he randomly chooses an apple. Julie says at least one of the yellow snakes is holding a safe apple. Christmas is the next to jump, and she takes an apple from a yellow snake. Only Alex, Cody, and Matt remain in the competition. Matt is the next to drop, and he claims a green apple. It’s now down to Alex and Cody. Cody is struggling, but he wants to try to persuade Alex to drop. She’s not buying it. She says she doesn’t need a man to keep her safe. The challenge continues, but Alex eventually falls. Cody wins safety!

It’s now time to find out the results. Alex opens her apple, and she learns she is safe. Matt opens his apple, and he learns he is safe too. Christmas opens her next, and she learns she is in danger. Cameron opens his apple next, and he learns he is danger too. Josh opens his apple, and he learns he is safe. It’s now down between Megan and Jillian. One of them is safe; the other is in danger. Megan is safe, but Jillian is in danger. The three Houesguests on the block are Christmas, Cameron, and Jillian.

It’s now time to reveal the final temptation of the night. Julie informs Christmas, Cameron, and Jillian that they will decide how to determine their fate: let Houseguests vote or battle in a competition. They must each go in the Diary Room to make their decision. Jillian chooses a vote. Cameron chooses a competition. Christmas chooses a vote. Their fate will be decided by a vote.

The Houseguests plead to their fellow Houseguests. Christmas tells Mark she wants to work with him, Jillian shares her weight loss story to a room full of Houseguests, and Cameron even does a striptease for Elena and Jessica. Cameron gets emotional in the Diary Room. He says it’s his dream to be in the Big Brother house, and he really does not want to be the first one to leave.

It’s now time for the vote. We see the Houseguests enter the Diary Room, but we don’t hear their eviction votes. We hear a few of their reasons, but not the actual votes.

With only two votes, Christmas is safe. But by a vote of 8 – 3, Cameron is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Before the episode wraps up, Julie tells us about the next twist. America can vote a Houseguest to go into the Den of Temptation, where they will be tempted with a pendant that will keep them safe for the next three evictions. Once someone is voted into the Den of Temptation, they cannot return. Afterwards, we see the votes. Jason and Josh voted for Christmas to leave, Mark, Matt, and Cody voted for Jillian to leave, and everyone else voted for Cameron to leave.

And that wraps up tonight’s premiere episode of Big Brother 19! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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