Big Brother 16 Episode 36 – Recap and Discussion

Well that was the most entertaining episode of Big Brother in weeks. I liked the fact that we got to see the jurors come back in the house. It was fun watching them run around the house, stirring things up. I also enjoyed watching the faces of the remaining 5 houseguests as they were tearing up the place. I wish they had done this in previous seasons because it was a good way to spice things up. Also, I’m glad that this week’s Head of Household decided to make a big move in the game. Now let’s get to the recap.

We start the episode with a recap of last week’s action in the house, which included Frankie’s reign as Head of Household coming to an end with the new rewind twist. After, the show returns to the ” Seed Saw” Head of Household competition. When we enter the competition, Cody tells the audience in the Diary Room that he  doesn’t want to see a literal rewind of last week’s Head of Household. Meanwhile, Derrick wants Cody to win Head of Household in and go after Frankie. Derrick had stopped him from doing that in previous weeks. At the same time,  Frankie knows he is a competition beast and could go home if he doesn’t win Head of Household. Like the other guys, Caleb doesn’t want history to repeat itself and wants to win Head of Household to keep himself safe. When it comes to the Head of Household competition, Frankie decides to do use the same strategy he did last time because he was able to win it. Once the competition gets going for awhile, Victoria drops 1 of her seeds and she  has to start over. Cody also  drops a seed and has to start over again while Caleb is in the lead with  3 seeds left to go. Derrick needs Caleb to win so the week isn’t a waste like it would’ve been last week if not for the twist.  Eventually, Caleb wins the title of Head of Household! Once the competition is over, Frankie tells the audience that he doesn’t want anything to happen to jeopardize the guys’s final 4 deal. However, Cody wants Caleb to nominate Frankie this week to get him out of the house.

Derrick, Caleb, and Cody celebrate Caleb’s victory in the fire room. Next,  Derrick and Frankie talk about nominations. Derrick  tells Frankie that he thinks Caleb will keep the nominations the same but Derrick knows he won’t. After the competition is over, Cody has to go  back in his dinosaur costume and is not happy about it..  After this, Frankie and Caleb talk about the nominations and Frankie again mentions that Caleb should keep the nominations the same. Once Caleb hears this, Caleb asks Frankie why he should keep the nominations the same. However, Caleb tells the audience that he doesn’t want to keep them the same and is really thinking of putting Frankie on the block. During their talk, Caleb assures Frankie that Victoria is still the target and the guys will still go to the Final 4 together.

We then go to Cody and Caleb talking about nominations. Caleb mentions to Cody that he is hesitant to put Frankie directly up on the block because he fears Frankie could win the Power of Veto and take himself off the block. Caleb mentions putting Derrick on the block because he hasn’t gone up yet. He also mentions that if either of them won the veto,  they would put Frankie up in his place and he would go home. Cody is not too receptive to this plan and just wants Frankie on the block. We  go to Derrick and Victoria in the fire room where they are  keeping  up their charade of hating each other. After this, we got to Derrick and Cody talking  again about wanting Caleb to put Frankie on the block. Cody tells Derrick that Caleb wanted Derrick on the block and he is not happy. Derrick and Cody start to get annoyed with Caleb because he won’t put Frankie on the block. Caleb, Derrick and Cody talk in the bathroom about the end of the game and Derrick doesn’t want Caleb to do anything to break up their final 3.

The show returns from break with a screen in the living room that reveals  “It’s Time For A Luxury Competition.” The current houseguests are then told to go in the Head of Household room. The houseguests are given snacks and are invited to watch a widescreen TV.  They watch the jurors enter the house and then proceed to destroy it.  The jury members then go to backyard where the luxury competition begins. They learn that one of them will have the chance to win $5000. Each houseguest will bet on a jury member to win the game. Frankie is Team Zach, Derrick is Team Donny, Victoria is Team Hayden, Cody is Team Nicole, and Caleb is Team Jocasta. No one picks Christine. The game is a “knockout” where the jurors have to search the house to find “Knock Out” tokens. If they find a token, they can eliminate another juror. The last juror and their partner will each win $5000. Jocasta finds a Knockout puck and eliminates Christine. Nicole fins a puck and eliminates Zach. Nicole finds another one and knocks out Donny. Nicole finds another puck and knocks out Jocasta. The competition comes down to Hayden and Nicole. Hayden finds a puck and eliminates Nicole. This means that Victoria and Hayden each win $5000.

The show comes back from break with the houseguests finishing cleaning up the house. Frankie and Caleb talk in the Head of Household room. Frankie tells Caleb that they are the biggest targets in the house. Frankie pushes for Derrick to go up on the block since he’s never been there like the others. Frankie really doesn’t want Caleb to put him on the block this late in the game.  He makes sure to remind Caleb that Frankie has kept Caleb safe this far in the game and Caleb should do the same thing. Next, it’s time for the nomination ceremony. Derrick is worried that he could go on the block. Frankie doesn’t want Caleb to put him on the block after the loyalty he’s shown him all season. Caleb nominates Frankie and Victoria for eviction. Caleb is hoping that nominating Frankie won’t come back to bite him. Frankie is shocked to be nominated and is worried that the guys will take the shot to get him out of the house. Cody is excited that Caleb nominated Frankie but knows it all comes down to the Veto. Derrick is pleased that he escaped the block yet again and with that we end the episode.

Who will the Power of Veto? Will they use it? Tune in Tuesday to find out who wins. Also, Tuesday is a special eviction episode. I’ll see you guys then. As always, the comments are open to discuss the episode.