Big Brother 16 Episode 27 – Recap and Discussion

Well that was a boring episode of Big Brother. Now that Zach’s gone, the entertainment value of the show has gone way down. The show is desperately needs a power shift because it’s so predictable. I hope things will get interesting once the Detonators are forced to turn against each other. Anyway, on to tonight’s recap of the episode.

We begin with a recap of previous episodes, including Frankie winning Head of Household last week,  nominating Zach for eviction as replacement nominee, and having him evicted from the Big Brother house. In the recap, we also see Donny trying to turn Christine against the Detonators but she is not interested in what he has to say. We end the recap with the competition for the jurors to get back in the house and Nicole earning a second chance to come back in the game.

After the break,  Nicole celebrates her chance to come back in the game. Before the rest of the jurors leave the house again, Hayden whispers to her to go after Derrick and Cody and she says okay. Once the jurors leave, we go to the Diary Room where Nicole tells us that she is super excited to have a 2nd chance in the game. The houseguests are not happy that Nicole is back and are already talking about sending Donny and Nicole out the door the first chance they get. Christine is the most concerned about Nicole coming back in the house since she was the one that sent her out in the first place. Cody also expresses his concerns, and believes that she and Donny have to go home.  Next, we go to Donny who is filling Nicole in on what happened in the house while Nicole was gone. He mentions that he won the Battle of the Block competition by himself and that the nominations were decided by colored candy. Victoria overhears the conversation and goes to tell Derrick what Donny said. We then go to Cody who reiterates that Donny has to go home because he could go after their alliance.

After this, we go to a montage of Caleb acting like a ninja. Cody is the only one that seems entertained by Caleb. Next, it’s time for the Head of Household competition. This week’s HoH competition has a boxing theme and involves the houseguests having to know what day certain events in the game took place on up to Day 50 in the house. The houseguests have to “punch” their opponent to get the number day they want, then hit the buzzer to lock in their answers. The last person to finish is eliminated in each round until a winner is crowned. The competition gets off to a rough start for all of the competitors. Nicole is the 1st houseguest eliminated from the competition followed by Victoria, Christine, Caleb, and Derrick. The competition comes down to Donny and Cody and Cody eventually wins the title of Head of Household by a few seconds over Donny.

Next, it’s the Head of Household room reveal. Cody gets pictures of his family and everyone seems excited for him. After everyone else leaves the room, Nicole talks to Cody in the Head of Household room. Nicole pleads her case to Cody and mentions that he should keep people around that will keep him safe. He lets her know that he wants Donny out of the house and not her. After Nicole leaves the room, Derrick and Cody again talk about who they should target this week. They mention that they might target Christine over Nicole because Christine hasn’t been pulling her weight in the alliance. Next, it’s a segment about how Derrick has had to go undercover in the Big Brother house in order to further his game. We also see Nicole talking about Hayden and their time in the jury house. After this segment, we go to Donny making his case to Cody. Donny mentions  that they (Derrick, Frankie, and Christine) are just using him and he will go home in 5th or 6th place. Cody mentions to Donny that he doesn’t want that to happen and mentions to us that he may have to go against Frankie and Christine eventually but will not turn on Derrick.

Back from break, we go to Derrick and Donny talking about the game in the backyard. Derrick tells Donny that he wants him to stay but he doesn’t believe it. Derrick also mentions to us that he likes Donny and doesn’t want him out of the house. However, if you watch the live feeds you know that this is not the case. It’s time for the nomination ceremony.  Like everyone in the house wanted, Cody nominates Nicole and Donny for eviction. He mentions that it isn’t personal and is just a game move. Nicole and Donny are not happy to be nominated but they expected it. With that we end the episode.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used? Tune in Wednesday night to find out. As always, the comments are always open for discussion about the episode.

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  1. As expected Cody has decided not to use the veto this week. So most likely it will be Donny going home this week unless something drastic happens that send Nicole home.

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