Big Brother 16 Episode 34 – Recap and Discussion

Well that was an entertaining episode of Big Brother. I enjoyed the Team America mission especially how involved some of the houseguests got. They definitely got off easy in their mission this week. Also, although they played in Head of Household and Veto competitions, the whole week could end up completely different tomorrow night due to the gold button being pushed. I’m curious to see if this week will end up playing out differently now. Anyway, onto the recap of tonight’s episode.

The show starts with the end of the nomination ceremony. Frankie reminds the audience that Victoria is the target. Derrick wants to go forward in the game with Cody over Victoria. Frankie and Cody talk in the storage room about the nominations  and Frankie reassures Cody that he is safe for the week unless something crazy happens with the button. We then get a  segment of Victoria in the Diary Room talking about how she has made it far in the game by being a warrior princess in competitions and by aligning with Derrick. She mentions that they are like “Batman” and “Robin.” Cody and Caleb talk in the living room about the Final 4. Caleb assures Cody that he won’t turn on him unless he has to. This gives Cody red flags about aligning with him going forward in the game. Next, Derrick and Cody talk in the bathroom about the game. Cody fills Derrick in on Caleb maybe not having Cody’s best interests in mind.  Derrick tells us in the Diary Room that if he won the veto, he would use it to take Cody off the block and Frankie would be forced to nominate Caleb. The guys then debate a little bit about whether or not it would be smarter to keep Caleb around to help them get rid of Frankie or send Caleb home if that were to happen. 

After the show comes from break , the houseguests are talking about the Gold Button some more. They all have crazy theories about it, especially Caleb who thinks the button could involve the houseguests getting money. Derrick mentions that the button could either hurt or help someone in the game. We go to a montage of Caleb and Cody trying to stop the countdown clock for the button by using “ninja” moves . Of course, it doesn’t work and the countdown continues to tomorrow night’s show. Next, it’s time for the Power of Veto competition. This week’s competition is an individual game and will be played one at a time by the houseguests, who have to go in separate rooms of the house until it is their turn to complete it.  This week’s competition has a circus theme and Caleb is the first one to go in the competition. He reads the instructions to himself. In the veto, the houseguests will be given 6 pictures of “Circus” acts with each one consisting of 3 houseguests. Once they hit their timer, the houseguests must light up the 3 houseguests that make up each picture. If they get an answer wrong, they have to go back and complete it again. The houseguest who gets all 6 pictures correct in the quickest amount of time will win the veto.

Caleb goes 1st and does fairly well. Next, it’s Frankie’s turn in the game and he wants to win to keep the nominations the same and have all the power for the week. Like Caleb, Frankie does well with the competition. Victoria goes 3rd and of course she really struggles with it, becoming frustrated by the competition. Cody goes 4th and does fairly well and hopes he can win to pull himself off the block. Derrick goes last and he wants to win the veto so he could possibly save Cody and they could maybe get rid of Caleb rather than Victoria. Like the other guys, Derrick does fairly well in the competition. Once Derrick is done with his time,  the show goes to another commercial break.

When the show comes back, it is time to reveal who won this week’s Power of Veto. Cody finished the competition with a time of 12: 14. Caleb finished it with  a time of 8:39. Since Caleb has a lower time, he takes the lead over Cody to win the veto. Victoria finished the competition in a time of 17:18 and she is out of the running to win the Veto. Frankie finished the competition with a time of 5:54 and takes the lead over Caleb for the veto. If Derrick has a lower time than Frankie, he will win the veto. Derrick finished the competition in 6:17 which is not good enough to beat Frankie. This means that Frankie has won the Veto. Derrick doesn’t think it was unnecessary for Frankie to win that veto and that Frankie has painted a huge target on his back that won’t be able to wash off. Derrick goes to the storage room with Frankie to congratulate him on winning the veto. Derrick knows he has to suck up to Frankie so he won’t be put up as a replacement nominee. We go to Cody who is disappointed and upset that they didn’t take a shot at Frankie when they had the chance especially when he couldn’t save himself. Frankie tells us in the Diary Room that they should have gotten him out of the house when they had the chance and he’s not going to make it easy on them to get him out.

The show comes back from break with the houseguests cleaning the entire house since Jeff thought it didn’t smell good during his visit. While they are cleaning,  Derrick is called to the Diary Room. While he is there, he gets a card with this week’s Team America mission on it.  For this week’s mission, they must wear down the competition by convincing the house that there’s a rodent in the house and to stay up all night trying to catch it. Derrick goes to Frankie in the Head of Household room to tell him about their mission. Frankie is excited about it and tells Derrick that the 1st sighting of the rat will be after 1:00 that morning since everyone is still up then anyway. The show then cuts to the houseguests in the kitchen who are making food. Frankie says he has to get something and screams that there’s a rat in the kitchen. Of course the houseguests freak out and set out to catch it Everyone gets involved especially Caleb who sets out a trap. Frankie and Derrick tell the others that they are going to stay up all night and the others agree to stay up too. The houseguests are able to stay up all night looking for it, so Team America completes their mission for the week. Next, we go to Frankie in the Head of Household room where he is talking to himself. He says he’s the biggest target in the house. Frankie thinks he’s carried the boys to where they are in the game.

The show comes back from break and it’s time for the Veto Meeting. Frankie gives each of the nominees a chance to say why they deserve to be saved.  Both nominees just say that they would love to continue on the game, but understand why Frankie would choose not to use the Power of Veto. After thinking about it, Frankie decides not to use the Power of Veto. Derrick  doesn’t want either nominee to freak out because he knows the button could flip the game upside down. And with that, we end the episode.

What will happen tomorrow night in the Big Brother Rewind? What has been happening in the Jury House? Tune in tomorrow night to find out! Please feel free to discuss the episode down in the comments.