Big Brother 19 – Final Power Rankings

Wednesday night will be the finale of Big Brother 19. Read on for spoilers and predictions of the last week of the game.

This past week, there were two eviction episodes of Big Brother 19. By the end of the week, Alex and Kevin were evicted from the Big Brother house. After the eviction, Paul won Round 1 of the final HoH competition. Round 2 and Round 3 will be played later in the week. But before I get to my predictions of the finale, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Alex’s and Kevin’s evictions.

ALEX: Alex was a strong competitor in challenges; the other Houseguests deemed her too big of a threat to keep in the game. In addition, Alex’s blind loyalty to Paul contributed to her downfall. She believed Paul would never turn against “friendship” and he would always have her back in the game. However, Paul was just playing her and disposed of her when he no longer needed her. Alex should’ve realized how dangerous of a player Paul is instead of just listening to everything he said.

KEVIN: Kevin was one of the biggest Paul minions of the season. He did whatever Paul asked him to do, whether it was casting hinky votes or throwing challenges. Kevin was loyal to Paul to the very end, but Paul wanted him out before Christmas and Josh. Even though Kevin was a worse competitor than Christmas and Josh, Paul feared Kevin might be too likable to the jury and could potentially beat him in the end. Kevin really didn’t offer anything to the game play this season, but he had a solid social game that helped take him far. Plus, at least he already won the $25,000 from the first temptation offered in the game.


Christmas, Josh, and Paul are the only remaining Houseguests left in the house. Alliances are no more, but at the moment Josh plans to take Christmas to the Final 2, whereas Paul plans to take Josh to the Final 2. Christmas is undecided at the moment.

Now onto the Power Rankings. Here are my predictions of who has the best chance at winning the $500,000, not necessarily where they will ultimately place in the game.


1. PAUL – Paul winning the game has been a likely outcome for several weeks now. He has been running the house since the beginning with a loyal group of mindless minions obeying his every word. It was unfortunate that these Houseguests didn’t try to take him out like Cody attempted to do Week 1. It was also a shame these Houseguests didn’t listen when Dominique exposed Paul as the snake that he was, or when Jessica warned they’d be idiots if they kept him in the house. They continued to blindly follow Paul, not realizing they were essentially playing for Paul to get to the end of the game instead of themselves. Now the majority of these minions sit in the jury house, but will they respect Paul’s game or will they vote against him? Jason has made it very clear that he does not want to vote for Paul to win, and Mark even said that Paul will just be getting second place. However, it seems like Paul has Raven, Matt, Alex, and Kevin voting for him. He’ll only need one more vote, and it might not be too hard to get one more vote if he’s sitting next to Josh or Christmas in the Final 2. Cody understands Paul has been running the house, and he might vote Paul to win too (although it wouldn’t be surprising if Cody flips a coin and votes randomly). From a pure strategy standpoint, Paul does deserve to win the game. However, from a social standpoint, it would be very fair if Paul loses the game again. He was responsible for a lot of the bullying he did in the house, and his unwillingness to own up to his game should cost him. He threw challenges to keep the blood off his hands, and he even lied in his goodbye messages to pretend he still had these people’s backs. If Paul loses the game again, it’ll be due to poor jury management. Fans would argue it would be an upset since Paul has had total control of the game, but the social aspect of Big Brother is not to be underestimated. Getting to the Final 2 is only half of the work; you also need to want the jury to vote for you to win. We’ll see what the jury decides, but ultimately I predict Paul will win Big Brother 19.

2. JOSH – If Josh wins the final Head of Household of the summer, he could win Big Brother 19. Josh has made it clear that he would take Christmas to the Final 2 with him and evict Paul if he gets the opportunity. Evicting Paul could be the game move that would secure Josh’s victory. However, it could still be a tossup between him and Christmas if they are in the Final 2. Josh’s social game has been atrocious, and it seems very unlikely that Cody, Elena, or Kevin would want to vote for Josh to win. Unless he gives a killer speech in the Final 2, Josh’s best bet is winning the $50,000. However, Josh does have a good story to tell to the jury. He was an outsider very early in the game, but he managed to work his way into the majority and win a few competitions too. Plus, Josh evicting Paul could be enough to give him the edge, just like how Steve evicting Vanessa helped secure Steve’s win two years ago. We’ll have to see how the Final Head of Household plays out first though. Josh needs to beat Christmas in Round 2, and Josh will need to beat Paul in Round 3. Josh will likely give a very passionate speech to the jury with a lot of tears, and I suppose that could sway the jury in his favor if he’s sitting next to Christmas. Therefore, I think Josh has a better chance at winning the $500,000 than Christmas does.

3. CHRISTMAS – Like the majority of these Houseguests, Christmas was a loyal Paul minion. She attached herself to him and did whatever it took to make sure she and Paul were safe in the house. She was also loyal to Josh when she realized Josh considered her to be his closest ally in the house. But before all that, Christmas’s game took a hit after she broke her foot. She went into the house wanting to be a competitor in the challenges, but she had to change her strategy when it was clear she wouldn’t be able to compete in the physical challenges. However, she still played Paul’s game. She did whatever Paul wanted and never questioned his orders. Although she did win just as many Head of Household competitions as Josh, the competitions she did win were thrown to her. No one on the jury seems to respect Christmas’s game; they believe she was just carried to the end. However, Christmas still has a chance if she’s sitting next to Josh in the Final 2. However, if Christmas does win the Final Head of Household, she will need to evict Paul to stand a chance at winning. If she takes Paul to the Final 2 with her, she’s essentially giving the $500,000 to Paul.

So those are my thoughts and predictions for the final week of the season. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back Wednesday for the live recap of the Big Brother 19 finale.


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