Big Brother 15: Sunday Episode 8 Discussion and Recap *updated*

It’s been a crazy and sad day in the world and with so much going on it is nice to have something mindless to escape to. Most of tonight’s episode will lead to this week’s nominations but we will also see the Have Not competition.

As always I will be back later with my recap and if you are into it please feel free to comment below about the show and or episode.


The hour begins and I almost think I am watching of CBS’ crime dramas since a black screen with words pops up.

This can only mean that we will be shown the arguments between Candice and Aaryn/GinaMarie and the other fall out.

The episode starts with a look at Thursday’s eviction of Nick. Watching GinaMarie breakdown like someone died amazes me. Especially since she barely knew the guy and you can’t exactly call them a showmance with the way he seemed to not really want anything to do with her.

We are shown some footage of Helen putting the finishing touches on the end of the Moving Company by convincing Spencer to turn on Nick. Spencer approaches Howard and tells him that he will be voting Nick out. For some crazy reason Howard still votes to evict Elissa even though he knows the majority will be sending Nick home and anyone with a brain knows Elissa will keep getting the MVP because the people who actually vote will vote for Rachel’s sister. And people wonder why shows like Big Brother and Survivor keep bringing back past favorites. This season’s “twist” proves that is what the majority of viewers want.

Howard says that he voted for Elissa to try to cause some confusion but from what I can see it was a big risk for little to no reward. The only way this vote would have made sense is if Jeremy, Kaitlin, or GinaMarie won the HoH which we already know went to Helen.

There is a major celebration in the Have Not room with everyone but the Bitch Alliance.  Jeremy tries to use a fake “congratulations” to save face but it is obvious that it is not genuine and anyone will see right through it.

We are then treated to more crying from GinaMarie. She found Nick’s hat that was left behind and she is upset that she never got to kiss him. She is worried that when she leaves the house he will be with someone else and not want to hang out with her. Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie say that they want to leave the house. Fingers crossed this actually happens.

In the bedrooms Aaryn is confronting Jessie about flipping. They ask if she will flip back when they win HoH next week and Jessie says no because they don’t treat her well and the other side showed her respect. Judd comes in and Jessie leaves as Kaitlin and Aaryn call her a slut.

Kaitlin comments on how she feels like she is back in high school and on the loser side. This causes Aaryn to go all Mean Girls on Candice’s bed throwing the pillows and flipping the bed.  After the commercial Kaitlin tries to get into bed with Jessie and Jessie tells her to get out. Candice comes in and sees her bed flipped. Jeremy comes in and decides to jump into bed with Jessie to her dissatisfaction.

Candice asks what happen and Aaryn starts mocking her. This leads to GinaMarie and Candice getting into each other’s faces until Howard pulls them apart and gets Candice out of the room. I would go into more detail but the own scene pisses me off so I’m moving on.

Howard tries to talk Candice down in the Have Not room and Howard says to just let them have it. Candice thinks she is hiding from it but Howard tells her they just need to be stronger and above it. Candice breaks down in Howard’s arms.

In the diary room Howard says that this isn’t a game built to step up against injustice which I can see his point even if I wish someone will step up. He gets across to Candice and says they just need to play the game. It looks like Howard is having a hard time staying calm.

My wife who doesn’t care for Big Brother sat with me and watched the scenes. She came across as disgusted and couldn’t understand why the producers would just allow this to happen and not remove them from the house. These attacks are just as bad as a physical and inside the house they are actually worse because you can’t escape these attacks and there is really no one that can help you. At least with  physical attacks someone will step in and remove the aggressor.

Back in the bedroom GinaMarie is trying to figure out why Nick was voted out. Jessie says that Nick was a strong player. Amanda enters the room to defend everyone and calls Aaryn that she is the racist in the house and Amanda tried to tell her and she didn’t listen and didn’t try to be friends with others.

Aaryn doesn’t see that she has been hateful. Sadly I think she really doesn’t realize how much of a bitch she is being. She thinks it is normal which makes me sad about the environment she is from if she doesn’t see what she is doing. She has a rude awakening when she gets home.

In the HoH room Candice is crying and explaining to Elissa, Helen, and Andy how Aaryn flipped her bed. Helen says the abuse needs to stop. Helen vows to vote them all out for being bullies. They try to comfort Candice by telling her she is beating them and they will be going home.

McCrae decides to admit the Moving Company to Amanda to create a bigger bond. He spills on the details to her and admits that he sold them out because they wanted to target Amanda and she is McCrae’s queen. She is not upset with him but seems happy so looks like McCrae’s plan worked to make them tighter.

On the couches GinaMarie is back to crying about Nick. It’s past pathetic but Candice and Aaryn comfort her. Aaryn takes the time to apologize for any comments that she says were taking out of context. Candice says she accepts the apology but in the diary room says that she doesn’t buy it and will just ignore her and keep the peace.

And it’s time for the Have Not competition. Teams will need will need to toss Sour Milk to each other to get it across the lawn to fill another bucket.

Howard ends up on a team with Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin. He fully plans on throwing the competition to make them realize what a Have Not feels like. Howard is barely trying to fill Aaryn’s bucket as he keeps throwing it in Aaryn’s face. I like to think that ever splash to the face was on purpose.

The Red team of Spencer, Andy, Candice, and Elissa finish first. Howard is doing everything he can outside of just dropping his bucket and saying screw it (which is what I would have wanted to do) but for some ungodly reason they stuck McCrae in the large container of sour milk and he can’t keep up with his small arms so the Blue team of GinaMarie, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Howard come in second. GinaMarie takes the time to celebrate like she just won the Super Bowl and dedicate the win to Nick. They say it is Karma for all the mean people who voted out Nick. I mean really ladies.

The Have Nots for the week are Amanda, McCrae, Judd, and Jessie.

Up in the Head of House room Jeremy admits to Helen that there was a guy’s alliance until Spencer and McCrae flipped. He throws pretty much everyone under the bus. She still doesn’t trust him but decides to use him as much as possible.

Helen talks with Howard. He admits to voting out Nick but decides to continue lying about the Moving Company. I like Howard but he keeps making stupid mistakes. He is lying for the sake of lying because he thinks that is what he needs to do in the Big Brother house. I have nothing against lying in the house because I think it is needed to win the game but you need to be smarter about what lies you tell. Lying for the sake of lying is just stupid especially since Helen gave him the opportunity to fess up and move on.

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony. Helen will pull out the first key and it will continue until the nominees are revealed. This part almost seems pointless this season since this season is all about the MVP (which is really only a failed twist because America keeps handing it to Elissa who doesn’t deserve it and really takes any drama out of the twist).

Since we do need nominees Helen starts by saving Elissa. She is followed by Andy, Candice, McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd, Jessie, Howard, Spencer, and Jeremy. The nominations are Aaryn and Kaitlin. Helen says that it is because they are strong competitors and she wants to give them a chance to play in the PoV.

Kaitlin says the obvious by saying that she must have chosen the wrong side since she is nominated. Aaryn says that she should be voted out if she doesn’t win PoV while Jeremy says he came to play and not get married so he is ok with Kaitlin being nominated since he is safe. Helen admits that she is looking to back door someone stronger and she is ready to play.

I’ll be back Wednesday where we will see who gets the MVP (Like it’s a surprise) and who wins the Power of Veto.  Look for Cory’s Live Blog for the Live Elimination on Thursday.