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During the double eviction, Shelli and Jackie were evicted. They are now the first members of the jury, but they will have a chance to reenter the game in a couple of weeks. Tonight a new HoH will be crowned and two HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction. Which side of the house will claim power this week? Who will be in danger? Let’s find out.

After the double eviction, Meg, Becky, and James are blindsided that Steve took out Jackie. They didn’t think his decision made much sense. Steve goes alone into the comic room and admits to himself that he tried to throw the HoH and won it accidentally. We see a flashback to weeks ago when Vanessa told Steve that he was Jackie’s target, which explains why he targeted her. Meanwhile in the bathroom, James and Meg are worried. They feel like they are now against the whole house and Steve was manipulated into taking out Jackie. Meg is crying once again because she feels like she doesn’t know what’s going on. Austin, however, has no qualms with Jackie’s eviction. The Sixth Sense alliance lost Clay and Shelli two weeks in a row, so he’s glad the other side of the house finally took another hit.

Steve breaks down in tears to Liz, Julia, and Vanessa. They comfort him and tell him not to feel bad about what he did. Julia is very glad with Steve’s move and says in the diary room that he definitely will not be targeted if her alliance wins HoH. Elsewhere, Becky, Meg, James, and John talk in the have-not room. They agree to team up to take out the other side of the house. They also want to pull Steve to their side too. Later on, Steve goes into the have-not room to talk to Becky and Meg. He says that he was told that Jackie was coming after him, but Meg and Becky say she was never targeting him. He then subtly blames Vanessa for his decision to send Jackie out of the game.

It’s time for the HoH competition. HouseGuests will compete two at a time to answer a question about emojis.

Round 1: James versus Meg. Meg answers correctly. James is eliminated and Meg advances in the competition.

Round 2: John versus Austin. John answers correctly. Austin is eliminated and John advances in the competition.

Round 3: Vanessa versus Julia. Julia answers correctly. Vanessa is eliminated and Julia advances in the competition.

Round 4: Becky versus Liz. Liz answers correctly. Becky is eliminated and Liz advances in the competition.

Round 5: Meg versus John. John answers correctly and Meg is eliminated. John will advance to the final round.

Round 6: Julia versus Liz. Julia answers incorrectly and is eliminated. Liz will advance to the final round.

Final Round: John versus Liz. Liz answers correctly and wins. Liz is the new HoH.

After the HoH competition, Liz, Julia, and Austin celebrate in the bathroom. They are happy they are in power once again. Becky, however, is very worried. She knows Vanessa will influence Liz’s decision to target her. Becky expresses her fears to Meg about Vanessa. Becky made it very clear last week she wanted Vanessa gone, yet the house flipped and evicted Shelli instead. Becky is now certain Vanessa will do whatever it takes to send her out of the house this week.

Liz, Julia, Austin, and Vanessa discuss plans in the parlor room. Liz says she wants to target Becky, which makes Vanessa happy. If Becky were to win the Power of Veto, they discuss the possibility of sending home either John or James. In addition, since Clay and Shelli are gone, the Sixth Sense is no longer an alliance of six. They now rename their alliance to Austin’s Angels.

Becky makes her plea to Liz, Julia, and Austin in the HoH room. She points out how fast Vanessa is willing to drop allies. Vanessa was very close to Clay and Shelli, but turned on them quickly when they no longer benefited her. She also admits to them that Vanessa was part of the plan to backdoor Austin from the very beginning in Week 5 and that James was supposed to throw that Battle of the Block competition so Jackie could’ve sent him home. Liz, Julia, and Austin are shocked and are now very worried about Vanessa.

We next see a scene of John jokingly throwing a beach ball at Meg’s head and a segment of a blossoming bromance between James and Steve. Afterwards, Vanessa goes up to the HoH room and wants to pull in Steve into their alliance. They come up with the name Scamper Squad, which Steve is very excited about. However, the twins have been having doubts about Vanessa and are just playing along with the forming of this new alliance.

John asks Vanessa if he’s going to be nominated, and Vanessa just tells him that he is not the target. Vanessa has been feeling worried about her relationship with John ever since the argument that happened hours before Clay’s eviction. She then pulls him into the parlor room to clear the air between them. She tells John that she wants to help him in the game before she brings up the fight. John tells Vanessa he felt bullied by her during that moment, and this remark bothers her a lot. He also tells Vanessa that he doesn’t like it when she cries and yells at people. Vanessa is very affronted, and she tells John he doesn’t have to worry about her yelling at him before she walks out of the room. She goes straight up to the HoH room and throws John under the bus to Liz, Julia, and Austin. While she’s talking to them, John goes into the HoH room and asks Vanessa if everything is all right between them. She says yes and asks why is he worried. He tells her that it just looks sketchy that she ran right up to the HoH room after their conversation before he exits the HoH room. Vanessa and her allies are now feeling uneasy about John.

At the nomination ceremony, Liz nominated Becky and John for eviction. She tells them both that they are great at competitions and she wishes them the best of luck in the Veto competition. Neither Becky nor John are surprised, but they’re both gunning for Vanessa if they survive the week. Liz isn’t certain who her target is between Becky and John, but plans to decide who to take out after the Veto competition.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back Wednesday for another live recap!

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