Beth’s American Idol Tour 2009 Tampa Re-cap

First, let me begin by saying that I have been an American Idol fan since the first show. I’ve only been to one other Idol concert, the year Carrie Underwood won. I was nonplussed by that one. Just a bunch of standing and singing of the same old songs we heard on the show. But this concert was entirely different. American Idol is learning how to do it right. The previously unheard songs, digital backdrop, lighting, and trap door/lift in the stage really made it more of a spectacle. And of course, Adam Lambert doesn’t hurt for creating spectacles. The sound also seems improved from the last Idol concert (which I also saw in the St. Pete Times Forum.)

I felt like all of the Idols have improved so much vocally and performance-wise since the show, with the exception of Adam, who was always up there. Can you tell I’m an Adam fan? They all seem so much more comfortable and confident. It’s amazing what a month of touring will do. Too bad America couldn’t have seen those qualities for some of them on the show.

You could tell the majority of the crowd was there to see Adam. Every time they flashed pictures of the Idols on the screen before the show, the audience let out peels of screams when Adam’s face appeared. The crowd was very responsive overall. I’m sure the Idols love playing to such an energetic crowd.

I also have to give major props to the band. They were amazing. They don’t get nearly the credit they deserve.

Michael- It’s been said before, but he really is a great opening act. I’m in Love with a Girl really got the crowd going. The floor was on its feet.

Megan- I actually enjoyed her set. Much has been said about her hair. I won’t go there. But she sounded great. I was glad to see her moving more around the stage instead of standing behind the mic stand shaking her torso and arms. Her songs suited her vocal style. I have to say that she is very nice to the fans after the show and takes her time signing and taking pictures’ ¦maybe more so than any of the others.

Scott- Much improved! He showed way more personality than on the show. He tickled the ivories something fierce on A Thousand Miles.

Lil- She is so tiny. Wow, I never noticed that before. Honestly, I probably enjoyed her set the least out of everyone’s. I kind of felt like her song choices (with the exception of Single Ladies) didn’t really lend themselves to getting the crowd going. I thought she did a great job selling it though.

Anoop- Loved his entrance through the lift! He sounded beautiful on You Were Always on My Mind. The crowd was chanting ‘Anoooooooooooop.’  Some people thought they were booing. Seriously, he’s the only one getting booed? My Prerogative was his most energetic song.

Matt- Loved him. I liked him on the show, but now I’d buy his album tomorrow. Hard to Handle was a great song to begin the set. I was surprised he wasn’t playing piano, but then it raised up and he started pounding the keys Jerry Lee Lewis style. Georgia on My Mind was also a great throwback to his piano bar days. I felt like the energy dropped a little during You Found Me, but he regained it at the end with more mad piano playing. He got the biggest response from the crowd up to that point.

Act I Finale- It was nice to see them all again. My favorite part was the dueling pianos. Megan and Lil sounded better than they do in the videos I’ve seen.

Allison- Man, she’s all over the place, in a good way. She struts her stuff. It felt like a totally different concert once Act 2 began. Bring on the rock! There wasn’t as big a buildup for her as the ones in Act 1 because the show just starts. But the crowd was back into it instantly and cheering loudly for her.

Danny- He had a lot of fans there. His twitter says he felt his voice wasn’t up to par. I always have found it raspy, so I didn’t notice anything. What about those Dancing with the Stars rumors? He sure was throwing in some moves. I thought he did a good job, but I was really just thinking about who was next.

Adam- Of course, I’ve seen all the videos online, but seeing him live is not to be missed. His buildup and entrance were awesome. There was some mad riffing at the end of Whole Lotta Love. He’s so expressive with every part of his body, all the way to his fingers. You can feel the audience waiting in anticipation for the mic stand humping, pelvic thrusting, bra slinging, and jacket removal. But we got a special treat when he incorporated red cat o’ nine tails and handcuffs that someone threw onstage into his Fame choreography. He can now take the liberties to be far raunchier and flamboyant than he ever could be on the show. He had us in the palm of his hand. But let’s not forget the real reason he’s there…his immaculate vocals. Glorious!

Kris- After reading other reviews, I got the impression that he couldn’t hold a candle to Adam. They’re just so different, it’s hard to compare. He got a huge reception as well. His was a much more intimate set with a curtain that dropped in front of the band. He really is very musically talented. To me, his voice sounded deeper and fuller. Unlike what Randy said at the finale, his voice definitely filled the arena. I loved seeing how he was so into it while playing the piano to Ain’t No Sunshine.

Don’t Stop Believin’- I like how they include this finale so you can see all your favorites one last time. It’s not nearly as anti-climactic as just ending with the winner alone.

I won’t go into the whole absent Adam debacle after the show. I waited like everyone else for 2 hours. I still don’t know all the details. I just wish he could have greeted all his fans, because there were a ton of them. I’m sure he’s disappointed as well.

It was a nicely put together concert and a great time.

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