Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Update [Veto Ceremony Spoilers]

In the last spoiler, I posted that McCrae has won the Power of Veto this week.

As expected, today McCrae used the Veto on himself. Spencer nominated Judd as the replacement.

Though I’m not a particular fan of McCrae, I’m even less of a fan of The Exterminators, and it’s always good television to have the underdog prevail. In this case, he did prevail, and one of The Exterminators will be leaving the house Wednesday. Andy and Spencer have been telling Judd they have his back, but in all reality, they’re going to take GinaMarie to the final four.

The eviction will actually take place tomorrow. Big Brother is blocking the feeds tomorrow, taping the eviction, and airing it on Wednesday night.

It’s crazy to think that in the final four, we’ll be left with one of the blonde racist girls, the guy that was investigated for child pornography, the 23/7 sleeping pizza boy, and the rat. Putting my Elissa fandom aside, if anyone DESERVES to win at this point, it has to be Andy. He seems to have perfected the Rat strategy and has slipped through the cracks week after week. These jokers have two more chances to get him out. Many people online think he’s stabbed too many jury members in the back, but for some reason I don’t think we’ll have an incredibly bitter jury this year (excluding Candice if GM were to make it to F2). I believe Amanda would still vote for Andy, as would Helen, Candice, and Jessie over the others remaining in the house. People tend to forget that even though he stabbed many of them, he was pretty close with them as well, and once things settle down in the Jury House and people start to realize that it’s just a game, they may just think of Andy as a player willing to do what it takes to win as opposed to a bloodthirsty backstabber….just an opinion.

How do you feel about this final 4? Do you think Judd has a chance to stay?