Big Brother 16 Premiere Part 2- Recap and Discussion (VIDEOS)

Welcome to the second part of the premiere for Big Brother 16. By the end of tonight’s show, we should know who will be the 2ndHead of Household as well as know more about the Battle of the Block competition. Julie will also tell us more about this season’s Team America twist.

We start the 2nd part of the premiere like the 1st with Julie Chen outside of the Big Brothrr house with a studio audience. Julie then reminds us that 8 houseguests have aleady entered the Big Brother house and compete do for Head of Household. Julie then tells the viewers that another group of 8 houseguests will entering the house and will also crown their own Head of Household. The  viewers are then shown a recap of what happened in last night’s season premiere. This recap mentions that 2 alliances were formed within the 1st group of 8 houseguests called “Crazy 8s” and the girls alliance called “El Cuatro.” We are also reminded that Frankie won the title of Head of Household. After the recap of the previous episode ends, the viewers are told to stay tuned to see who will become the 2nd Head of Household and who will be the 1st member of Team America.

When the show comes back on we meet the 2nd group of 8 houseguests to enter the Big Brother house. These houseguests are also shown getting their keys to the Big Brother house like the 1st group. This 2nd group of 8 houseguests to enter the house include Victoria Rafaeli (photographer), Caleb Reynolds (former prison guard from Kentucky) , Brittany Martinez (single mom from CA), Christine Brecht (barista and Big Brother super fanatic from AZ), Derrick Levasseur (undercover police officer from RI), Jocasta Odom (minister from GA), Zach Rance ( recent college graduate from FL), and Hayden Voss (pedicab driver from CA).

The houseguests are then told that they have any hour to pack for the Big Brother house and are shown packing for their time in the Big Brother house. The show then comes back to the studio where the houseguests are gathered on stage. Julie then explains to this group of houseguests that 8 other houseguests are already inside the house and that a Head of Household has already been crowned. Julie also tells the houseguests that there will be 2 Heads of household this summer but only 1 will be left standing by the end of the week. Julie then lets the 1st group of 4 houseguests into the the house. This group of 4 includes Jocasta, Christine, Hayden and Caleb. This group enters the house and meets the other 8 houseguests already in the house. The houseguests get to know each other and the second group of 4 houseguests including Victoria, Zach, Derrick, and Brittany enter the house and the houseguests get to know each other further.

Once all the houseguests have entered the house, all 16 houseguests sit around the dining room table where the new group of 8 houseguests introduce themselves. When it is Derrick’s turn, he does not tell them that is a police officer and Cody looks smitten with Brittany when she introduces herself. Julie then mentions to the viewers that the 2nd Head of Household competition is coming up after the break and she will reveal the identity of the 1st member of Team America. When the show comes back on, Frankie approaches Victoria about working together and Paola and Caleb talk as well about 1st impressions of each other and the new Head of Household competition. The houseguests also do an icebreaker where Donnie makes sounds like a cricket. Donnie does this because she wants the other houseguests to think he is funny and not a threat. Derrick and Brittany also bind over their children. The boys including Frankie, Caleb,  and Zach discuss broadway shows and Zach and Frankie do not get along.

The show then goes to commercial beak and returns with Julie saying that the next houseguests will compete in their own Head of Household competition. Julie then reminds us and the houseguests that only one Head of Household will be in power by the  end of the week. This Head of Household is called “Over the Coals” and had a barbecue theme. The houseguests must hold onto the barbecue “spit” (rotating log from first HOH comp) and whomever holds on the longest will be the  Head of Household for the 2nd group of houseguests. The 1st group of houseguests gets to watch the other group compete. The log begins to rotate and Victoria is the first one out. Julie then puts BBQ sauce on the houseguests to make it harder for them to hold on and Brittany and Jocasta are the next 2 houseguests to fall off. Christine falls off after Jocasta followed by Zach. This competition then comes down to Derrick, Caleb, and Hayden. However, Derrick falls off because he doesn’t want any blood on his hands. The competition comes down to Hayden and Caleb and will continue after the break.

The show comes back on with Caleb and Hayden still hanging on to the spit. When the competition is going on, Devin mentions wanting to work with Caleb due to the fact that he is good in competitions. Hayden then falls off the spit making *Caleb Reynolds the Heaof Household for the 2nd group of 8 contestants.* Julie then gathers the houseguests in the living room where Julie then explains to the houseguests that each of the 2 Heads of Household will nominate 2 houseguests for eviction. This means that 4 houseguests will be in jeopardy of going home. Julie also explains the “Battle of the Block” twist to us and the houseguests. The Battle of the Block competition involves both sets of nominees going head to head in a competition to determine which HOH will remain in power for the week. In this competition, both sets of nominees will go head to head in a competition. The winning duo will be safe from being nominated and will dethrone the HOH who out them in the block. The losing nominees will stay on the block and the HOH who put them there will still be in power. This means that the HOH who was dethroned could be up for eviction by the end of the week. Finally, Julie revealed the identity of the first member of the “Team America” alliance. Joey is the 1st member of this alliance and she will be notified of the other 2 members of alliance. This alliance will be given secret tasks to complete and for every task the members complete successfully, they will receive $5000. Voting is now open for the 2nd member of this alliance. Overall, I thought this was a solid 2 night premiere? What did you guys think?

Joey wins First Spot on Team America

Easy Decision

Zach rubs Frankie the Wrong Way

8 More Houseguests

Big Egos

Caleb and Paola size each other up.

Craziest Twist Ever!

Julie explains HoH twist to the Houseguests.

Over the Coals

Watch the second HoH competition!