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Shelli is the sole Head of Household once again as her two nominees Jason and John lost the Battle of the Block. Tonight the Power of Veto competition will be played. Will it be used to save either Jason or John from eviction? Let’s find out!

Shelli admits that Jason was her original target, but now she thinks there may be someone else she wants to send home. Liz isn’t disappointed to be dethroned since she’s in an alliance with Shelli, so she knows she has nothing to worry about. Even though Jason may not be the main target anymore, he knows he will be going home if the Power of Veto isn’t used. John is used to be being nominated since he has been on the block every week, but he plans to save himself with the Power of Veto once again.

Meanwhile, Audrey talks to James about Shelli and Clay. She’s mad with Shelli for telling Jason she told her he was coming after her. She also tells him that they are very dumb to think no one will split them up. Afterwards, James runs upstairs to the HoH room to tell Shelli and Clay this since he wants to build trust with them. Shelli and Clay are upset with how paranoid Audrey is and how she is throwing them under the bus to other HouseGuests. Clay then goes to talk to Audrey. Audrey deflects and says that she is alone, but Clay points out how she has him, Shelli, and Vanessa. Audrey is still nervous and she thinks there’s a chance she could be the replacement nominee if the Power of Veto is used. Clay admits in the diary room that Audrey should be nervous, but he doesn’t say this to her. Upstairs in the HoH room, Shelli is talking to Vanessa about Audrey. Clay walks into the room later and they all agree that Audrey is not good for their game. Shelli says that Audrey is pushing them away with her paranoia.

Since John and Jason lost the Battle of the Block and Liz was dethroned, the three of them must form the Whackstreet Boys as a punishment. They have to dress in white boy band attire and do a dance routine whenever music plays.

It’s time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Shelli draws Vanessa, John draws Meg, and Jason draws HouseGuest choice and picks James. Jason feels good about the people picked to play since he thinks a lot of them would use the POV on him. Shelli is glad Audrey was not chosen since the option to backdoor her remains in place. Afterwards, Shelli and Clay talk to Meg, Vanessa, and James in the HoH room. They discuss the idea of targeting Audrey this week, and they are all on board. However, Shelli is still having difficulty with being the one to put Audrey on the block since she wanted to remain loyal to Audrey. The two of them have been aligned since the beginning and she was the only one who was there for Audrey when the entire house turned against her two weeks ago. She cries to Clay about it later and says she hopes she doesn’t regret putting Audrey on the block. She doesn’t want to be the one to send Audrey home, even though she knows Audrey is not good for her game. Clay then tells her she doesn’t have to send Audrey home if she doesn’t want to, and he tells her he’ll be the one to send her home instead if he wins HoH next week.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. It’s a memory competition that requires them to watch a sequence of colors and remember the correct color chemical to pour into a flask. When an incorrect guess is made, paint will explode onto the eliminated contestant. They all pass round 1, but James is eliminated in round 2. Shelli throws the third round and is eliminated second. Meg is eliminated in the fourth round. In round 5, Jason and John are both eliminated. Vanessa wins the Power of Veto!

Afterwards, we see more performances from the Whackstreet Boys. They perform numerous times throughout the week whenever the music plays. John, Jason, and Liz have fun doing the dance routine and the other HouseGuests enjoy them too.

Later on, Clay and Audrey get into a heated confrontation in the backyard. Clay is frustrated with Audrey’s paranoia, especially after everything Shelli has done for her. Audrey once again backpedals on comments she has made, and Clay gets very angry when Audrey lies to his face about a conversation they had earlier. Clay stalks off to the HoH room and vents his frustration to Shelli and Vanessa. Audrey follows him to the HoH room and the four of them discuss the situation. Audrey says her feelings are hurt, but Shelli explains to her that Audrey has a lack of trust in them and that concerns them. Audrey and Clay get into a shouting match with one another about Audrey lying to them. Audrey tells him he’ll look stupid after the season is over when he watches it back, but Clay tells her he is willing to take that chance before he storms out of the room. Shelli then asks Audrey and Vanessa if they have anything they want to say to each other, and Audrey calls Vanessa an amazing manipulator after how they confronted Jeff last week to make him a person to backdoor without arising suspicion from the other HouseGuests. She also credits Vanessa for convincing Shelli and Clay that Vanessa is more trustworthy than her. Vanessa then yells at her too and says that Audrey is hurting her own game by going against the people who were planning to keep her safe.

Before the Veto Ceremony, Audrey is crying in the diary room and is upset she allowed her emotions to get the best of her. Audrey decides not to attend the Veto Ceremony and she stays in the have-not room, so the ceremony goes on without her. Vanessa decides to use the Power of Veto on Jason. Shelli names Audrey as the replacement nominee.

And that wraps up another episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow night for the live eviction.

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