America’s Got Talent – You Tube Acts

Tonight’s America’s Got Talent You Tube auditions were a big fat fail. If it’s any indication of how American Idol’s My Space auditions are going to go next year, be very very afraid.

The problem is nearly every single contestant had only performed in their bedrooms in front of their laptop cameras, or maybe for their friends and family or in a local pub.

So it’s no wonder, once the acts were thrown on to the big stage, they mostly tanked spectacularly.

Especially lulzy was Pup, a cute doggie that was supposed to accompany his master’s singing on the accordion.  But instead, the big stage and the crowd spooked the cute critter and he just stood there panting instead while his owner played gamely on.

This week’s WGWG, Cam Rogers had never performed to a big audience or with a backing track. Guess how he did. Zzzzz.

The only acts to make a dent were a 16 year old piano prodigy named Maestro Alexander Bui, whom Sharon buzzed for being “boring” and the very last act Jackie Evancho, a 10 year-old Charlotte Church wanna-be whose adult sounding warblings freaked me out a little. Oh, and she’s a total plant. Totally.

The rest of the field was forgettable, you had a college acapella group (yawn), some jump-roper kid, an embarrassingly bad street dancer, a painfully un-funny comic, another terrible street dancer, a flaming pizza juggler (the pizza, not the guy. heh), a chick who murdered Carrie Underwood (well, not literally) and a creepy creepy creepy goth magician.

You Tube auditions? Big. Fat. Fail.

Pup – A Gimmick Gone Wrong

Cam Hodges – WGWG

Maestro Alexander Bui – Teenage Piano Virtuoso

Jackie Evancho – Kid Opera Singer

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