Beyond The Edge Finale Recap and Live Blog

Pictured: Craig Morgan, Mike Singletary, and Colton Underwood. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS 

Colton and Ray will compete in the final adventure. The winner will win $100,000 for his charity, and his teammate will win $50,000. Since Ray is at the top of the leaderboard, he gets to pick either Mike or Craig as his teammate. The other will compete with Colton. Before the final adventure, Mauro invites the last four remaining celebrities to deliver toys to children at a local Panamanian school. They’re appreciative of the time spent with the kids, and they have fun talking and playing games with them.

After the trip to the school, Ray struggles with his decision. He is torn between his head and his heart. Ultimately, Ray picks Craig to be on his team. Colton is surprised he didn’t pick Mike, but he’s glad he’ll have Mike to motivate him throughout the final adventure. The four celebrities later greet Mauro for the final adventure. Mauro asks Ray’s thought behind his decision. He says he cares a lot for Mike, but Craig is the most qualified. For the final adventure, they must collect pennants representing different past adventures. They will have to complete a series of outdoorsy tasks and puzzles to collect bags of pennants. The first duo to collect all their pennants and place them in the correct order will win the final adventure.

The final adventure begins, and Colton and Mike take the early lead after completing the first puzzle. They get on bikes to their next task, which is to go across balance beams. Colton and Mike lose the lead after Ray and Craig get across the balance beams first. Colton and Ray must now run alone through the jungle and climb up a cliff into a bat cave to collect their next bag of pennants. Ray gets to the cliff first, but Colton is not too far behind. On the run back to their teammates, Ray hits his head on a branch and falls over. Colton stops and makes sure Ray is okay before they continue running.

The race is even as they reach Mike and Craig, but Ray and Craig reclaim the lead after the next challenge: traversing upside down over a river. Craig’s military background helps him and Ray speed through the task. Colton and Mike struggle, especially after Colton drops one of the pennant bags. Ray and Craig can now race to the upcoming task, but Colton and Mike catch up as all four of them make their way through mud. Ray and Craig remain in the lead, and their next task is to paddle out into the water and collect the next bag of pennants. They also get to the final stage first, which is to place all the pennants in the correct order. Each pennant has an image that represents a past adventure. Colton and Mike are still behind, but they manage to collect all their bags of pennants too. Both teams struggle remembering the correct order, but they raise the pennants at the same time and ask Mauro for a check. They are both incorrect, so they must figure out their mistakes. After trial and error from both teams, Colton and Mike finally ask Mauro for another check. Mauro tells them they are correct.


Colton wins an additional $100,000 for his charity, the Legacy Foundation. Colton founded the charity, which is dedicated to fighting cystic fibrosis. Mike wins an additional $50,000 for his charity, Changing Our Perspective. His charity is about bridging the gap when it comes to education, health, and mental wellness in the United States.

And that wraps up this season of Beyond the Edge. Thanks for reading, and feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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