Big Brother 15: Thursday EVICTION NIGHT LIVE BLOG & RECAP! (Week 10)

Welcome to the 500th episode of Big Brother! AND IT’S DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT. We’re live blogging right here.

It’s the 2nd double eviction of the season. The first eviction is just minutes away.  It seems that Amanda is going home. But wait! Could there be a surprising change of heart? Spencer is up on the block with Amanda (after McRae won the power of veto and got himself off of the block), but he’s considered a pawn. HoH, Gina Marie, tries to explain to Amanda why she put her and  McCrae on the block. Amanda claims she’s jealous of her relationship. GM just rolls her eyes.

Amanda plans to pitch her enemy Elissa for her support. She promises that she, McCrae and Andy will protect her. Because, she’s going up next week. No matter what anybody is telling her, she’s toast.  Amanda admits in the diary room that she’s tortured Elissa a lot. Unbelievably, Elissa considers keeping Amanda in the game. She’s thinking Amanda really could help her. She gives Amanda her wedding ring as collateral for her promise to protect her. Andy is worried that his game, which has consisted of working both side of the house, might be threatened.

Of course, Andy runs to his alliance buddies, the Exterminators,  to tattle on Elissa and her plans to vote Spencer out. Spencer begins freaking out. McCrae is worried about Andy (As well he should). Amanda thinks Andy is on their side (He’s not).

Back in the living room, Julie announces the 500th episode, and the double eviction. Oh noes. There’s no time to waste. Spencer and Amanda were on the block during the last double eviction, but Candice went home. The two plead their case.

The live voting begins!

Judd votes to evict Amanda
McCrae votes to evict Spencer
Elissa votes to evict Spencer
Andy votes to evict Amanda

THERE’S A TIE! HoH Gina Marie will be the tie breaker

Gina Marie announces to the group that she votes to evict Amanda.


After hugging McCrae goodbye, Amanda turns to Andy and says “I thought I could trust you.” He says, “You could” and begins to stumble around the room, stunned.

Amanda is stunned. She thinks Elissa may have betrayed her (she didn’t). She’s not sure Andy betrayed her (he did) but she wants the rest of the house to think he did. Amanda insists she’s not a bully. In fact, she says she hates bullying. (audience laughs). Julie wonders if she regrets anything she said? Amanda admits a few things she’d take back. Hm. Julie is sliding by the racist stuff. Now we’re on to the showmance. Amanda admires McCrae’s personality. Everybody loves him. McCrae is planning on moving to Florida to move in with Amanda. Andy tells Amanda about the Exterminators in his goodbye message. She looks a little surprised. She’s gonna give Elissa her ring back.

Wow. Why didn’t Julie call Amanda out on her racism? Her remarks were just as awful as Aaryn’s.

The HoH competition begins. The houseguests have to dig through what looks like hay, to find dog bones, crawl down a path through a dog house and drop the bone in a bowl.

WHOA MCCRAE WINS HOH. Payback is imminent. The houseguests have a few minutes to strategize.

The house guests gather in the living room. McCrae nominates Elissa and Gina Marie. No kidding. The live veto competition is next. Everyone will compete.

The competition is race car themed, the house guests have to maneuver toy cars through a complicated maze to the finish line. Everyone is pretty much neck and neck, until Judd WINS the power of veto.


The houseguests argue over who should be saved, Elissa or Gina Marie, or no one. Elissa tells Judd she had no idea Amanda was back dooring her. Gina Marie, also claims she wasn’t involved with backdooring Judd (but accuses Elissa of being in on it.)

No matter in the end. Judd decides NOT TO USE the Power of Veto. Elissa and Gina Marie remain on the block.

I’m going to call it. BYE ELISSA. The exterminators will keep Gina Marie in.

Each pleads their case. Elissa swears she’s never lied to anyone. Gina swears she’s loyal and a hard worker.

Spencer votes to evict Elissa
Judd votes to evict Elissa
Andy votes to evict Elissa

Elissa is evicted from the Big Brother house. Elissa runs to get her bag. Julie tells her to stop. In her exit interview, Elissa says she believes McCrae voted to evict Amanda. (NO). Elissa decided to side with McCranda, because she believed it would buy her another week. She’s really upset she didn’t win the Power of Veto.

Stay tuned for HoH spoilers later!

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