Today around eleven Big Brother Time, the veto ceremony took place.

We learned yesterday that Jeremy won the POV. Because Elissa is the MVP and nominated him for eviction, Elissa had the right to pick the replacement nominee, should he take himself off of the chopping block.

Before I divulge the outcome of the veto ceremony, I’ll go through the two strongest possibilities of who Elissa could have put up, and the benefits and shortcomings of both.

Yesterday, throughout the afternoon, many of the NON-Moving Company houseguests actually started chatting about the possibility of a male super alliance. The suspicion was initially brought up by Candice after examining last week’s eviction votes, but everyone kind of threw her suspicions to the wayside and discounted her theories because she’s a loner and they think she’s less intelligent than the rest of them…pretty stupid. Anyway, Helen finally put 2 and 2 together and believed to have figured out some of the alliance members. She THINKS it’s an alliance between Jeremy, Nick, and Spencer, but has no idea that McCrae and Howard, who are both part of HER group, are also involved.

So the two possible ways this veto ceremony could have gone are as follows:

1)  Elissa nominating Nick — The idea behind this strategy is two-fold. One, they (Helen, Elissa, Andy, Amanda, “McCrae”, “Howard”, Judd, and Candice) would get one of the members of the male super alliance out. Two, if for some reason this plan failed, the vote outcome this week would PROVE the existence of such an alliance. The problem with this plan, once again, is the fact that when counting the votes, Helen assumed they had AT LEAST McCrae and Howard’s votes. She’s suspicious that Spencer is a mole within their large group, which he is, but she does not know that Howard and McCrae are Moving Company members as well. Thus, if Elissa were to nominate Nick, she probably would NOT have the votes to stay, as Howard and McCrae are likely to keep their Moving Company brother alive in the game.

2) Elissa nominating Kaitlin — This option was a strong possibility before the Helen, Candice, and Elissa talk last night. Aaryn, the current HoH, is getting incredibly tired of Jeremy macking on Kaitlin every second of every day. Aaryn thinks she walks around the house thinking she owns it with an air of superiority. If Elissa were to nominate Kaitlin, Aaryn could have swayed Jessie’s vote to evict her, and Elissa/Helen’s crew (AND the Moving Company potentially) would have evicted her as well.

In the end, after today’s veto ceremony, it became known that Elissa has nominated Nick for eviction.
This is very frustrating to an Elissa fan such as myself, because she may have unknowingly sealed her own fate. Earlier in the day, Judd tried to get Elissa to nominate Kaitlin, but Elissa thought it would be “too risky.” Little does she know, she’s dug herself quite a hole. Many fans are upset with her and are saying she’s horrible at the game, but we all need to keep in mind that these Houseguests don’t see everything that we see, and from an outside perspective, one that does NOT know about the Moving Company, taking out Nick this week actually would be an amazing idea.

Can Elissa survive the week? It’s still a possibility. If Amanda were to make sure McCrae voted in Elissa’s favor, and either Jessie, Howie, or Spencer flipped to vote out Nick as well, Elissa has a shot. As I stated before, Helen and Co are using this eviction as an opportunity to see where the numbers lie. If McCrae, Howard, and Spencer do NOT give Elissa their vote, then the other Houseguests have every clue in the world to figure the Moving Company out. This being the case, McCrae MAY actually vote in Elissa’s favor, because if he’s found out, he has more than half the house gunning for him.

It’s three days until the next eviction,  but the action and scheming of this week are far from over. I’ll be sure to let y’all know if any interesting strategizing occurs!