Antonio “Skii-Bo-Ski” Wheeler’s Criminal Past

Atlanta golden-ticket holder, Antonio “Skii-Bo-Ski” Wheeler has a long rap sheet in the central Florida area, which FOX Orlando has chronicled in this news clip, after the jump.

Did Joe Arpaio ‘Investigate’ Ba...
Did Joe Arpaio ‘Investigate’ Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Idol producers had no comment when asked about the situation.

No way Idol producers weren’t aware of Antonio’s criminal past. They know this stuff will hit the news–it’s more publicity for the show. It’s all good.

*I’m hearing Antonio was disqualified.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Yeah I heard about this. :( Is it still going on? :( Or is it just from his past?

  2. Yeah I heard about this. Is it still going on? Or is it just from his past?

    According to VFTW at least, the last crimes were committed AFTER earning the golden ticket…in December 2009.

  3. what kind of crimes are we talking about here? Is he hurting himself or others?

  4. Wait a minute…. they make this guy sound like a serial killer when all he did was have some POT? Am I missing something????

    No big deal in my book. At least not yet.

    Let’s not make a big deal out of nothing.

  5. Drug possession and resistance which led to getting tasered. Meh, he wasn’t a strong enough singer to make it past Hollywood week anyway. Just as long as nothing crazy goes down during Hollywood week… Hope he’s off the drugs now.

    ETA: no, pot alone wouldn’t concern me. You don’t accrue 5 mug shots just for lighting up now and then. According to the story when the police took him to the hospital to test him for cocaine, he struggled against them, even though the toxicology report came back negative. So why fight?

  6. Yeah, doesn’t sound like he was much of a criminal, but I guess they’ve got to draw the line somewhere, lol. I also believe he wasn’t a strong enough singer to survive HW anyway, so no biggie in the long run.

  7. I was expecting rape, aggravated assualt, and robbery but I guess it’s possession with intent to sell, resisting arrest, and failure to appear in court?

    No great loss. I didn’t like him or his shtick.

  8. Could the newscasters be any more cheesy? They seem giddy to have put all of these pieces together.

  9. I believe VFTW dug up possible DV assault charges as well, from another state. He’s definitely not AI material, even if he had the talent (which he doesn’t).

  10. Somewhere deep down, I give a crap. I just haven’t actually hit that place yet.

  11. @tinawina I have to say congrats on having Perry the Platapus as your pic! My little bro. loves Phinneus and Ferb!

  12. itsalleternal

    According to VFTW at least, the last crimes were committed AFTER earning the golden ticket…in December 2009.

    Oh crap. :(

  13. marymagdalene

    Brittenum Twins redux…

    UGH! They were so annoying!!! And one of them liked to throw Elliott Yamin under the bus!

  14. Smoking pot shouldn’t get anyone kicked off the show (hell – it’s legal in a couple dozen states!). Domestic violence, on the other hand (or any kind of violence) is an automatic DQ in my book – with a ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out’ codicil. As for the cops claiming resistance… could be a simple case of BWB (breathing while black). No offense to the scads of good cops out there – but far too many times ‘resisting arrest’ is code for wanting to beat some guy up. Not that ol’ ‘Skii-Bo-Ski’ would have made it past the first day anyway. Potential, yes; just not enough to hang in till the end (IMO).

  15. Oh my, Skii-bo-ski! He would have been perfect for a bit part in the movie
    “Hustle and Flow”, but only a bit part as just another guy run’n girls . I think
    he talks smack….SO HUMBLE.!
    Guys who are so obviously living up to that kind of stereotype are so sad for me. What a waste. Anyway I know absolutely zip about this guy but this is just my impression from the git go. He really has an ok voice but not that strong.

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