Big Brother 16 Episode 24 Recap and Discussion (VIDEOS)

Big Brother 16 Episode 24 Recap

Which houseguests are nominated for eviction? Tonight it’s the FINAL Battle of the Block. Who will win?

Frankie is so excited to be HoH, but he realizes that members of his alliance will have to go up. Although Donny and Victoria are the obvious targets, puppet master, Derrick will play along. But they aren’t his targets. HELLO ZACH. Christine hopes the detonators repay her loyalty (she put her friend, Nicole, on the block) by not putting her up.

Donny knows he’ll go on the block for the 5th time. He realizes he’s outnumbered “But I’m not out yet,” he says. Caleb is pissed off that he has thrown comps for the sake of his alliance, but the others aren’t willing to do it. Cody says “it’s not really my cup of tea.”–Especially after things went so spectacularly wrong last week when the alliance tried to target Frankie.

Derrick convinces Frankie not to put Victoria on the block. She’s his pawn. He’s going to protect her at all costs. Victoria trusts Derrick. If he says she’s safe, she knows she is. Of course.

Derrick throws up the “grandfather bond” to manipulate Frankie into doing things his way. The plan is for Derrick to remain HoH. Frankie thinks Cody should be on the block because he never has been before. In the diary, Derrick says its the last thing he wants, because of their final two hitman deal.

WHO WANTS TO SEE OUR HoH ROOM! Frankie gets a real grown up photo of his sister, Ariana Grande. “Goodbye Zankie, hello Zariana!” says Zach in diary. Frankie takes pause when Caleb remarks on the hotness of his sister. Derrick’s photos of his little daughter are adorable. Frankie reads a letter from Ariana. She reveals that she’s opening the VMAs. Frankie is fluttering. The room claps.

Donny pulls fellow Team America member Derrick aside. Derrick assures him he’s not his target. That if he goes up, he’ll do his best to protect him.

Team America gets their next mission. The team is charged with stealing and hiding houseguests’ clothes. After, they are to organize a neighborhood watch program. They have to be on patrol for 24 hours straight.  Looks like CBS has abandoned game oriented tasks. The team hasn’t been willing to take them.  Derrick, Donny and Frankie target favorite pieces of clothing to steal.

Time to decide who is going up on the block. Frankie says the obvious targets are Donny and Victoria (He still thinks she’s a target). Frankie thinks a real target should be kept off. One of the participants should throw the competition. The real target will be backdoored. However, nobody is willing to volunteer to go up. NOBODY is willing to throw the competition. Frankie, in diary, is frustrated that no one will cooperate.

Caleb reminds everyone that he’s volunteered several times. He tries to convince Zach to volunteer. It would solidify his loyalty. The others would surely protect him then. After an impasse, they decide to pick the nominations based on pulling…SKITTLES!

Each of the houseguests take a different colored skittle. Derrick a skittle, one at a time. If a houseguest’s color comes up, they go on the block. Christine is first. She’s supposed to throw the competition. Cody is next. He’ll be up on the losing side of the BoB. He’s not happy. Caleb is next. He’ll sit on the block with Donny.  In short:  Derrick has put up Cody and Caleb. Frankie has put up Christine and Donny. Christine will throw the competition so Derrick stays HoH and Cody and Caleb are taken off the block.

More Zankie. They hug and kiss. In diary, Frankie says he’s ready and waiting for Zach to come out! Christine is off flirting with Cody. The rest of the guys sit across the yard, grousing that she’s not sitting with them. “Why don’t the girls like us?” Derrick says, “Maybe because we’ve picked them off, one by one.” DING!

The boys pettily notice that a married woman is flirting super hard with a guy who isn’t her husband. Donny is literally scandalized by the way Christine and Cody kiss, touch and hold hands.  We see scenes of the two of them snuggling and flirting.  In diary, Christine admits that if a little flirting will help her game, she’s willing to go there. She assures her husband he has nothing to worry about.  Zach is pretty sure her behavior with Cody has nothing to do with her game.

Caleb, Derrick and Cody plot to ditch Zach. They don’t need him anymore. He’s ruined all of their games. It may be time to backdoor him. They agree that he has not stepped up for the alliance like the rest of them.

Derrick explains to Donny how the nominations went down. He lies and says Victoria is the real target, and that he wasn’t included in the nomination discussions, because he was sleeping. Donny knows it’s bullshit. In diary he says the “We and They” talk is a dead giveaway that the rest are working together. Derrick urges Donny to win the battle of the block. Of course, that’s crap, because Christine is supposed to throw it. However, Donny isn’t really Derrick’s target, but he doesn’t know that.

Nominations! Derrick reveals his nominations: Donny and Christine. Frankie reveals his: Caleb and Cody. Frankie accuses them of teasing him with their good looks. He’s kidding. In diary, Donny vows he won’t go out without a fight. Caleb isn’t worried. He’s confident Christine will throw the competition.  But in diary, she admits she’s terrified to put herself in danger.

Back in the house, Derrick pulls Cody aside. He realizes Donny didn’t buy what he said, so he impresses upon Cody to fight hard to win the BoB.

It’s time for the Battle of the Block!

Zach plays host. Both teams will enter a black box. They will race to find bones in the dark.  They get showered with gunk and blasted with air horns as they work.  Once they find a bone they have to fit it into a “bone board”.  Caleb and Cody work together, looking for bones. Some of the bones don’t fit into the board. Christina plays all dumb. And it’s easy, because Donny can’t see. But guess what. Donny is finding bones without her help.  It’s two to two. Caleb is having a trouble fitting his bone into the board, but finally, they fit 3. Donny finds FOUR bones all on his own. He realizes that Christine isn’t trying on purpose. Donny finds the fifth bone and wins the game. Like last week, the attempt to throw the game went horribly wrong.

Derrick loses his HoH status. Donny and Christine are safe for the week.  Cody and Derrick are still up on the block, with Frankie as HoH.

As punishment, Derrick has to go into the black box to get blasted with gunk. “This is a complete disaster,” Cody says in diary. BUMMER!

On Wednesday, Zingbot returns for the Veto competition. Kathy Griffin appears to help with the insults. Ha.

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