Big Brother 16 Season Finale – Live Blog and Discussion (VIDEO)

Hey guys!  Well I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of another season of Big Brother. Tonight’s the night we’ve been waiting for: One of the houseguests will walk away with the $500,000 grand prize. Will it be Cody, Derrick, or Victoria? Tune in to the live 90-minute finale with me to find out.

Here we go, it’s time for the season finale of Big Brother 16! We start the show with a recap of what has happened this summer. The recap includes the creation of the BomB Squad and the Detonators and how Derrick has dominated the game. Who will the 9 person jury choose as the winner of Big Brother 16? We’ll find out by the end of tonight.

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The show comes back with Part 1 of the 3 Part Head of Household competition. Derrick knows he or Cody have to win the Head of Household competition in order to make their final 2 deal come true. Victoria is in a lot of pain and is the 1st one to fall off her glider. She’s upset that she won’t be able to control her fate in the game. Derrick and Cody  debate over who should win the 1st part of the competition. Derrick drops off and Cody advances to part 3 of the Head of Household on finale night. Coming up after the break, Derrick and Victoria compete in Part 2 of the Head of Household competition.

We’re back and it’s time for Part 2 of the Head of Household competition. The competition has an Egyptian theme. The houseguests must place faces on a wall to represent final nominations on eviction night. Derrick reminds us that he was never nominated in 55 nominations and renominations. Victoria knows she has to beat Derrick to guarantee her spot in the Final 2. Victoria struggles because she has to go step by step. Time to find 15:29 for Derrick. Victoria gets 30:03 which means that Derrick and Cody will compete against each other in Part 3 of the Head of Household competition.

It’s time for the jury to deliberate the Final 3 with Will Kirby.  Everyone in the house believes Caleb will be the next to join them before he walks into his house after his elimination. Caleb surprises the other jurors with the news that Derrick and Cody have had a final two deal all along. Frankie, who still feels the sting of betrayal, goes at it with Caleb. Back to deliberations–the jury agrees that Derrick is a master manipulator and pulled on heartstrings to make it in the game. On the other hand, Cody flew under the radar the entire game–maybe that’s why he should get the win. They also agree that Victoria may have been acting dumb to get further in the game. After the break it’s time for the Final Head of Household.

We’re back from break and it’s time to crown the Final Head of Household. Derrick and Cody must match how they think the jury members completed a sentence. The player to have the most points at the end of 8 rounds will win the Head of Household. The 1st question is about Caleb and Derrick gets the point. The 2nd question is about Frankie and both get a point. The 3rd round is about Christine and they both get a point. The 4th question is about Donny and Cody gets a point and it’s a tie. The 5th question is about Zach and Derrick gets a point and takes the lead. The 6th question is about Nicole and Cody gets a point and it’s a tie. The 7th question is about Hayden and no one gets a point. Time for the last question about Jocasta and it’s still a tie. Time for a tie breaker and Cody wins the final Head of Household and win go to a commercial break.

We’re back from break and it’s time for Cody to make his decision. Cody, pledging his loyalty to fellow hitman Derrick, evicts Victoria from the Big Brother house. After, in her interview with Julie, Victoria insists that she doesn’t have any regrets about the game.

It’s time for the jury to ask the Final 2 questions to crown the winner of Big Brother. Christine is up 1st and asks Derrick a question about his involvement in sending people home. Derrick readily admits that he had a hand in every eviction. Frankie accuses Cody of being Derrick’s “Puppet Master.” Cody shoots back that he played a big part in convincing Frankie’s “best friend” to flip on him. Caleb asks Derrick a question about using his family in the game, which Derrick denies. Nicole asks why Derrick deserves to win. He points out the record he set surviving 55 nominations in the game.  Cody feels he should win because  his social game was a huge part of the pair getting to the end. He was fed a lot of information which he and Derrick used to make decisions. Victoria asks Derrick if it was his plan all along to remain loyal to Cody. He admits that, yes, he brought Victoria as far as he could, but it would have been bad for his game to betray Cody in the end.

After the break, Derrick and Cody give short speeches highlighting the reasons why they should win the money. As the jury members vote, they each make a comment about their decision. Zach reveals that he voted for Derrick. Julie reminds the rest of the jury not to do that! Jocasta makes a snarky remark about Derrick “fake praying” with her.

Next, it’s time for the houseguests who were evicted pre jury to join the rest on stage. Team America is revealed to the other houseguests and they are stunned as they watch clips of the various stunts the team pulled. Derrick reveals to the houseguests that he is a cop and they are still stunned.

It’s time to reveal who won Big Brother. The votes are revealed and Derrick is declared the winner of Big Brother 16! He wins by a vote of 7-2 and receives the votes of Frankie, Caleb, Victoria, Hayden, Nicole, Christine, and Zach. Donny and Jocasta voted for Cody to win.

After the break, Julie announces that the Top 3 vote getters for America’s Favorite Houseguest were Zach, Donny, and Nicole and with over 5 million votes, Donny is America’s Favorite Houseguest. And with that the finale is over.

Before I sign off, I want to thank MJ for having me blog Big Brother this summer. It was a pleasure discussing this season with you guys and the right person definitely won.  Hopefully I’ll see you back here again next summer for Big Brother 17.


  1. Cody is a loyal friend but Derrick should have this thing in the bag.

  2. Congratulations Derrick! He’ll come back to New England a hometown hero. Definitely deserves.

    And I couldn’t be happier with the three houseguests who made Top 3 for America’s Favorite Houseguest. Well deserved, Donny.

  3. FOUR FOR YOU, DONNY THOMPSON! YOU GO, DONNY THOMPSON! …and none for Frankie Grande, bye.

    …seriously though, I can’t wait for his delusions of grandeur to come crashing down around him.

  4. I am so happy Frankie did not win America’s Favorite Player.

    Saw on twitter that Donny actually ends up winning more money than 2nd place Cody (54k vs. 50k) thanks to his Team America earnings, America’s Favorite Player & weekly stipend. Cody would have won more but the top 2 do not receive their stipend so he lost money there.

  5. I wonder if Cody feels played after finding out that Derrick never told him about Team America, and being an undercover cop. Cody didn’t hold anything back from his fellow alliance member, and I think he believed Derrick was being just as honest.

  6. I think it was earlier last week Cody was a hair from possibly figuring out Derrick was a cop or at least they may have had some mutual acquaintances. They were talking and Derrick mentioned he knew a lot of cops & Cody mentioned he knew some officers in the Derrick’s area. Skillfully Derrick moved the conversation to another topic.

  7. Zach will be joining Donny and taping a Bold And The Beautiful guest spot next week.

  8. Yeah, I think he will too. I live in CT, and near where he went to college, and it was great to hear him talk about places I’m familiar with on the live feeds in the area. Glad he won, he was so under the radar I was afraid that the jury wouldn’t see how influential he was, but glad they did.

  9. I’m glad Derrick won, he really was the mastermind behind the game. Cody helped get information, and I also think the last half of the game they caused dissention leading to the other alliance members getting evicted. I was a little concerned that most of the jury members didn’t seem to think Derrick was the mastermind, but glad they saw it before voting. I think the fact he was never nominated for eviction is what really made them see he was behind everything.

    I’m also glad that Derrick and Cody stuck together. I don’t think Derrick would have taken Victoria, and I actually think it would have been a negative, it is better that they are known as an alliance. I think it very well could have backfired.

  10. Derrick appears on The Talk today but of course they bring Frankie along instead of #2 finisher Cody.

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