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Idols on Disney

I got some video here. Paris Bennett, Mandisa, Kevin Covais (channeling Elliott Yamin who bowed out previously) and Ace Young sing a Christmas medley. The Disney folks got NOTHING on the Idol folk when it comes to pointy poses, let me tell ya…

Amazing Christmas Festive Cheese Bo...
Amazing Christmas Festive Cheese Board

Wow. This goes way BEYOND cheesy.

OK, you guys have to see this video of Clay Aiken’s appearance on “Days of Our Lives”. It’s particularly hilarious not knowing any of the characters backstories. I’m sure it all means something, but I have no clue. And, why is that guy wearing an eye patch? WTF?

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  1. Fabulous! I loved the scene in the soap where everyone is with their loved ones and the girl is at the bar, alone, pouring a drink! What a hoot. My mother watched this show years ago and I recognized the old woman at the end as Alice Horton, the matriarch of the show. She looks about 100.

    The Disney one is as cheesy as cheesy can be!

  2. Oh gawd. A double-barreled shot from mj.

    I’m speechless.

    Clay can still go back to teaching, right? Just renew the certification, maybe pay a modest fee?

  3. Oh poor Clay. I remember the guy with the patch from when I watched soaps 25 years ago. I can’t remember his name, but its the same guy. I guess the career is going real far, its like Groundhog Day, the poor guy can’t get off Days of Our Lives. HE just keeps repeating the same day over and over again.

  4. Okay, on the one hand, Chris is getting to play Madison Square Gardens….on the other hand, he’s playing a bull riding event.

    Is bull-riding big in the US? In the New York area? Will Chris ride a bull?

    Ken Barnes has the scoop on where Chris will be on January 6th.

  5. OK, I’ll talk to myself today.

    This smiley looks just like Metta: :devil_tb:

  6. I see we still cannot edit.. I of course meant “All I can say “not saw. I really need an edit button.

  7. I get email from Clay fans every day. Here’s part of one I received this morning from a would-be journalist. I guess this person thought I might print this tripe?

    Clay Aiken ‘“ Becoming an Entertainer, not just a Singer

    Hot off his successful Christmas shows on the east coast, Clay contemplates his next career move. What is clear is that Clay is blossoming into multi-faceted entertainer and performer, not just a singer. He has become a winsome, hilarious, captivating artist as well as maturing as a singer. No wonder he had so many sold-out Christmas concerts, where audiences were treated to 1 hour of orchestra backed, truly delightful entertainment. I was fortunate enough to attend his performance in Greensboro, NC.

    Winsome? And people wonder why Claymates are held in such disdain.

  8. I like Clay, Ace, Mandisa, Kevin, Paris, and Disneyland. Daytime TV, I can live without. Precious few of the “actors” in the soaps could act their way out of a wet paper bag. All the Daytime Emmy Awards in the Universe won’t change that sad reality.

    Hmm. Maybe Katharine could…well, no. Maybe not.

  9. If I were that soap guy (who I believe was called “Patch” when I watched the show in 1984), and I had to be that close to Clay’s new “hair,” I would totally poke out my other eye.

  10. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Now, that’s some U.S. Grade A Cheese! Love it!

    I have to agree with Donna about Kevin. He’s a nice kind but I couldn’t believe the judges put him through last year and after listening to Elliott’s version of “This Christmas” it’s really apparent that Kevin’s voice needs time to mature. I think Paris and Mandisa are Ab Fab and Ace is cuter than cute and a really, really good sport. But the prancing reindeer babes and dancing rag dolls are cheesetastic!

    Can I just add that Walt Disney World really is the Happiest place on Earth ™, and we were there just before Christmas 5 years ago. It seems a lot more magical and less cheesy when you’re there live for it.

    I. do. not. get. Clay. Do. not. get. him. Sorry, Clayfans.

  11. What’s with the ragging on Clay, and the Patch character in Days of Our Lives? I thought Clay’s “Everything I Have” was integrated very well into the montage of the various couples on the soap. Although I haven’t watched Days in years, some people really enjoy the soaps, and the actors are well paid to do their jobs.

    On the other hand, sorry, I did not care for Kevin’s singing at Disney. He sang better on Idol.

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